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Mutated genes for cell-line SLR21
This collection contains 154 mutated genes for the cell-line SLR21_KIDNEY (alias SLR21) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000016). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Kidney Cancer" with the subtype "Renal Cell Carcinoma".
The collection currently contains 154 proteins.
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CYP2E1 Details
RPAP3 Details
BTN3A1 Details
OLFM2 Details
CLSTN1 Details
FCGRT Details
TMEM43 Details
GRAMD1A Details
HSPA5 Details
GOLGA6L9 Details
MARS2 Details
CPEB1 Details
SERPINB8 Details
CDH1 Details
UTP18 Details
TIGD6 Details
SLC25A30 Details
GCFC2 Details
USP10 Details
KATNAL2 Details
CARD8 Details
KCTD3 Details
MEIS3 Details
SLC1A5 Details
TBC1D3F Details
ULK2 Details
ZNF629 Details
SPIDR Details
MPZL1 Details
UPK3BL1 Details
AMOT Details
CLCC1 Details
NARF Details
SPEG Details
EXOC2 Details
NAGLU Details
SEC13 Details
SZT2 Details
ARHGAP35 Details
RXRB Details
TLE5 Details
MAGI3 Details
ADAMTSL3 Details
ZNF432 Details
FGD6 Details
POLD1 Details
WDR36 Details
TXNDC11 Details
SF3B1 Details
NIBAN1 Details
RIN1 Details
COL4A5 Details
ARVCF Details
ZNF354A Details
H2AC8 Details
EPS8L1 Details
GATD3A Details
DDX58 Details
CIP2A Details
CEP135 Details
CYP26B1 Details
KIAA2026 Details
IDH3A Details
NCOA1 Details
MST1R Details
RUFY2 Details
MLLT6 Details
MOGS Details
ARHGEF35 Details
DDX49 Details
SCAF8 Details
AFAP1 Details
HRH1 Details
CCDC181 Details
DNAJC10 Details
SCMH1 Details
ATM Details
FLII Details
SRRM2 Details
PCF11 Details
MPI Details
PWP2 Details
SLC30A9 Details
NFATC2IP Details
MAP2 Details
IFNAR1 Details
FGF5 Details
SLC4A3 Details
TENT4A Details
ZNF780A Details
OSBPL2 Details
ZNF532 Details
PADI1 Details
ZMYM5 Details
SHROOM4 Details
TUBD1 Details
ACOT11 Details
PPP1R3C Details
TNIK Details
RANBP10 Details
PLEKHA6 Details
SCFD2 Details
SRRT Details
CNTLN Details
TPCN1 Details
GNPTAB Details
DUS3L Details
NSUN5 Details
INTS2 Details
IMMT Details
ANKRD18B Details
NCKAP1 Details
CHKA Details
FERMT1 Details
TMED8 Details
JAG2 Details
TRMT5 Details
NCBP1 Details
APPL2 Details
FAM110C Details
C1orf174 Details
TOPBP1 Details
HELZ Details
TSC2 Details
ZNF687 Details
HARS2 Details
NSMCE4A Details
KIAA1522 Details
CALCOCO1 Details
PHKB Details
TRO Details
PDGFRL Details
KMT2C Details
MICAL2 Details
CFAP298 Details
ZNF839 Details
CIAPIN1 Details
CREM Details
KDM2A Details
MDM4 Details
MBTD1 Details
OSMR Details
MPDZ Details
TNIP1 Details
LONP2 Details
GAREM2 Details
EARS2 Details
ATRX Details
SH3RF2 Details
UBXN6 Details
LHFPL2 Details
SUCLA2 Details
CNOT10 Details