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There are no targeting drug values currently assigned.
The protein is currently assigned to 4 databases.
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The protein is currently assigned to 11 values.
# Data Value Internal External
HGNC ID 16491 Details Details
HGNC Symbol PIDD1 Details -
HGNC Name p53-induced death domain protein 1 Details -
HGNC Alias DKFZp434D229 Details -
HGNC Alias LRDD Details -
HGNC Alias MGC16925 Details -
HGNC Alias PIDD Details -
Ensembl ID ENSG00000177595 Details Details
UniProt ID Q9HB75 Details Details
UniProt Title PIDD1_HUMAN Details -
NCBI ID 55367 Details Details
The protein is currently assigned to 9 interactions.
# Interaction Type Links
PIDD1 - CRADD Source Details
PIDD1 - MADD Source Details
PIDD1 - FADD Source Details
TP53 - PIDD1 Target Details
ATM - PIDD1 Target Details
PIDD1 - IKBKG Source Details
PIDD1 - RIPK1 Source Details
PIDD1 - PRKDC Source Details
PIDD1 - CASP2 Source Details
There are no protein collections currently assigned.