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Mutated genes for cell-line HEC1
This collection contains 4180 mutated genes for the cell-line HEC1_ENDOMETRIUM (alias HEC1) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-001517). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Endometrial/Uterine Cancer" with the subtype "Endometrial Adenocarcinoma".
The collection currently contains 885 proteins.
# Protein Links
BIRC7 Details
GARNL3 Details
KRTAP10-5 Details
LEMD3 Details
OR4S2 Details
PSMD8 Details
ZFAT Details
SCRIB Details
GPT2 Details
ZNF787 Details
TEX47 Details
IFI30 Details
PROS1 Details
KLHL3 Details
AHSA1 Details
LLGL1 Details
CACNB4 Details
NME9 Details
CELF3 Details
CEP120 Details
NR3C2 Details
JAK1 Details
DCAF4 Details
ATP6AP2 Details
SPATA24 Details
UPF3A Details
DHX40 Details
RPS6KA1 Details
CCM2 Details
ZSCAN32 Details
PSG1 Details
OR5T3 Details
GRAMD1A Details
ESPL1 Details
SGMS1 Details
TRIM3 Details
NCOA6 Details
CDK5 Details
CCDC63 Details
MYH1 Details
SLC12A2 Details
BMP7 Details
ZMYND11 Details
R3HDM2 Details
CBX3 Details
SLC6A17 Details
ARHGAP42 Details
GUCA1A Details
IQCE Details
UTS2R Details
SETD1B Details
TCHH Details
EZH1 Details
CPNE9 Details
CEBPG Details
CD2 Details
IQGAP1 Details
SON Details
ZC3H7A Details
MYO18A Details
ZNF646 Details
INPP5D Details
IGFALS Details
SARDH Details
PPP2R5D Details
NEFM Details
COL9A3 Details
C10orf88 Details
EIF4G3 Details
R3HDM1 Details
ZNF598 Details
EVA1B Details
DERA Details
UHRF1BP1L Details
UNC5C Details
KCNV1 Details
NOP2 Details
RAB17 Details
ANGPT1 Details
DPYSL2 Details
MYRFL Details
GPR26 Details
ANO9 Details
MAP3K3 Details
KLHL38 Details
SLC38A5 Details
B3GNT7 Details
KIAA0753 Details
APLP2 Details
NUP85 Details
KLHDC8A Details
ADRA1D Details
FBXO45 Details
ZNF208 Details
KCNJ11 Details
OXTR Details
PSG9 Details
ZNF664 Details
ZBTB40 Details
PIEZO2 Details
ZNF670 Details
PLAGL2 Details
MMRN2 Details
SLC18B1 Details
ABCA4 Details
WIPI2 Details
ZNF174 Details
GPR108 Details
GIGYF2 Details
MICU1 Details
SEMA3G Details
IPPK Details
USH2A Details
FLG2 Details
LLGL2 Details
PLEKHH1 Details
RPE Details
ESCO2 Details
GRHL2 Details
CCAR2 Details
CHD3 Details
CHL1 Details
HAP1 Details
CEP97 Details
PROCR Details
PAQR9 Details
PRSS27 Details
NDC1 Details
PTPRE Details
GPC4 Details
SLC5A8 Details
TAB3 Details
PTCH2 Details
MUC3A Details
NPFFR2 Details
UHRF2 Details
BAG3 Details
KDM3B Details
NCKAP5 Details
ANKFN1 Details
TRPV4 Details
NFATC4 Details
SLX4IP Details
CRYBB3 Details
SIRT2 Details
COPS2 Details
SMYD4 Details
HRH3 Details
FAAP24 Details
PHAX Details
PDE4DIP Details
SCN4A Details
KPRP Details
