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Mutated genes for cell-line 8505C
This collection contains 348 mutated genes for the cell-line 8505C_THYROID (alias 8505C) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-001307). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Thyroid Cancer" with the subtype "Carcinoma".
The collection currently contains 348 proteins.
# Protein Links
OR52K1 Details
MGST1 Details
DOCK3 Details
MED13L Details
XRCC5 Details
MT-CYB Details
NELFCD Details
ANAPC13 Details
MGA Details
ZNF462 Details
FMN1 Details
CEP128 Details
LHB Details
ABCB5 Details
TMEM59L Details
TRIP13 Details
ELOVL1 Details
ENTPD7 Details
NEFM Details
ARHGAP11B Details
SCAPER Details
SMYD5 Details
HELB Details
B3GNT3 Details
RALGPS2 Details
DPPA4 Details
ABHD6 Details
C2CD3 Details
IRF6 Details
PDZD2 Details
MT-CO2 Details
ADAMTS20 Details
ADAMTS15 Details
PLEKHH1 Details
GRB14 Details
ADGRL4 Details
STK11 Details
DPF2 Details
TTC16 Details
FAT3 Details
CA3 Details
ABCD2 Details
TAB3 Details
MUC16 Details
GRM4 Details
RASGRF1 Details
TMPRSS7 Details
NPFFR2 Details
MT-ND1 Details
BST1 Details
MGLL Details
RGSL1 Details
CYB5R4 Details
SCN4A Details
FZD7 Details
PCDHA12 Details
XRN2 Details
NEB Details
UROC1 Details
CCHCR1 Details
CLEC12A Details
MYH7B Details
NF2 Details
PSTPIP1 Details
TSGA13 Details
MEGF8 Details
KIAA0100 Details
DZIP1L Details
RBMXL2 Details
TMPRSS15 Details
LDB3 Details
SYT17 Details
CASR Details
DRD4 Details
VCPKMT Details
CACNA1A Details
PDGFRB Details
CLDN19 Details
BCL11B Details
COP1 Details
SAMD3 Details
TDRD9 Details
WNK2 Details
FGFR3 Details
ARHGAP30 Details
APC Details
KIF2C Details
LILRA6 Details
OTOP1 Details
CST3 Details
IFI44L Details
LAMA5 Details
AGBL4 Details
ZBED4 Details
HRG Details
FAM78A Details
UGT1A7 Details
AP1B1 Details
SLC3A1 Details
RAB11FIP3 Details
AP2A1 Details
FRMPD1 Details
ZNF618 Details
SHF Details
TSHZ3 Details
LRBA Details
SULT1C4 Details
ZSWIM1 Details
CFAP20DC Details
FZD10 Details
DENND3 Details
SLC1A1 Details
MBD3L2 Details
TRMT1 Details
STOML1 Details
MNT Details
HERC1 Details
SNCAIP Details
ADAMTS9 Details
C6orf163 Details
EIF3A Details
PTPRS Details
KRT5 Details
RBL1 Details
PDYN Details
DPY19L2 Details
CACNB2 Details
TWNK Details
PDE3A Details
ZNF85 Details
MYORG Details
OR6T1 Details
DBR1 Details
TNC Details
METTL21C Details
MT-ND4 Details
TSPAN12 Details
IGSF3 Details
GALNT7 Details
ROBO2 Details
SLC6A20 Details
LIPE Details
ITGA6 Details
DTNA Details
AREG Details
SIRT5 Details
WDR7 Details
FMN2 Details
MAP3K10 Details
TINAG Details
CASS4 Details
HSF4 Details
ECHDC3 Details
MYOM3 Details
MIS18BP1 Details
LCA5 Details
ARHGAP32 Details
POLD2 Details
PCDHA6 Details
ADGRV1 Details
