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Mutated genes for cell-line 8305C
This collection contains 430 mutated genes for the cell-line 8305C_THYROID (alias 8305C) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-001306). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Thyroid Cancer" with the subtype "Carcinoma".
The collection currently contains 430 proteins.
# Protein Links
MT-CO3 Details
ESX1 Details
IRAG1 Details
DCHS1 Details
SCRIB Details
DKK3 Details
DOCK2 Details
BBX Details
TTBK1 Details
PRKCB Details
SLF1 Details
BTN3A1 Details
RAB34 Details
BLM Details
DAAM1 Details
CELF3 Details
SMC3 Details
CCM2 Details
USP40 Details
DPAGT1 Details
MT-CYB Details
CHD8 Details
CRTC2 Details
PLCZ1 Details
NCDN Details
SYNE1 Details
PLCE1 Details
RNF214 Details
PKDREJ Details
PALLD Details
TSC22D2 Details
CCDC14 Details
CGNL1 Details
CDH10 Details
FDX2 Details
CNTNAP3 Details
KAT6B Details
CIAO3 Details
PRSS38 Details
NOP2 Details
FAM189B Details
USP11 Details
ANKRD60 Details
PITRM1 Details
KRTAP16-1 Details
ITPR3 Details
SCGB2A2 Details
BSN Details
NODAL Details
FAM83F Details
KIF17 Details
CSRNP1 Details
VPS9D1 Details
RINL Details
COMP Details
GOLGA8K Details
CDH8 Details
SLC15A5 Details
PLEKHH1 Details
PXN Details
PBRM1 Details
ACP6 Details
LZIC Details
TTN Details
FAT3 Details
SDK1 Details
TRIM27 Details
PTCH2 Details
USP9X Details
MT-ND1 Details
MT-ND2 Details
ADA2 Details
AGXT2 Details
AMOT Details
SENP7 Details
PDE4DIP Details
SCN4A Details
FAM83C Details
GATAD2A Details
FGD2 Details
ATXN7L1 Details
MAPK8IP1 Details
BCLAF1 Details
METTL11B Details
SRP54 Details
OPN1LW Details
ABHD14A Details
DZIP1L Details
YWHAZ Details
UBC Details
KCNQ3 Details
HMX3 Details
KDM4B Details
NPFFR1 Details
SBNO1 Details
LCLAT1 Details
THSD7A Details
EP400 Details
EOGT Details
MYO9A Details
FBN3 Details
MYPOP Details
XCR1 Details
ZNF281 Details
INHBB Details
CDH20 Details
FAM187A Details
EPRS1 Details
VGLL2 Details
PCDHGC3 Details
UBE4A Details
CD1C Details
RMDN3 Details
SLC5A1 Details
CSMD2 Details
XAF1 Details
MAGEA1 Details
CAMTA1 Details
SSC5D Details
ARSK Details
SMOX Details
RELCH Details
UBQLN4 Details
GLB1L Details
IGDCC4 Details
MED8 Details
HAS1 Details
TMEM132D Details
INTS1 Details
RUSC2 Details
STRN4 Details
UXT Details
STK11IP Details
ADAMTS2 Details
CUL4A Details
SLC10A1 Details
PIEZO1 Details
SPTBN5 Details
ADGRL3 Details
CHAT Details
RAB30 Details
E2F4 Details
IL1R2 Details
USP37 Details
GSDMA Details
MYO9B Details
FAM151B Details
PWWP2B Details
TLL1 Details
OTOGL Details
CR1 Details
UNC13A Details
PWWP2A Details
C9orf43 Details
DNAH17 Details
TAL1 Details
TNKS2 Details
CTXN3 Details
LYPLA2 Details
SNAPC4 Details
TASOR2 Details
CPNE5 Details
POLK Details
PRX Details
CLTC Details
HERC1 Details
HTR1E Details
VPS51 Details
PHF21B Details
A2ML1 Details
OR51M1 Details
RYR3 Details
HERC3 Details
TCERG1 Details
SORL1 Details
LRRIQ1 Details
ELAPOR1 Details
HM13 Details
SMIM9 Details
EFCAB6 Details
PRR25 Details
ANKRD11 Details
ZNF710 Details
TSEN2 Details
CEP135 Details
MAP3K9 Details
IDH3A Details
PLXND1 Details
INSC Details
NUSAP1 Details
SRCAP Details
MBTPS1 Details
PPM1J Details
MROH2B Details
RELN Details
FKBP5 Details
ALDH5A1 Details
ANKRD9 Details
CDH13 Details
ZNF275 Details
NPSR1 Details
LAMC3 Details
