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Mutated genes for cell-line HS746T
This collection contains 554 mutated genes for the cell-line HS746T_STOMACH (alias HS746T) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000616). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Gastric Cancer" with the subtype "Adenocarcinoma".
The collection currently contains 554 proteins.
# Protein Links
MT-CO3 Details
NAMPT Details
UBE4B Details
DCHS1 Details
DKK3 Details
ANKAR Details
ZNF804A Details
ZNF25 Details
GPR101 Details
SLC39A7 Details
MYO1H Details
ZC3H11A Details
OR1F1 Details
BSDC1 Details
VIRMA Details
PHIP Details
PTBP2 Details
STAT4 Details
CHP2 Details
CLIP1 Details
NCOA6 Details
KRTAP21-1 Details
MED12 Details
ZNF564 Details
FRY Details
DNAI4 Details
SI Details
SETD1B Details
USP4 Details
SMC2 Details
NOC2L Details
IGFALS Details
SLC37A2 Details
DNAH5 Details
UNC5C Details
GNA12 Details
SLC38A5 Details
PDZRN4 Details
OR2Y1 Details
KRTAP9-2 Details
DLL4 Details
RP1L1 Details
KDR Details
OAS3 Details
CDH8 Details
CDX2 Details
PIWIL1 Details
HLA-DOB Details
MFGE8 Details
BCL2 Details
PCDH11X Details
TMEM176B Details
TONSL Details
MYT1L Details
ADGRL4 Details
PCDHA4 Details
CACNA1E Details
VIT Details
SPRED1 Details
LPIN1 Details
TTN Details
SRGAP1 Details
VARS1 Details
SLC5A9 Details
PCDHB1 Details
VGLL1 Details
CEP97 Details
MATK Details
NDUFB8 Details
PAQR9 Details
SRRM4 Details
XYLT1 Details
USP9X Details
PGLYRP2 Details
TGM3 Details
ZC3H12D Details
GPR153 Details
MKRN3 Details
EVX2 Details
OR2C3 Details
KCNA5 Details
ANKS1A Details
ANKFN1 Details
MMD2 Details
ENPP2 Details
DAND5 Details
LRRC72 Details
VCPIP1 Details
PRUNE2 Details
FAT2 Details
CCDC83 Details
IBTK Details
OR5M11 Details
CAMKK2 Details
NPAP1 Details
NYNRIN Details
GPRIN2 Details
LRIT1 Details
NAV3 Details
DSC3 Details
SEL1L2 Details
MYH4 Details
ZNF709 Details
MEGF8 Details
CEP126 Details
DMTF1 Details
ACACA Details
PUS7 Details
ATRNL1 Details
MTDH Details
PPHLN1 Details
HSPG2 Details
LRRTM4 Details
CACNG7 Details
EXOC2 Details
P3H4 Details
VPS4A Details
PTCHD4 Details
CST4 Details
ARHGAP35 Details
MS4A18 Details
KNOP1 Details
SAFB2 Details
CDC16 Details
PTGIS Details
DECR2 Details
CNFN Details
ARID1A Details
NNT Details
XCR1 Details
RFX6 Details
CTSA Details
PPP4R4 Details
ZNF568 Details
PLIN2 Details
DACH1 Details
SLC5A12 Details
TRAPPC13 Details
PIAS2 Details
AP5B1 Details
CBLN4 Details
PANK2 Details
ABCC3 Details
TF Details
RMDN3 Details
ZNF862 Details
CSMD2 Details
APC Details
SNAP25 Details
LRRC4C Details
DAXX Details
ACE Details
PTPRG Details
ADAM15 Details
VPS8 Details
TMEM209 Details
CLOCK Details
WDR59 Details
AGMO Details
LRP2 Details
TSTD1 Details
INKA2 Details
SMCO2 Details
SCN7A Details
ABCA12 Details
PCDH1 Details
GATM Details
