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Mutated genes for cell-line HCC1187BL
This collection contains 172 mutated genes for the cell-line HCC1187_MATCHED_NORMAL_TISSUE (alias HCC1187BL) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-002373). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Unknown" with the subtype "Unknown".
The collection currently contains 172 proteins.
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DISP3 Details
MRGPRX3 Details
ID4 Details
MFHAS1 Details
TRPM2 Details
CHMP1B Details
LACTB Details
TAF1 Details
CHP2 Details
NRG1 Details
ZNF227 Details
CGNL1 Details
NOTCH1 Details
PDCD7 Details
CHPT1 Details
IER5 Details
MT-CO2 Details
APCDD1L Details
ZBTB40 Details
ADAMTS20 Details
NEU4 Details
KRTAP10-4 Details
A1CF Details
ANKIB1 Details
LRIT3 Details
PTPRE Details
PIK3C2G Details
IFIT3 Details
MYCBP2 Details
SNRK Details
VAMP3 Details
LRRK1 Details
BMP10 Details
DTX4 Details
INCENP Details
APOBEC3B Details
GRID2 Details
MEGF8 Details
KIAA0100 Details
ATRNL1 Details
ENKUR Details
ANK3 Details
SZT2 Details
BUD13 Details
MLXIP Details
PRAME Details
CTH Details
GLUD1 Details
PCDHGA12 Details
CYSLTR1 Details
GTF2F1 Details
ANKRD36C Details
DACT2 Details
TMEM132D Details
SH3TC1 Details
VWC2 Details
SLC10A1 Details
CCDC126 Details
STIP1 Details
MAB21L3 Details
ANKRD12 Details
SLC10A2 Details
LRRK2 Details
GPKOW Details
MAGIX Details
PZP Details
ACOXL Details
FOXE3 Details
SEC14L4 Details
ACTR3 Details
KATNIP Details
PAN2 Details
MT-ND4 Details
MROH2B Details
SSX1 Details
PTPRU Details
MB21D2 Details
FANCD2 Details
DGLUCY Details
PEPD Details
PCDH15 Details
ZNF597 Details
EVX1 Details
RARRES1 Details
AMOTL1 Details
DHX37 Details
ZNF140 Details
SLFN5 Details
C22orf34 Details
ZNF326 Details
TECPR1 Details
PKD1L1 Details
CELSR1 Details
MAGEB16 Details
ZNF599 Details
TEX44 Details
PRSS23 Details
KLRG2 Details
DSEL Details
FADS2 Details
SLC12A7 Details
TUBB3 Details
ADRB2 Details
TPR Details
KDM5C Details
LIX1L Details
SGCZ Details
TPPP3 Details
TGM6 Details
PER3 Details
PLXNC1 Details
LRRC9 Details
KIAA1109 Details
PTPRB Details
SLC38A9 Details
SUSD6 Details
LUM Details
LONRF3 Details
KIF7 Details
PTPRT Details
AGMAT Details
ZNF608 Details
CYP20A1 Details
PTPRM Details
C16orf90 Details
ZNF318 Details
ZNF613 Details
ZNF821 Details
PLPP3 Details
KRT20 Details
RTN4RL1 Details
ABCA6 Details
ACAD8 Details
MT-ND6 Details
ABCA1 Details
AP3D1 Details
FREM2 Details
CYP4F3 Details
NHSL1 Details
GLMP Details
TSC2 Details
ARMCX3 Details
ARMC4 Details
CTNNAL1 Details
GPD2 Details
ITIH2 Details
UTP20 Details
GPR12 Details
KCNH3 Details
SLC2A10 Details
ARMH1 Details
SHOC1 Details
FGFR1 Details
MEOX2 Details
TNRC18 Details
TMEM219 Details
FRAS1 Details
ZNF423 Details
THBS3 Details
SEC14L1 Details
SLC22A13 Details
ANKRD34B Details
TOP1MT Details
CSMD3 Details
DAZAP1 Details
HMCN1 Details
WDR24 Details
ABL1 Details
INPP5J Details
ULK1 Details
SP3 Details
CTC1 Details