KIF26B Details
IARS2 Details
NCALD Details
CRISPLD1 Details
UROC1 Details
URB2 Details
ASXL1 Details
KIF24 Details
HMCN2 Details
SLC4A11 Details
NAB1 Details
TTC14 Details
ARMC2 Details
SLC12A5 Details
RAD21L1 Details
CLEC17A Details
JUN Details
ARID2 Details
KRBA1 Details
SURF6 Details
MEGF8 Details
CIITA Details
AGAP3 Details
ALPK2 Details
ABCA9 Details
EXPH5 Details
KDM4B Details
PATL1 Details
CUL9 Details
REG3A Details
IPO11 Details
ARHGAP35 Details
MPEG1 Details
METTL2B Details
PARL Details
F5 Details
MICAL3 Details
NAA16 Details
CDC16 Details
RASEF Details
ZNF843 Details
LCOR Details
DDX17 Details
SLC15A3 Details
ARID1A Details
ZNF628 Details
SRGAP3 Details
RNF186 Details
MANSC4 Details
RGPD3 Details
DYSF Details
HYAL2 Details
WARS1 Details
ARHGEF33 Details
C11orf24 Details
SFPQ Details
ZC3H18 Details
DNAH10 Details
ATP1A4 Details
APBB3 Details
TRMT1L Details
FREM1 Details
XK Details
SP8 Details
PARP14 Details
ABCC3 Details
ADCY6 Details
ZNF862 Details
MYO7B Details
HPS4 Details
MFSD12 Details
TMC2 Details
CSMD2 Details
C11orf80 Details
BNC2 Details
DNAH3 Details
RETSAT Details
CENPB Details
TNK2 Details
ELF4 Details
MXRA5 Details
GYPB Details
RANGAP1 Details
ZFP69 Details
SOX14 Details
FBXL6 Details
USP32 Details
ANKRD36C Details
REN Details
MAPT Details
DEPDC7 Details
PGAP6 Details
ZBBX Details
IGSF9 Details
TNFRSF21 Details
ASCL4 Details
TMEM209 Details
AATF Details
CCDC39 Details
CFAP65 Details
LONRF1 Details
GPR119 Details
STRN4 Details
TRIM7 Details
CPEB4 Details
ATP6V0A4 Details
AIRE Details
TRPA1 Details
ATP8B1 Details
UGP2 Details
OR51B5 Details
SMTNL1 Details
PLOD3 Details
PRPF8 Details
NOP58 Details
APEH Details
KLC2 Details
TEPSIN Details
SETD3 Details
ADGRL3 Details
VEZF1 Details
RGPD4 Details
CDC42BPB Details
GRK7 Details
PCDHB10 Details
DNAH8 Details
FRMPD1 Details
THOC2 Details
PRDM4 Details
TMEM70 Details
SDR9C7 Details
AOX1 Details
WDR31 Details
USE1 Details
PLEKHD1 Details
VRTN Details
AOPEP Details
NHEJ1 Details
HVCN1 Details
TAF1C Details
KANSL1L Details
TUT4 Details
RMDN2 Details
C17orf102 Details
GPR25 Details
PTPRH Details
FFAR3 Details
CACNA1I Details
RAB11FIP2 Details
CELA2B Details
COQ7 Details
COL5A1 Details
PSKH2 Details
CALHM2 Details
CAMK2A Details
GPR180 Details
TMEM218 Details
RFTN1 Details
EXOC3L2 Details
DES Details
MYO1C Details
PIK3CA Details
NRM Details
COX17 Details
MTRF1L Details
NMUR1 Details
TM4SF1 Details
MAGEL2 Details
CPNE5 Details
OLFML2B Details
FOSL2 Details
ZNF471 Details
LRP6 Details
YLPM1 Details
SSBP2 Details
CFAP47 Details
UBA2 Details
SH3KBP1 Details
TMEM121B Details
KMT2B Details
DAPK1 Details
ZFHX2 Details
SREBF1 Details
