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Mutated genes for cell-line UMRC7
This collection contains 353 mutated genes for the cell-line UMRC7_KIDNEY (alias UMRC7) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-001688). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Kidney Cancer" with the subtype "Carcinoma".
The collection currently contains 353 proteins.
# Protein Links
IFT140 Details
DGKZ Details
ZNF385C Details
FAM20A Details
TPD52L3 Details
ADAD2 Details
ADGRF1 Details
ARAP3 Details
NOP53 Details
PCLO Details
MRTFB Details
AHR Details
CCDC3 Details
PPRC1 Details
CAPN1 Details
APCDD1 Details
TRA2A Details
ANKLE2 Details
NGEF Details
MMUT Details
ROCK2 Details
GAK Details
PXDN Details
DENND2D Details
ATP6V1G1 Details
UNC5C Details
FAM189B Details
SSTR5 Details
PITRM1 Details
RMI1 Details
PCNT Details
PDZRN4 Details
COL1A2 Details
SLC6A7 Details
ZNF208 Details
MAST1 Details
PRRT3 Details
GRIK5 Details
GLUD2 Details
C18orf54 Details
AOC3 Details
DNAJC11 Details
CDH8 Details
SMC4 Details
GLRA4 Details
TNPO1 Details
CACNA1E Details
SMIM13 Details
TTN Details
WWP1 Details
CCDC96 Details
PTGDR2 Details
BOC Details
ESRRG Details
MUC16 Details
PTCH2 Details
MMP21 Details
SENP7 Details
MNDA Details
SCN4A Details
TMEM117 Details
INCENP Details
ATP7B Details
NEB Details
TAB2 Details
RGS12 Details
PDHA2 Details
SEL1L2 Details
MYH4 Details
ZZZ3 Details
EXOC2 Details
CARMIL2 Details
SZT2 Details
EP400 Details
MYO9A Details
ST8SIA2 Details
GFPT1 Details
CHAF1A Details
WDR97 Details
SRCIN1 Details
SMR3B Details
LALBA Details
TAS2R16 Details
KLHL21 Details
ZC3H18 Details
PINK1 Details
RBM20 Details
FKRP Details
CIR1 Details
PCCA Details
CSMD2 Details
WSCD2 Details
SSC5D Details
PAX8 Details
IL13RA2 Details
RO60 Details
CREBRF Details
BTNL8 Details
HAS1 Details
KLHL1 Details
CLVS1 Details
ZFHX3 Details
RGL1 Details
LRP2 Details
ALDH3A1 Details
CCDC102B Details
SPTBN5 Details
CHAT Details
APBA2 Details
KIAA1841 Details
ZNF449 Details
NR2C1 Details
DMXL1 Details
MANBA Details
COL9A2 Details
SLITRK3 Details
VRTN Details
KANSL1L Details
TUT4 Details
BPTF Details
STRA8 Details
PCSK2 Details
IRF9 Details
CEP192 Details
COL5A1 Details
ZNF543 Details
ITGA3 Details
DNAH17 Details
ECEL1 Details
LAMA3 Details
KIAA1328 Details
EFL1 Details
AMZ1 Details
IGSF22 Details
DAPK1 Details
RYR3 Details
LEF1 Details
NDST3 Details
CD200 Details
ANKRD11 Details
EIPR1 Details
FCHO1 Details
OR8B3 Details
ENO3 Details
CLCN6 Details
INSR Details
FER1L6 Details
SMIM2 Details
MYORG Details
SPSB2 Details
TMEM132C Details
ELP6 Details
AHDC1 Details
FNIP1 Details
UCP3 Details
ADGRB3 Details
HMGCLL1 Details
TBX5 Details
LRRC10B Details
LIPE Details
PLB1 Details
GFUS Details
CHD1 Details