RYR2 Details
NUTM2G Details
SLC7A9 Details
HMMR Details
DCUN1D2 Details
SMURF1 Details
TSHZ3 Details
EEPD1 Details
FLVCR2 Details
KIR3DL1 Details
KAAG1 Details
TRPV5 Details
IKBKB Details
CHST13 Details
MINAR1 Details
NID2 Details
MALT1 Details
NUDT13 Details
FRMD3 Details
PZP Details
ABCC8 Details
TMSB4X Details
C1orf94 Details
SIGLEC8 Details
VENTX Details
CADPS2 Details
NSD1 Details
C22orf42 Details
C7 Details
LILRA2 Details
CHID1 Details
PHF21B Details
MARVELD3 Details
DDX60L Details
CAPN12 Details
MMGT1 Details
SLITRK2 Details
EIF3D Details
GALNS Details
MRPS15 Details
FER1L6 Details
FBXO40 Details
KATNIP Details
BRCA1 Details
TMEM132C Details
USP29 Details
COPE Details
MROH2B Details
LILRA4 Details
FLG Details
CCDC91 Details
FHIT Details
ZBTB32 Details
FAM76A Details
PREPL Details
NUDCD1 Details
IGSF21 Details
LAMC3 Details
ZNF521 Details
GPC6 Details
WNT8B Details
GPHN Details
HS3ST2 Details
MYH2 Details
ADCY2 Details
DTNA Details
ADAMTS12 Details
LSM12 Details
DBN1 Details
ARMC3 Details
TMEM109 Details
LRPPRC Details
ADAMTS5 Details
ARHGEF40 Details
KIFBP Details
SLC38A8 Details
PIGT Details
ABCA5 Details
SEMA6D Details
MUC6 Details
RBFOX1 Details
PRSS36 Details
ZBTB20 Details
NCAPD3 Details
CA10 Details
FNDC1 Details
HAO1 Details
MDM1 Details
OR52B4 Details
FAM181A Details
FAM47C Details
ANKK1 Details
OR4D9 Details
DST Details
ZBTB41 Details
PROX1 Details
STYXL2 Details
PSEN1 Details
SETBP1 Details
C22orf34 Details
MUC12 Details
CEP170 Details
FBXO30 Details
NACA Details
MTUS2 Details
OTOG Details
CLPTM1L Details
MYH6 Details
ACVR1 Details
HLA-F Details
COL15A1 Details
RNF213 Details
EFCAB5 Details
TACC1 Details
PCDHGA9 Details
SSBP1 Details
AGO4 Details
KANK1 Details
IL21R Details
CYP4F22 Details
OR5K3 Details
OR13G1 Details
TMEM179 Details
CLEC4F Details
FOXN4 Details
NDUFB11 Details
SCN1A Details
MAP3K15 Details
FSIP2 Details
TEKT4 Details
SLC22A3 Details
RHOD Details
IL16 Details
KLHL24 Details
VCAN Details
TBXT Details
TTC9B Details
INPPL1 Details
GOLGA1 Details
SEPHS2 Details
VWDE Details
PLEKHH2 Details
EPB41L2 Details
DPYD Details
PRRC2A Details
SPG21 Details
METTL15 Details
ALKBH6 Details
ANAPC5 Details
OR7G3 Details
ZFHX4 Details
SLC8A1 Details
IDE Details
RHOT2 Details
CCDC168 Details
ZNF780A Details
SEPTIN14 Details
ZFP62 Details
SYT2 Details
ZNF407 Details
LRRC53 Details
HSPA2 Details
PCDHA9 Details
TLR2 Details
VARS2 Details
B3GAT1 Details
LTBP4 Details
OR4C16 Details
MT-ND5 Details
AGBL1 Details
CYP3A4 Details
VANGL1 Details
CCR1 Details
RNF150 Details
COLEC12 Details
CACNA1F Details
DDHD1 Details
DZANK1 Details
DIDO1 Details
GCGR Details
SMO Details
SAGE1 Details
SPTAN1 Details
TGM6 Details
SNTG1 Details
APOBR Details
IGSF9B Details
EXD3 Details
PPP1R21 Details
CEP63 Details
RPRM Details
GRM8 Details