PCDHB16 Details
ZNF562 Details
SNAPC2 Details
GLI2 Details
ENTPD3 Details
KIAA0087 Details
GABRP Details
PPIB Details
KIF26A Details
WDR54 Details
DUOX2 Details
HSPB11 Details
ERVFRD-1 Details
CACNA1H Details
IFI27 Details
PPP6R2 Details
ITGAX Details
RIPOR1 Details
SHROOM3 Details
TMEM132B Details
SCNN1G Details
REV1 Details
UBE3C Details
NXPE2 Details
ZNF865 Details
ARAP2 Details
ATM Details
RABEP2 Details
VWA3B Details
APAF1 Details
LYVE1 Details
ARHGEF2 Details
OR13C3 Details
INSRR Details
ABCA2 Details
FAM178B Details
DNAH2 Details
RIT2 Details
OR2AG2 Details
REV3L Details
PROX1 Details
PCNX4 Details
HNF1B Details
ELP2 Details
CEP170 Details
NACA Details
ZNF326 Details
GPER1 Details
USP51 Details
PCNX2 Details
BRAF Details
HPX Details
SLCO6A1 Details
CCDC88B Details
GABRB2 Details
PCARE Details
URB1 Details
AARS1 Details
OR11H12 Details
PROX2 Details
CRACDL Details
FSIP2 Details
COPG1 Details
GCAT Details
SEC16B Details
GTF2E1 Details
SGCE Details
ZNF280A Details
TRAFD1 Details
RASIP1 Details
SLC5A3 Details
NES Details
WDR33 Details
KIF21B Details
DEFB106A Details
OAF Details
HRNR Details
PPP1R13B Details
GUCA2B Details
FANCA Details
PNPLA6 Details
KCNK3 Details
ERCC6L2 Details
MED13 Details
VANGL1 Details
TUBAL3 Details
CACNA1F Details
STAB1 Details
CMA1 Details
DDX25 Details
MT-ND3 Details
ZNF587B Details
C7orf31 Details
SNX1 Details
GRM8 Details
C1orf141 Details
ZRANB3 Details
ESRP2 Details
C6orf132 Details
CPEB3 Details
GREB1 Details
UBE2O Details
PKD1 Details
ZNF229 Details
GNPTAB Details
IQGAP3 Details
ZC3H12C Details
GABRG2 Details
COL7A1 Details
SLC6A14 Details
WDCP Details
AEBP2 Details
ZNF777 Details
DDB1 Details
MGAM Details
PRDM2 Details
DIS3L2 Details
CDKN2A Details
BRDT Details
NSMF Details
OR5M8 Details
MET Details
USP24 Details
UBE3B Details
PCYT2 Details
CPAMD8 Details
TOR1AIP1 Details
ALDH2 Details
SNED1 Details
RTL10 Details
TGS1 Details
ICA1 Details
OR8I2 Details
PARD3 Details
TLR3 Details
INPP5B Details
GRIPAP1 Details
ADGRD1 Details
MT-CO1 Details
C11orf58 Details
MPO Details
MT-ND6 Details
TTR Details
CCDC149 Details
ACAN Details
LPIN2 Details
RNF19B Details
MAPK15 Details
FBXO31 Details
C11orf49 Details
PCDHGB6 Details
ATP8A2 Details
CNOT3 Details
PLA2G4D Details
IFNGR2 Details
CDCP2 Details
ANKRD26 Details
MT-ATP8 Details
HIPK2 Details
SLC12A3 Details
MYOZ1 Details
HPD Details
EGF Details
ACACB Details
MYOF Details
SLC24A4 Details
FASN Details
VWA5B1 Details
ESF1 Details
ATOH1 Details
DDX1 Details
SATB2 Details
SYNDIG1L Details
CBLN3 Details
SOX4 Details
CCN5 Details
NLRP10 Details
LRRC7 Details
ELP4 Details
CAD Details
OBSCN Details
ASTN1 Details
FAM205A Details
ERV3-1 Details
RYR1 Details
FBRSL1 Details
CFTR Details
DYNC1H1 Details
ASCC3 Details
FRAS1 Details
ZNF423 Details
MTR Details
CACNA1B Details
KCNC4 Details
ATP13A4 Details
ERMN Details
FAM151A Details
ZNF469 Details
NCOR2 Details
NAT8 Details
SHROOM2 Details
TP53 Details
MKI67 Details
ZNF76 Details
ADAMTS13 Details
CYFIP1 Details
OR5AU1 Details
EFCC1 Details
NRBP2 Details
ABHD16A Details
GUCA1C Details
C2orf49 Details
DNASE1L1 Details
OR52I1 Details
CYP7B1 Details
IL12RB2 Details
CABIN1 Details
APIP Details
STRC Details
DOCK1 Details
LSM14B Details
CNGB3 Details
TNFSF18 Details
PPFIBP2 Details
HDAC10 Details
ARL10 Details
MLC1 Details
RP1 Details