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Mutated genes for cell-line FUOV1
This collection contains 445 mutated genes for the cell-line FUOV1_OVARY (alias FUOV1) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000574). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Ovarian Cancer" with the subtype "Adenocarcinoma, high grade serous".
The collection currently contains 445 proteins.
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CTAGE6 Details
ID4 Details
NEURL1B Details
SCRIB Details
PHETA1 Details
PRKCB Details
SVIL Details
RPA3 Details
RPRD1A Details
DOCK3 Details
CDKAL1 Details
TOP2B Details
SPINT1 Details
NLRP14 Details
SMPD4 Details
FAM230A Details
MAP7D1 Details
ZSCAN32 Details
PTGES3 Details
NPY4R Details
MT-CYB Details
LETM1 Details
RIMKLA Details
ZNF788P Details
AQP11 Details
NCAM2 Details
LTBP1 Details
RSPH4A Details
TRIM67 Details
ASIC4 Details
SARDH Details
ANKRD18A Details
PTGER3 Details
FAM13B Details
CA5B Details
TMEM86A Details
PDZRN4 Details
TSPAN18 Details
CCIN Details
ARHGAP24 Details
LPO Details
MTFMT Details
MT-CO2 Details
PRR12 Details
RINL Details
ENG Details
CRY1 Details
LLGL2 Details
C2CD5 Details
IPO7 Details
TFRC Details
TAF6L Details
IVL Details
PLEKHG5 Details
ZCRB1 Details
TTN Details
OR8K1 Details
ZNF154 Details
BCORL1 Details
GP5 Details
OTUD6A Details
AP1G2 Details
TFE3 Details
MT-ND1 Details
RPH3A Details
PANK1 Details
AMOT Details
GOPC Details
RUSF1 Details
KBTBD7 Details
PDE4DIP Details
ZNF146 Details
NEB Details
FLNB Details
MEX3A Details
TAB2 Details
SHLD2 Details
PUM2 Details
BEGAIN Details
SDK2 Details
TTC14 Details
BCLAF1 Details
AGAP3 Details
SPICE1 Details
C2orf42 Details
TARS2 Details
NPFFR1 Details
SH3BP1 Details
SPOP Details
SZT2 Details
VSX2 Details
ARHGAP35 Details
KIRREL1 Details
LRP8 Details
CDHR3 Details
DECR2 Details
NLRC4 Details
ZNF775 Details
PHRF1 Details
INHBB Details
MMP13 Details
SLCO1B3 Details
TTC1 Details
HOGA1 Details
CREBBP Details
PRKG2 Details
ALDOA Details
TRANK1 Details
SPATA16 Details
ASXL2 Details
GSTO1 Details
CUEDC2 Details
GRAMD1C Details
STK11IP Details
OLIG2 Details
ESPNL Details
OPA1 Details
SPTBN5 Details
TLR5 Details
OR6C1 Details
HSF1 Details
CTPS2 Details
HACD2 Details
HAUS6 Details
CA2 Details
CR1 Details
MYLK Details
TMEM151B Details
ZNF20 Details
CEP192 Details
PHLDB3 Details
ANKRD12 Details
ALKBH7 Details
PSMG4 Details
PAGE2 Details
ATAD3B Details
SNAPC4 Details
PRDM10 Details
NUP98 Details
NEUROD2 Details
IFI35 Details
OLFML2B Details
GPS2 Details
SLC27A5 Details
ERBB4 Details
CLDN25 Details
DGKA Details
KMT2B Details
EPHX1 Details
AR Details
NPC1 Details
TRPC7 Details
ARMCX5 Details
MARVELD3 Details
RYR3 Details
BAIAP3 Details
ELP1 Details
RNFT2 Details
ATP11B Details
NKX6-1 Details
EIF3D Details
TRPM7 Details
CD200 Details
FOXB2 Details
OS9 Details
JMJD4 Details
JMJD7-PLA2G4B Details
ZNF160 Details
RAI2 Details
C1orf54 Details
RAB40AL Details
MT-ND4 Details
FCGBP Details
PCSK4 Details
RELN Details
ADAM19 Details
DEPTOR Details
FAM76A Details
HSH2D Details
ESR2 Details
RBM45 Details
CAMK2N2 Details
TET3 Details
PTPN2 Details
HIPK3 Details
HHLA1 Details
SACS Details
FOXN2 Details
MCIDAS Details
HEPH Details
NOX5 Details
NUMA1 Details
NPR1 Details
SCARA3 Details
LRPPRC Details
MAP3K10 Details
PEX16 Details
THG1L Details
RAD9B Details
RAP2A Details
ANGPTL8 Details
PKP4 Details
PUM3 Details
EXD2 Details
PRRX2 Details
ITGA4 Details