KDM6B Details
STK36 Details
PPM1G Details
KCTD17 Details
FAT4 Details
ARHGEF12 Details
APPBP2 Details
PNMA8B Details
CTNND2 Details
S100A7L2 Details
PRPF40A Details
RIMKLB Details
CDC42EP3 Details
LRRC45 Details
MGAT4A Details
LHFPL4 Details
EFCAB6 Details
RAPGEF4 Details
ZNF710 Details
FGF21 Details
NBEA Details
ENO3 Details
RBL1 Details
C3orf35 Details
ROBO4 Details
LHX1 Details
AP2M1 Details
FER1L6 Details
TFAP2C Details
KRTAP1-1 Details
GNB4 Details
ARFGEF2 Details
CNOT4 Details
NUB1 Details
PLXND1 Details
ZMYM6 Details
ZCCHC4 Details
SLC25A1 Details
TRPM6 Details
UCP3 Details
CDC37 Details
MIA3 Details
FOXF1 Details
FPGT Details
IL36B Details
ACTR2 Details
CTRB2 Details
PLCD3 Details
TRIM37 Details
FAM76A Details
ZNF641 Details
CEACAM5 Details
PTPRU Details
ST14 Details
ADAMTS18 Details
DCST2 Details
LPGAT1 Details
FANCD2 Details
CBL Details
ADRA2C Details
CPSF1 Details
MKRN1 Details
NECAB3 Details
KCNH6 Details
RNF151 Details
ADCY2 Details
COL2A1 Details
FSTL3 Details
EVC Details
NOA1 Details
GZMH Details
RGS17 Details
CD276 Details
SCARA3 Details
TGM2 Details
KCNJ10 Details
ERVFRD-1 Details
CACNA1H Details
KRT18 Details
AP1G1 Details
MBP Details
WDFY3 Details
LAMB1 Details
KLHL25 Details
GNL1 Details
TNXB Details
PLCL1 Details
ABCB4 Details
AP3M2 Details
ZNF592 Details
WDR81 Details
CACNA2D3 Details
ZC3H13 Details
STAG2 Details
UBE3C Details
FAM222A Details
PHKA2 Details
BTAF1 Details
PCDH20 Details
PRPF40B Details
OPN5 Details
PLA2G4F Details
SH3GL2 Details
FLT3 Details
PNPLA1 Details
SERINC3 Details
MFRP Details
LYPLAL1 Details
STAT2 Details
ZFYVE26 Details
LATS1 Details
GEM Details
GZMM Details
SPOPL Details
P4HA2 Details
LRRC37B Details
ZNF696 Details
SATL1 Details
STYXL2 Details
PSEN1 Details
UBE2I Details
MTUS2 Details
IL34 Details
AVPI1 Details
CRY2 Details
C2orf81 Details
TECPR1 Details
ALDH16A1 Details
PKD1L1 Details
GCM2 Details
ADCY4 Details
HLA-F Details
ABHD15 Details
CETN1 Details
CNTNAP1 Details
AQR Details
PROM2 Details
SH3TC2 Details
PCDHGA9 Details
PTPRN2 Details
PROSER2 Details
URB1 Details
SPTA1 Details
AARS1 Details
GIMAP6 Details
FOXJ1 Details
ZBTB21 Details
NHLH2 Details
ADAR Details
CNGA3 Details
DAGLA Details
TSTD2 Details
VPS13D Details
PCDHB6 Details
ZNF671 Details
ZFC3H1 Details
PAPPA Details
CRISP3 Details
ZNF33A Details
SYNE2 Details
APBB1IP Details
ZNF280A Details
FRS2 Details
ALOX15 Details
CEACAM4 Details
VCAN Details
INPPL1 Details
FGG Details
PAM Details
TTK Details
CYP26C1 Details
ZDHHC17 Details
TEX38 Details
UBASH3A Details
AQP10 Details
ZNRF4 Details
GPR155 Details
KL Details
MME Details
TLX3 Details
RTN1 Details
TRPV1 Details
