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Mutated genes for cell-line AML193
This collection contains 258 mutated genes for the cell-line AML193_HAEMATOPOIETIC_AND_LYMPHOID_TISSUE (alias AML193) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000557). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Leukemia" with the subtype "Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), M5 (Eosinophilic/Monocytic)".
The collection currently contains 258 proteins.
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ADAM7 Details
CAPG Details
MCPH1 Details
MZF1 Details
IGFN1 Details
PCLO Details
PLAGL1 Details
B4GALNT4 Details
RSAD1 Details
MED13L Details
MT-CYB Details
CHD8 Details
LETM1 Details
MALSU1 Details
GMEB1 Details
CEP128 Details
GUCA1A Details
GTF2H2 Details
NOTCH1 Details
ASIC4 Details
ATP6V0A1 Details
CYP46A1 Details
KLHL5 Details
ARHGAP10 Details
HIVEP1 Details
LNX1 Details
CLN5 Details
PAFAH2 Details
PDZD2 Details
WDR19 Details
DDX10 Details
VCX3B Details
NIBAN3 Details
BCHE Details
SH3RF1 Details
SGPP1 Details
CDH8 Details
NTSR1 Details
ENTPD4 Details
VIT Details
SLC22A16 Details
CCAR2 Details
MUC16 Details
BCORL1 Details
XYLT1 Details
GRM4 Details
USP9X Details
NRAS Details
LRRK1 Details
BAG3 Details
MT-ND2 Details
THOC3 Details
PDCD10 Details
ATL3 Details
TNS2 Details
LRP1B Details
NBPF11 Details
CSPG4 Details
INCENP Details
FLNB Details
RFNG Details
SHLD2 Details
CERS3 Details
RASAL1 Details
PBX3 Details
USP42 Details
DDX54 Details
HSPG2 Details
CLDN4 Details
ETV6 Details
THEM5 Details
KNOP1 Details
SLC22A25 Details
UBN1 Details
RAD50 Details
PRDM15 Details
NRXN3 Details
OR10W1 Details
HCFC1 Details
CSMD2 Details
SOWAHD Details
DIS3 Details
GPN3 Details
ZNF99 Details
APTX Details
NF1 Details
CCL24 Details
BTRC Details
EXT2 Details
SLC35D1 Details
PRDM12 Details
USP34 Details
SMN1 Details
ANKRD12 Details
AKAP9 Details
RAB44 Details
IFI35 Details
DOP1B Details
KNTC1 Details
GPR139 Details
KDM6B Details
PTPN13 Details
SPTB Details
FAXC Details
GTSE1 Details
LRRIQ1 Details
PRPF40A Details
GOLGB1 Details
RERE Details
RNF19A Details
DPY19L2 Details
LIG4 Details
JMJD1C Details
PGC Details
FHIT Details
TIMM23B Details
KIAA0319 Details
DNAH1 Details
PLB1 Details
CHD1 Details
MTMR10 Details
PHF6 Details
SLC30A10 Details
CD276 Details
OR4A47 Details
FMN2 Details
ANO2 Details
ADAM12 Details
DCLK1 Details
RDM1 Details
CCR7 Details
GLIPR1 Details
NR1D1 Details
PIGF Details
FSCB Details
XYLT2 Details
TACR3 Details
B3GLCT Details
KYAT1 Details
OR5L2 Details
DST Details
SRRM2 Details
KLB Details
ZNF311 Details
ZMYM2 Details
PNLDC1 Details
BCAS1 Details
MTPAP Details
ADCY4 Details
PCDHGA9 Details
URB1 Details
GPX8 Details
CA14 Details
JUNB Details
SYNE2 Details
FAM53B Details
ANKFY1 Details
ITLN2 Details
RHOT2 Details
BCAN Details
SPHKAP Details
TICAM2 Details
RC3H2 Details
FAM174A Details
PCDHA1 Details
EZR Details
DPP10 Details
FHDC1 Details
PACS2 Details
MT-ND5 Details
BDP1 Details
ITGA5 Details
ARHGAP21 Details
MATN2 Details
TKFC Details
NCSTN Details
MYO16 Details
ZNF189 Details
SCFD2 Details
EIF2AK3 Details
SH3PXD2A Details
ATP4B Details
IQSEC3 Details
MCAM Details
OR52H1 Details
LZTS1 Details
FAM9A Details
SPRED2 Details
MMP8 Details
CELSR3 Details
PLA2G6 Details
GSDMC Details
C9orf64 Details
SP1 Details
HSD17B7 Details
GOLGA8R Details
LPA Details
TMEM199 Details
RTN3 Details
KCNQ5 Details
WASHC2A Details
MDN1 Details
GRIPAP1 Details
IQCN Details
CHRNA7 Details
CEP295 Details
DMWD Details
LILRB2 Details
CHST10 Details
SPACA1 Details
NUP133 Details
GAP43 Details
PAK6 Details
TAF1B Details
COL25A1 Details
TOPBP1 Details
CNOT3 Details
ZNF544 Details
OR1S1 Details
MTTP Details
SUSD4 Details
ANXA10 Details
LYSMD4 Details
RREB1 Details
FAM43B Details
EXTL3 Details
TRIM5 Details
AMER3 Details
MTA2 Details
MS4A12 Details
DMRTC2 Details
MYLIP Details
SLIT2 Details
AFF1 Details
INTS5 Details
IL11RA Details
DDX55 Details
DDX24 Details
SLFN13 Details
TP53 Details
ANXA7 Details
FARP1 Details
ROBO1 Details
HIF1A Details
ARHGAP39 Details
SMC6 Details
STAG3 Details
VCX3A Details
POLG Details
HMCN1 Details
GOLGA8IP Details
CABIN1 Details
CREG1 Details
CHST2 Details
ABHD17A Details
UTRN Details
WDFY1 Details