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Mutated genes for cell-line TUR
This collection contains 382 mutated genes for the cell-line TUR_HAEMATOPOIETIC_AND_LYMPHOID_TISSUE (alias TUR) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-002314). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Leukemia" with the subtype "Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), M5 (Monocytic)".
The collection currently contains 382 proteins.
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MAP2K2 Details
CCPG1 Details
PPP1R9A Details
FAM47B Details
GAD1 Details
DIPK1A Details
ZNF724 Details
TTBK1 Details
PSMA4 Details
DOCK3 Details
PCLO Details
H3C2 Details
NALCN Details
DHX40 Details
MED13L Details
HTR3A Details
VLDLR Details
MED12 Details
SYNE1 Details
RGS9 Details
TEKT5 Details
EZH1 Details
UBQLN3 Details
KHSRP Details
INPP5D Details
IHO1 Details
ZNF831 Details
CNTNAP3 Details
PON2 Details
MAGEE2 Details
PDE1A Details
CHPT1 Details
RNF25 Details
PI4KA Details
CP Details
XIRP2 Details
ARHGAP24 Details
USP19 Details
MT-CO2 Details
DEPDC1 Details
PDE6A Details
COMP Details
USH2A Details
FLG2 Details
TIMP1 Details
SNX7 Details
SAMHD1 Details
TTN Details
VARS1 Details
NUTM2F Details
MLPH Details
GDF15 Details
GALR3 Details
KCNS3 Details
HLA-DQA2 Details
FAM149A Details
LRP1B Details
DUSP12 Details
STAT5A Details
RBM41 Details
INCENP Details
CRISPLD1 Details
FAT2 Details
EBF3 Details
PTEN Details
PLCXD2 Details
MAPK8IP1 Details
THSD4 Details
TGIF2LX Details
PDHA2 Details
KLF11 Details
MYRIP Details
RANBP2 Details
ACACA Details
TENM3 Details
FSCN3 Details
ETV6 Details
THEM5 Details
CACNA1A Details
ZNF808 Details
TMEFF1 Details
CDH20 Details
RPL35A Details
HAUS3 Details
TH Details
CBLN4 Details
SPATA16 Details
FREM1 Details
ANGPT2 Details
CCDC22 Details
MCM8 Details
LEO1 Details
CCNT1 Details
H1-2 Details
CHRNE Details
NPAT Details
ZBTB26 Details
QSER1 Details
GLB1L Details
FBXL6 Details
IL13RA2 Details
LOXL1 Details
FUS Details
BRD1 Details
XPC Details
CPQ Details
LRR1 Details
ZNF77 Details
MAP7 Details
SEC31B Details
BTBD3 Details
PTPN11 Details
FAM98C Details
NF1 Details
DNAH8 Details
NUTM2G Details
ZFAND6 Details
HMCES Details
ZC3H4 Details
OTOGL Details
TKTL2 Details
AMBN Details
RAD9A Details
PCSK2 Details
ZEB2 Details
TIAM1 Details
WT1 Details
DNAH7 Details
CACNA1G Details
STK17A Details
WNT3A Details
FCRL1 Details
KRT83 Details
GPKOW Details
GLP1R Details
ERP44 Details
MAST4 Details
CCDC88C Details
ABCC8 Details
DOP1B Details
SLC9B1 Details
ATXN2L Details
POLK Details
MEP1B Details
ART5 Details
C22orf42 Details
NTN4 Details
KLK2 Details
FAT4 Details
HSD3B7 Details
M1AP Details
EFR3B Details
TRPM7 Details
IGBP1 Details
CIP2A Details
MAP3K9 Details
ETNPPL Details
DPY19L2 Details
HNRNPUL2 Details
PITX2 Details
RNASEH2C Details
TP53RK Details
LIG4 Details
CNBP Details
TNC Details
POM121L2 Details
PAN2 Details
TMEM128 Details
RAI2 Details
TUBGCP3 Details
ZBTB32 Details
ITGAM Details
C16orf95 Details
CACNA2D1 Details
