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Targeting drugs
The protein is currently assigned to 4 targeting drug values.
# Data Value Internal External
DrugBank Drug ID DB00212 Details Details
DrugBank Drug ID DB09026 Details Details
DrugBank Drug Name Aliskiren Details -
DrugBank Drug Name Remikiren Details -
The protein is currently assigned to 6 databases.
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HGNC Details
Ensembl Details
UniProt Details
NCBI Details
InnateDB Details
DrugBank Details
The protein is currently assigned to 8 interactions.
# Interaction Type Links
CREB1 - REN Target Details
CTSB - REN Target Details
AGT - REN Target Details
REN - TP73 Source Details
WT1 - REN Target Details
PCSK1 - REN Target Details
REN - AGT Source Details
REN - ATP6AP2 Source Details