NT5DC3 Details
TDRD12 Details
FBLN2 Details
HLA-DQB2 Details
CHRNA4 Details
TM7SF2 Details
SLC29A3 Details
LDLRAD4 Details
PTK2 Details
TPH2 Details
DICER1 Details
NOD1 Details
ITPKC Details
ZNF407 Details
AMT Details
TPR Details
MCCC2 Details
RPRD2 Details
XPO1 Details
HSPA2 Details
ADAMTS7 Details
PCDHA1 Details
SPATA31E1 Details
SCUBE3 Details
ACIN1 Details
LTBP4 Details
IGF2BP2 Details
GPR75 Details
KLHL18 Details
CYP2A13 Details
SLC6A13 Details
AHCYL1 Details
BDP1 Details
PTGDR Details
SH2D4A Details
SEPTIN10 Details
MON2 Details
CDC42EP1 Details
RIMS3 Details
TUBD1 Details
CACNA1F Details
VPS53 Details
PEX11G Details
TMTC2 Details
ZNF506 Details
CFP Details
ZNF202 Details
DIDO1 Details
U2AF1 Details
TTC5 Details
EFHB Details
CD93 Details
ZFYVE27 Details
TFF2 Details
PHF13 Details
ADGRD2 Details
TRMT44 Details
EXD3 Details
FAM166C Details
FAXDC2 Details
OTC Details
SVOP Details
PHF20 Details
NDUFB3 Details
DNAJC6 Details
PPM1D Details
GALNT8 Details
ABTB1 Details
SLCO4C1 Details
PLEKHA6 Details
MYO16 Details
MCM4 Details
SETDB2 Details
HACE1 Details
RIMBP3 Details
IQSEC3 Details
GREB1 Details
AQP2 Details
PRKCG Details
HLA-DQB1 Details
ATL2 Details
TPCN1 Details
PKD1 Details
PEX10 Details
KDM3A Details
SKOR2 Details
EPC2 Details
IQGAP3 Details
ACBD5 Details
ZC3H12C Details
HTATSF1 Details
SLC36A2 Details
EXT1 Details
CTNNBIP1 Details
LZTS1 Details
SEMA3C Details
SLC39A6 Details
COG3 Details
SLC27A1 Details
SEPTIN1 Details
TTYH2 Details
CPLANE1 Details
NAP1L3 Details
PLEKHF1 Details
PLK1 Details
ZNF436 Details
GPC3 Details
DDB1 Details
C16orf72 Details
TRPS1 Details
EGR2 Details
SPEN Details
MOCS1 Details
GPAT2 Details
ADAMTSL4 Details
GALNT11 Details
GUCY2C Details
SETD7 Details
MLYCD Details
ZNF746 Details
HNRNPCL1 Details
IMPG2 Details
STOML3 Details
GSDMC Details
MET Details
DLGAP1 Details
ACVRL1 Details
MUC17 Details
TPRX2P Details
DIO3 Details
HYDIN Details
CACNA2D4 Details
PCDHA10 Details
KCNA2 Details
BIRC6 Details
PHF1 Details
RFTN2 Details
CPAMD8 Details
CCDC153 Details
NXN Details
PGS1 Details
SLC25A28 Details
FAH Details
AHNAK Details
ZNF768 Details
LPA Details
C16orf71 Details
KRT33B Details
MFSD2A Details
RASGRP3 Details
VSIG10L Details
OR2W1 Details
RTN3 Details
SORT1 Details
ZNF516 Details
ADAMTS4 Details
PTPRM Details
TCF25 Details
NOS1 Details
DHX36 Details
PDS5A Details
VPS13C Details
CTCF Details
ITGB2 Details
TBC1D13 Details
DPEP3 Details
CHTF18 Details
RGS6 Details
KCTD7 Details
LINGO2 Details
POSTN Details
C3orf62 Details
MNX1 Details
LYPD6B Details
TXNDC2 Details
CHRNA7 Details
VN1R4 Details
AMPD2 Details
VHL Details
ZNF704 Details
AIFM2 Details
SIM2 Details
