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Mutated genes for cell-line MOGGUVW
This collection contains 281 mutated genes for the cell-line MOGGUVW_CENTRAL_NERVOUS_SYSTEM (alias MOGGUVW) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-001126). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Brain Cancer" with the subtype "Glioma".
The collection currently contains 281 proteins.
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DZIP1 Details
POU5F1B Details
PUS3 Details
PDLIM7 Details
BMP7 Details
SYNE1 Details
KIAA0513 Details
EIF3B Details
CPEB1 Details
TCHH Details
SGIP1 Details
COLQ Details
EEF2K Details
ZNF224 Details
FASLG Details
NUP205 Details
KLHDC8A Details
RAD51AP2 Details
FEM1A Details
DNAH11 Details
BCHE Details
SH3PXD2B Details
COL19A1 Details
CIT Details
NTSR1 Details
FLG2 Details
DNAJC30 Details
MROH9 Details
SLC22A16 Details
PLEKHA8 Details
EML3 Details
ZNF346 Details
MUC16 Details
GTF2E2 Details
ADAMTS17 Details
CCT6B Details
MN1 Details
IFNG Details
KCNA4 Details
ATP8B4 Details
UHRF2 Details
MYH8 Details
ANKS1B Details
RGSL1 Details
GSDMD Details
SLC22A14 Details
PDE4DIP Details
SCN4A Details
ALMS1 Details
KPRP Details
NEB Details
FLNB Details
CSF1R Details
HAUS1 Details
KCNK1 Details
UNC80 Details
PTEN Details
MYH4 Details
TRAF6 Details
REG3A Details
ALG10B Details
AMDHD2 Details
TRIM35 Details
FYCO1 Details
GPX5 Details
CELA3B Details
LINC01551 Details
FAM160B1 Details
SRGAP3 Details
IL1RL2 Details
RPL35A Details
TAS1R2 Details
SPATA16 Details
ABCC3 Details
MYC Details
DYNC1I1 Details
SLAIN2 Details
CAMTA1 Details
IL1F10 Details
TCEA2 Details
TBL1XR1 Details
ADAMTS19 Details
EXO5 Details
SLC3A1 Details
PHLPP1 Details
CROCC Details
SHBG Details
CRHR2 Details
NHEJ1 Details
BPTF Details
METTL18 Details
CXCR2 Details
RPL10L Details
DNAH7 Details
RRP12 Details
STK17A Details
KAT6A Details
TRPV3 Details
CAMSAP2 Details
YES1 Details
BANK1 Details
CALML3 Details
DLX5 Details
GPR149 Details
BOD1L1 Details
PHF23 Details
VEPH1 Details
DOK7 Details
PTPN13 Details
RNF207 Details
CEP85 Details
GRM3 Details
GOLGB1 Details
GPR158 Details
ZNF778 Details
PSMC5 Details
HOXD13 Details
GNB4 Details
CES3 Details
GALNT4 Details
GALM Details
MT-ND4 Details
TBC1D5 Details
FLG Details
TMEM132A Details
CCDC91 Details
DOK2 Details
TPI1 Details
PTPRU Details
ACSM5 Details
GTF2H4 Details
OR4C6 Details
GRID1 Details
GALNT13 Details
GLI2 Details
ITGA6 Details
TTLL4 Details
CDHR1 Details
CASS4 Details
PPP6R2 Details
GCSAML Details
FBXO24 Details
TMEM51 Details
STAG2 Details
PAK5 Details
FAM122C Details
SBF1 Details
PRPF40B Details
SUMF1 Details
DCDC1 Details
OLFML3 Details
KLF8 Details
SRRM2 Details
STXBP5L Details
ARNT2 Details
USP28 Details
ERCC2 Details
UBXN4 Details
MYH9 Details
EYS Details
DLG1 Details
LY75 Details
ADGRG6 Details
PTPN4 Details
FSIP2 Details
ERO1B Details
OR9I1 Details
ST6GAL2 Details
LAMC1 Details
TIE1 Details
DSEL Details
UNC13C Details
MTRF1 Details
WDFY4 Details
SYT2 Details
PKHD1L1 Details
HPS3 Details
TMCO3 Details
MT-ND5 Details
SERINC2 Details
PABPC4 Details
OR5L1 Details
NPDC1 Details
SHH Details
FLI1 Details
UBR3 Details
NCAM1 Details
EXD3 Details
RBM38 Details
PRCC Details
ZNF540 Details
DGKB Details
EPHA1 Details
F9 Details
ADGRF2 Details
OR51G2 Details
TRIM58 Details
RBAK Details
SPEN Details
ADAMTSL4 Details
MUC4 Details
AGRN Details
BRDT Details
MIDEAS Details
SLF2 Details
TRIM64B Details
RIT1 Details
OR5D13 Details
GGT1 Details
ZNF516 Details
DHX36 Details
VPS13C Details
KTN1 Details
RCOR1 Details
SUN1 Details
LRP4 Details
ZNF492 Details
EI24 Details
SIRPB2 Details
SCN3A Details
UGT2B4 Details
ENGASE Details
OR10G8 Details
CD109 Details
TTLL7 Details
AXL Details
MMRN1 Details
TPH1 Details
SYTL4 Details
BRWD1 Details
HGSNAT Details
C3orf70 Details
FAHD2A Details
CMPK2 Details
DGCR2 Details
ARPC3 Details
TOR3A Details
SFT2D2 Details
HAVCR1 Details
ATP10B Details
PLEC Details
OPRD1 Details
C1orf198 Details
PRKCA Details
COL3A1 Details
TSPYL2 Details
CAPN11 Details
PCP4 Details
SEMG1 Details
PLCL2 Details
CSMD1 Details
MBNL1 Details
ZNF354C Details
HEG1 Details
MYO1A Details
FAM205A Details
RYR1 Details
FOXD4 Details
CACNA1B Details
TP53 Details
TMEM168 Details
ANKRD13A Details
FUBP3 Details
CUX1 Details
VPS13A Details
PHF24 Details
CYP7B1 Details
CCKBR Details
RBM47 Details
HMCN1 Details
SH2D2A Details
RBM44 Details
CD248 Details
ZNF487 Details
DOCK5 Details
HDAC10 Details
PADI2 Details
PPA2 Details
RUSC1 Details
KRTAP10-12 Details
HECW1 Details