ROBO2 Details
ARHGAP44 Details
CDCA2 Details
OR4C6 Details
CLCA2 Details
SUPT4H1 Details
OR1A1 Details
WDR27 Details
C6 Details
WFDC9 Details
STEAP2 Details
PITPNM3 Details
ADAMTS5 Details
SEMA4G Details
DAB2IP Details
EMD Details
LRIG3 Details
CACNA2D3 Details
SHMT2 Details
VWCE Details
IL3RA Details
ZBTB20 Details
DIAPH2 Details
OGDH Details
SNX5 Details
TMEM67 Details
BEST4 Details
STXBP5L Details
CFH Details
RFPL3 Details
TMEM94 Details
ADGRG6 Details
STXBP5 Details
SPG11 Details
CPNE3 Details
SETX Details
PAPPA Details
RIPK4 Details
INF2 Details
SPP1 Details
AMELX Details
EPYC Details
KIF21B Details
JAKMIP2 Details
SLC12A7 Details
PLA2G2A Details
ASXL3 Details
ZSCAN18 Details
IDI2 Details
B4GALNT3 Details
RUBCN Details
KMT2D Details
PURG Details
SLC26A1 Details
RNF6 Details
ABI3BP Details
AMER1 Details
ZIM3 Details
GPR75 Details
FHDC1 Details
SSH3 Details
MT-ND5 Details
ITGA5 Details
CHST5 Details
TUBD1 Details
CACNA1S Details
CACNA1F Details
DCHS2 Details
SCARF1 Details
OR2J2 Details
KIAA1549 Details
PNMA3 Details
TKFC Details
COL6A3 Details
GARRE1 Details
HUNK Details
OR51G1 Details
PKHD1 Details
MMP16 Details
TGFBR3 Details
KLHL10 Details
ACKR2 Details
XKR7 Details
TNR Details
PHLDA1 Details
ATP8B3 Details
ZKSCAN5 Details
ENOX1 Details
EMP1 Details
TTC21B Details
MYH14 Details
CCDC180 Details
FKBP1A Details
CPLANE1 Details
GC Details
LRFN5 Details
OR2L3 Details
XRCC1 Details
CELSR3 Details
CYP11B1 Details
IMPG2 Details
PRDX2 Details
PDE6B Details
HOXA5 Details
SLC24A1 Details
FUT1 Details
AHNAK Details
ZNF768 Details
PNPT1 Details
RNF43 Details
NSUN2 Details
CDIP1 Details
EFTUD2 Details
ARHGAP20 Details
TRMT61B Details
MDN1 Details
SCN3A Details
JPH4 Details
XPNPEP2 Details
AP3B2 Details
ASPM Details
UGT2B4 Details
OSBPL6 Details
EFCAB13 Details
SCN2A Details
SLC28A2 Details
PIK3R6 Details
JAK3 Details
SYBU Details
FAM83B Details
TMF1 Details
MARF1 Details
UGT1A4 Details
PPP2R5B Details
FKBP15 Details
TP53I13 Details
SMOC2 Details
VWA5B2 Details
UGT1A9 Details
COL25A1 Details
DYNC2H1 Details
LRRCC1 Details
LRTM1 Details
CCL14 Details
SUSD4 Details
TRIOBP Details
ALG8 Details
ZNF518B Details
TEKT1 Details
CELSR2 Details
MYT1 Details
DUSP4 Details
VWA5B1 Details
NCOA3 Details
CSMD1 Details
WDR17 Details
CCDC80 Details
ADAM23 Details
KCNG2 Details
PI15 Details
ZNF627 Details
ELP4 Details
GCM1 Details
MAP4K1 Details
CALCR Details
MITD1 Details
PLPP6 Details
DNAH6 Details
PLK4 Details
DYNC1H1 Details
KRTAP10-7 Details
MCM10 Details
ASTN2 Details
SLIT2 Details
SLC45A2 Details
KRTAP10-1 Details
RPTOR Details
NOX3 Details
DIAPH3 Details
PCDH17 Details
MPDZ Details
TTC31 Details
COL4A4 Details
TP53 Details
CYFIP1 Details
ERGIC2 Details
KRTAP4-9 Details
DNAJC13 Details
TCF7L1 Details
TMC5 Details
ABCA3 Details
PRICKLE2 Details
SALL4 Details
HMCN1 Details
DERL1 Details
CABIN1 Details
PCYOX1L Details
PTK2B Details
SEMA5A Details
TRAF4 Details
TBC1D4 Details
OR5D16 Details
ABCB11 Details
TAS1R1 Details
UTRN Details
OPN3 Details
TENM2 Details