ARAP2 Details
BTAF1 Details
CAMK2N1 Details
GCC2 Details
MAP1A Details
DHX37 Details
GMIP Details
RHPN1 Details
C14orf93 Details
OR2AG2 Details
SYCP1 Details
C22orf34 Details
ZKSCAN2 Details
KRT26 Details
GZMA Details
KLHDC8B Details
WDPCP Details
HPX Details
PRR16 Details
INTS13 Details
GPX8 Details
CCDC97 Details
RNF40 Details
CELSR1 Details
INTS8 Details
PTDSS2 Details
VPS26C Details
OR6K6 Details
TPPP2 Details
ERCC8 Details
APOL5 Details
MGAT4B Details
VCAN Details
DCDC2 Details
COQ2 Details
PRSS23 Details
DNER Details
RTTN Details
EOMES Details
HRNR Details
BCAT1 Details
OR6C76 Details
AQP4 Details
GK2 Details
ACADL Details
ANKHD1 Details
PTK2 Details
CTSD Details
MTMR4 Details
FCRL2 Details
TBKBP1 Details
LTBP4 Details
SLC4A5 Details
MT-ND5 Details
AUNIP Details
PDK1 Details
TEX10 Details
NKX2-1 Details
CACNA1F Details
ITGA1 Details
STAB1 Details
COL6A3 Details
PCIF1 Details
UCK1 Details
USP49 Details
ADGRD2 Details
MT-ATP6 Details
FAM166C Details
MARCHF10 Details
FBXL18 Details
CEP350 Details
WFDC5 Details
SCFD2 Details
MYO15A Details
KRT16 Details
ZBTB48 Details
EPS8L2 Details
C6orf132 Details
EPHA1 Details
CNTLN Details
ABCF2 Details
TEX35 Details
PKD1 Details
ZNF229 Details
GRM5 Details
LPAR4 Details
CDKL5 Details
PATL2 Details
CPLANE1 Details
EGR2 Details
LRFN5 Details
GUCY2C Details
MUC4 Details
LONRF3 Details
CUL7 Details
SLC25A32 Details
LRRFIP2 Details
CPED1 Details
ANKRD30BL Details
HYDIN Details
SENP5 Details
SLC9A9 Details
BIRC6 Details
FAM124B Details
LRIF1 Details
ZBED2 Details
RCHY1 Details
EYA1 Details
PAPPA2 Details
KCNU1 Details
TBXA2R Details
SPINK5 Details
PREX1 Details
JAG2 Details
ARHGAP25 Details
TMX1 Details
EGFLAM Details
INPP5B Details
ZNF318 Details
POU4F1 Details
SUN1 Details
ADGRB2 Details
MSLN Details
TECTA Details
RNF222 Details
RIN2 Details
SLC25A26 Details
SMAD1 Details
PPT1 Details
IGDCC3 Details
DMD Details
NEBL Details
MXRA7 Details
TLX1NB Details
ROCK1 Details
CPNE2 Details
PTGER4 Details
TTLL5 Details
TMF1 Details
THOC6 Details
TPH1 Details
NBPF1 Details
C9orf78 Details
BRWD1 Details
PAK6 Details
HGSNAT Details
CRIM1 Details
FOXA2 Details
ZYG11A Details
TUBGCP6 Details
ZSCAN10 Details
NOM1 Details
TFDP2 Details
CRYL1 Details
ATP8A2 Details
RDH16 Details
PAK4 Details
ATP10D Details
THUMPD3 Details
ZNF544 Details
SIN3A Details
KHNYN Details
ITIH3 Details
A2M Details
RAPGEF5 Details
SIPA1L3 Details
DNAJB12 Details
COG2 Details
CSMD1 Details
MEGF6 Details
OSBP2 Details
SLC1A2 Details
PLCG2 Details
PCDHB7 Details
CHD9 Details
FRS3 Details
PIGU Details
PNP Details
PLEKHH3 Details
DMAC2L Details
BRD9 Details
IQGAP2 Details
LPL Details
FAM83E Details
PPOX Details
EPPK1 Details
GNL3 Details
GPC5 Details
FUT9 Details
MTR Details
STAU2 Details
CARD14 Details
PLCB4 Details
MPDZ Details
SPEF2 Details
OTOR Details
PSAT1 Details
TP53 Details
LONP2 Details
CDH5 Details
FBXO39 Details
KIF14 Details
TMC1 Details
DRD3 Details
SDF4 Details
TXNL1 Details
MFN2 Details
OR51B6 Details
CWC22 Details
SSR1 Details
SAMD11 Details
C2CD4D Details
CNTNAP2 Details
DAZAP1 Details
DNHD1 Details
CUX2 Details
CCNL2 Details
ZMIZ2 Details
KLK10 Details
BUB1B Details
BTN3A3 Details
KIF1B Details
ACAA1 Details
GJA9 Details
RIPOR3 Details
HSPBP1 Details
DISP1 Details
ZSCAN5A Details
CD101 Details
MUC2 Details
MTF1 Details
ANKRD28 Details
SEPTIN6 Details
UTRN Details
HDAC10 Details
PADI2 Details
CCNB3 Details
TBX18 Details
WDR87 Details