ZDBF2 Details
ZNF606 Details
ITGA6 Details
SRC Details
EVC Details
WDR7 Details
CASS4 Details
CCSAP Details
DHX57 Details
INS-IGF2 Details
MOXD1 Details
SOX2 Details
MFSD8 Details
IL3RA Details
RBFOX1 Details
CLNK Details
MOK Details
PLIN1 Details
BTAF1 Details
USP16 Details
ADIPOR1 Details
PGM1 Details
CCER1 Details
VWA3A Details
SATL1 Details
CMYA5 Details
PCDHGA8 Details
OTOG Details
LRP5 Details
PADI4 Details
CHST14 Details
BMP8A Details
MBD6 Details
C14orf119 Details
ZFAND3 Details
INO80 Details
KCNN4 Details
PCNX3 Details
STARD3 Details
TMEM179 Details
OGFOD1 Details
OBSL1 Details
NES Details
PDZK1IP1 Details
RHOBTB1 Details
GPR150 Details
HRNR Details
MYH3 Details
NLRP1 Details
YAE1 Details
KLHL31 Details
MYH7 Details
SEPTIN14 Details
CBS Details
SPHKAP Details
ZNF407 Details
PBX2 Details
CCDC87 Details
BAZ1B Details
RUFY3 Details
SIGLEC5 Details
UNC45B Details
AMHR2 Details
ZNF783 Details
RASA3 Details
RAP1GAP Details
SGCZ Details
RPL31 Details
SIGLEC7 Details
SNTG1 Details
PER3 Details
PRB4 Details
SORCS3 Details
CASKIN2 Details
CYP11B2 Details
ABCA8 Details
SLC14A1 Details
SLC24A3 Details
PEAK3 Details
GALNT5 Details
ACBD5 Details
ZC3H12C Details
GABRG2 Details
MIER2 Details
RAI1 Details
EFCAB3 Details
TRPS1 Details
MMP8 Details
DIS3L2 Details
MAJIN Details
ATP5F1C Details
CCDC191 Details
HYLS1 Details
UBE3B Details
EPHB6 Details
RABGAP1 Details
CENPQ Details
AGBL2 Details
VSIG10L Details
DOCK4 Details
ARHGAP25 Details
RASGRP1 Details
IAH1 Details
TAFA2 Details
TRMT61B Details
KCTD7 Details
MUC22 Details
HDAC4 Details
EFCAB13 Details
PPT1 Details
WDR90 Details
CCSER2 Details
SRP68 Details
GPR143 Details
MPHOSPH9 Details
CABS1 Details
ANK2 Details
ACAN Details
CEL Details
ZCCHC14 Details
AP3D1 Details
SIGLEC9 Details
SCUBE1 Details
OR10R2 Details
MUC5B Details
FOXA2 Details
AKAP13 Details
FBXO31 Details
CHRNA6 Details
DYNC2H1 Details
SLC22A11 Details
DAPP1 Details
SIN3A Details
IGSF10 Details
IREB2 Details
NKD1 Details
XKR8 Details
LPIN3 Details
MYDGF Details
SLC13A4 Details
RB1CC1 Details
EDA2R Details
NDST2 Details
MMP10 Details
RAPGEF5 Details
CYP4F11 Details
OR4C12 Details
CEP290 Details
CSMD1 Details
TP73 Details
GCNT4 Details
PID1 Details
STK31 Details
OBSCN Details
MAP4K1 Details
SNHG28 Details
MCHR1 Details
CFTR Details
EPPK1 Details
SYNGR4 Details
SV2B Details
SLC45A2 Details
FTSJ3 Details
RPTOR Details
SCP2 Details
ROBO3 Details
PACRGL Details
NOL10 Details
OR51B6 Details
TDG Details
RNF215 Details
SRR Details
CLCN2 Details
SLC4A10 Details
ZNF813 Details
PDIA6 Details
SYNJ2 Details
CEACAM8 Details
CD36 Details
TBC1D4 Details
PRAMEF11 Details
GALNT17 Details
ROPN1L Details
PCDHGB7 Details
TMEM178A Details
NLN Details
RP1 Details
ABTB2 Details
CNOT10 Details