NFATC1 Details
SNX5 Details
DCDC1 Details
PSMD1 Details
FRG1BP Details
ELAPOR2 Details
KYAT1 Details
FAM178B Details
FBXO7 Details
DST Details
FAM171A2 Details
CMKLR1 Details
ATP5MGL Details
PYROXD1 Details
MUC12 Details
CLU Details
SIK1 Details
MTUS2 Details
CFAP91 Details
COL4A3 Details
ERCC2 Details
BRAF Details
PROM2 Details
ARID3C Details
PROX2 Details
GRIN3B Details
VPS26C Details
CYP26C1 Details
PLEKHH2 Details
PNISR Details
ESPN Details
ALKBH6 Details
POT1 Details
PXDNL Details
RUBCN Details
BCAN Details
ADRB2 Details
XPO4 Details
MMS22L Details
KIAA1958 Details
TERB1 Details
TBR1 Details
MT-ND5 Details
TMEM183A Details
UBR5 Details
SEPTIN10 Details
KRT76 Details
COL6A3 Details
KLHDC7A Details
ZMYND12 Details
NEK1 Details
MT-ATP6 Details
ZSCAN5B Details
PDHB Details
ERBB3 Details
GPR15 Details
SORCS3 Details
LEMD2 Details
DPP7 Details
CAAP1 Details
PHTF2 Details
ZNF189 Details
POLL Details
TMED4 Details
RUNX3 Details
KRT16 Details
PTPRB Details
TMEM151A Details
TRMT9B Details
PTK6 Details
ZSCAN23 Details
SLC26A10 Details
RASGRF2 Details
IFITM10 Details
DHX33 Details
HDDC3 Details
SLC17A9 Details
CPLANE1 Details
COL14A1 Details
GPC3 Details
DLG2 Details
MUC4 Details
CUL7 Details
DHRS4L2 Details
SLC9A9 Details
FSTL4 Details
PSMC4 Details
AGBL2 Details
RASGRP3 Details
PEAK1 Details
PTPRT Details
TCF25 Details
R3HDML Details
LINGO2 Details
MDN1 Details
POM121C Details
ADGRD1 Details
CEP295 Details
JAKMIP3 Details
TECTA Details
SMARCA4 Details
ADCY10 Details
UNC93B1 Details
MT-ND6 Details
NUGGC Details
TMF1 Details
CCDC158 Details
BBS1 Details
AP3D1 Details
BRWD1 Details
SYNM Details
ZNF728 Details
MAN1B1 Details
ARPC3 Details
ZNF157 Details
EPHX3 Details
CNOT3 Details
ZNF687 Details
REEP6 Details
MARCKS Details
ATP10B Details
PLEC Details
DOP1A Details
POLI Details
CAND2 Details
DENND2A Details
COL3A1 Details
HIPK2 Details
MLF1 Details
EPN1 Details
RB1CC1 Details
SLC2A4 Details
ARHGEF10L Details
MPRIP Details
WAPL Details
ZNF518B Details
ARHGEF26 Details
CCDC71 Details
NUF2 Details
ANKMY1 Details
PNPLA2 Details
DNAJC25 Details
TRIM5 Details
HEG1 Details
FAT1 Details
JMJD8 Details
DEFB129 Details
LNPK Details
NDUFAF1 Details
JCAD Details
SPC25 Details
CHD9 Details
FAM205A Details
CD163L1 Details
OR2G2 Details
FBRSL1 Details
KCNC3 Details
EVA1C Details
PPOX Details
EPPK1 Details
PIP4K2A Details
RFC4 Details
EFCAB8 Details
VPS50 Details
KBTBD12 Details
AFF1 Details
ITGB4 Details
NBEAL2 Details
PSME4 Details
EBNA1BP2 Details
TP53 Details
NEK10 Details
ABCA7 Details
MFN2 Details
ZNF654 Details
TRPM1 Details
FBXW9 Details
DYRK2 Details
KCTD10 Details
KIF27 Details
PHF7 Details
RIPOR3 Details
TRMT13 Details
CA7 Details
CTC1 Details
TOPAZ1 Details
ATXN7 Details
RP1 Details