RANBP10 Details
XKR7 Details
ZRANB3 Details
SCARA5 Details
WDR45B Details
RIMBP2 Details
ZSCAN23 Details
PCDHB11 Details
HEPACAM2 Details
PCDHB15 Details
INTS2 Details
DCAF8L2 Details
SHANK1 Details
ZNF273 Details
SLC13A3 Details
MAP4K3 Details
ZNF436 Details
PCDHB5 Details
ZNF114 Details
TRPS1 Details
LRFN5 Details
PPP4R3A Details
FAM149B1 Details
XDH Details
ZNF221 Details
COL10A1 Details
LARGE1 Details
MET Details
DEFB116 Details
PATE2 Details
MUC17 Details
CCDC160 Details
PDCD6 Details
EPHA7 Details
SLC9A9 Details
C8orf37 Details
ERO1A Details
SH2B2 Details
GRB10 Details
DCAF6 Details
CPXM1 Details
OR4A5 Details
LARS1 Details
SLF2 Details
HTT Details
PAPPA2 Details
EPHA5 Details
PTPRT Details
COCH Details
PLEKHG1 Details
ZNF516 Details
C8orf87 Details
SELENBP1 Details
NT5DC4 Details
GAB4 Details
PSG5 Details
ZNF141 Details
ITGB2 Details
EPHA6 Details
NBPF12 Details
FAM98A Details
UNC5A Details
OSBPL10 Details
DYDC2 Details
ATRN Details
MDN1 Details
POM121C Details
CHRNA7 Details
CEP295 Details
ALLC Details
APMAP Details
NCOA2 Details
BRAP Details
P2RX5 Details
UGT2B4 Details
RIN2 Details
SYCP2L Details
ENPEP Details
GTF2A1 Details
DMD Details
NEBL Details
CCDC149 Details
DENND4C Details
ICOSLG Details
LPIN2 Details
NSD3 Details
ADNP2 Details
SYNM Details
OR4A15 Details
MTMR14 Details
MUC5B Details
GRM2 Details
COL11A1 Details
FOXA2 Details
PKD2L1 Details
ADCY5 Details
RGS3 Details
SNRNP40 Details
OR4M2 Details
DGKQ Details
SPTBN2 Details
ARHGAP5 Details
STT3A Details
HFM1 Details
TMPRSS11F Details
MARCKS Details
PLEC Details
ALPK3 Details
FHOD1 Details
OR5J2 Details
AOC1 Details
DNAH12 Details
ERN2 Details
GTF2A1L Details
CTSS Details
KMT2C Details
MFSD1 Details
MYT1 Details
NLRP12 Details
EIF2AK2 Details
RBM6 Details
DNAH9 Details
GALNT15 Details
SBF2 Details
FAM98B Details
MYO18B Details
AMER3 Details
HERC2 Details
OR4C3 Details
TAGLN3 Details
SIDT1 Details
ADGRA1 Details
IRF2BP1 Details
AKR1C3 Details
UMOD Details
NAA60 Details
MEOX2 Details
THSD7B Details
KIAA2013 Details
TNRC18 Details
CNOT9 Details
PPOX Details
FANCG Details
BRMS1L Details
MYL1 Details
KCNG1 Details
C10orf55 Details
ZNF488 Details
TRMT61A Details
KIF5C Details
GRIN3A Details
TNPO2 Details
RPTOR Details
CACNA1B Details
NAMPTP1 Details
IRS4 Details
KPNA1 Details
CHN1 Details
CD5L Details
TP53 Details
MKI67 Details
FLRT2 Details
CDX4 Details
HSPA12A Details
ZNF707 Details
EML1 Details
C2CD4D Details
ARHGAP4 Details
LAMA1 Details
BRI3BP Details
BTNL3 Details
NETO1 Details
HMCN1 Details
PDIA6 Details
CHST2 Details
KCNQ1 Details
ASZ1 Details
ADCY3 Details
PSMD13 Details
PHOX2A Details
TNFRSF13B Details
SEMA5A Details
GOLGA6A Details
CATSPER1 Details
PALD1 Details
VPS18 Details
ITIH1 Details
FAM110B Details
WHRN Details
PCDHGB7 Details
TLE1 Details
PNPLA7 Details