ZMYM4 Details
MT-CO1 Details
CD81 Details
BAG5 Details
KRT10 Details
DMD Details
PLEKHM2 Details
DHRS12 Details
HCST Details
ACE2 Details
BARHL2 Details
TRIM51 Details
JAK3 Details
SYBU Details
DUSP10 Details
SOGA1 Details
DOCK8 Details
ZFX Details
LRRC32 Details
AXL Details
ZNF250 Details
DMXL2 Details
MUC5B Details
EXOSC7 Details
NOTCH2 Details
LGR6 Details
C3orf36 Details
ZNF280C Details
ISLR Details
CHRNA6 Details
TGFB1I1 Details
ERICH1 Details
SPTBN2 Details
PRDM9 Details
TRPM3 Details
SLC25A38 Details
ERCC6 Details
TRIM2 Details
RBPJL Details
IFNGR2 Details
FOXQ1 Details
ATP9B Details
SLC26A11 Details
MYO10 Details
ARMC4 Details
NLRP5 Details
PLAC8 Details
RPS6KC1 Details
CRLS1 Details
RFK Details
LAT2 Details
BAIAP2 Details
PODXL2 Details
SLC16A6 Details
UTP20 Details
CHD4 Details
KYNU Details
COL21A1 Details
RAB27A Details
ALG8 Details
PACSIN1 Details
ACACB Details
ZNF93 Details
TGFB2 Details
PKP1 Details
ARHGEF26 Details
CCDC71 Details
TROAP Details
ATP1A1 Details
PCDHGA10 Details
EXTL3 Details
MYOM2 Details
KMT2C Details
ALDH1L1 Details
SLC29A1 Details
CARD11 Details
VDAC3 Details
ANKDD1A Details
SLAMF8 Details
ZNF354C Details
ITPR2 Details
GLDC Details
ZC3H12A Details
MAT1A Details
MMP9 Details
MYH10 Details
RAB40B Details
AKAP1 Details
USP43 Details
MYO1A Details
TMEM225 Details
ZSCAN1 Details
HOXC10 Details
SCN9A Details
PI15 Details
LRRC7 Details
DDOST Details
HAND1 Details
PLD2 Details
LITAF Details
MID1 Details
SP140L Details
HP1BP3 Details
NWD1 Details
RRN3 Details
NASP Details
KRT85 Details
RAPH1 Details
KIF5C Details
GABRD Details
FTHL17 Details
GRIN3A Details
AFF1 Details
IRS1 Details
DLX2 Details
NSMAF Details
GIPC2 Details
CAP1 Details
CBLL2 Details
PASK Details
NOL3 Details
ALKBH2 Details
MPP4 Details
GAS2L1 Details
NUP210 Details
TARBP1 Details
LHX8 Details
AARS2 Details
B4GALNT1 Details
EDNRB Details
ZNF701 Details
ERGIC2 Details
FECH Details
EIF4A3 Details
WNT2B Details
ARL13A Details
SUSD2 Details
VCL Details
CERT1 Details
GOLGA4 Details
MBD2 Details
WNT8A Details
TRPM1 Details
MAP6 Details
PCDHA8 Details
MPP6 Details
TRIM52 Details
DKK1 Details
HIBCH Details
BTNL3 Details
GPR83 Details
POLG Details
ARSI Details
ZNF483 Details
LDHA Details
MLXIPL Details
ISLR2 Details
HMGXB4 Details
ABL1 Details
PTK2B Details
DPP9 Details
PLA2G12B Details
TRAF4 Details
DIP2B Details
ADIPOQ Details
ATP5MF-PTCD1 Details
CA7 Details
GEMIN8 Details
RNF157 Details
FAM83H Details
ATG13 Details
PLCH2 Details
CCDC34 Details
TUBB4A Details
GBP1 Details
MEIOC Details
TELO2 Details
METRNL Details
C6orf89 Details
PRB2 Details
PTH1R Details
PRDM13 Details
RP1 Details
FAM193A Details