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Mutated genes for cell-line M14
This collection contains 1383 mutated genes for the cell-line M14_SKIN (alias M14) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-002159). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Skin Cancer" with the subtype "Melanoma, amelanotic".
The collection currently contains 885 proteins.
# Protein Links
KLHL2 Details
SH2D1B Details
HMGCS2 Details
FAM47B Details
ZFAT Details
SCRIB Details
GAS2 Details
POU2F2 Details
TTBK1 Details
FAM120B Details
PRKCB Details
BTN3A1 Details
TRABD2A Details
GPR101 Details
MZF1 Details
DOCK3 Details
ABCA13 Details
TGM4 Details
ZNF711 Details
NALCN Details
DCAF4 Details
SLC9A4 Details
PSD4 Details
GPR148 Details
UCKL1 Details
TAF1 Details
RSAD1 Details
FAM90A1 Details
CEACAM1 Details
ZSCAN32 Details
FMO2 Details
CSK Details
MT-CYB Details
OR10D3 Details
NCOA6 Details
PPRC1 Details
PREB Details
MYH1 Details
HTR4 Details
SPTBN1 Details
SYNE1 Details
XIRP1 Details
PNKD Details
SI Details
OR2V2 Details
NCAM2 Details
SEZ6L2 Details
EIF2AK4 Details
C6orf52 Details
PALLD Details
SETD1B Details
ADGRL2 Details
DGAT2L6 Details
DMBT1 Details
HCN1 Details
FMO3 Details
ATP1A3 Details
TRIM67 Details
KCNT2 Details
CHRNA9 Details
DNAH14 Details
MYO18A Details
GJA8 Details
LRP10 Details
INPP5D Details
MYH15 Details
LAMB2 Details
GLIPR1L1 Details
NEFM Details
SLC37A2 Details
ZFYVE16 Details
ZNF831 Details
UTP4 Details
DNAH5 Details
R3HDM1 Details
CLTCL1 Details
LILRA5 Details
UNC5C Details
FCRL6 Details
CRYGA Details
HIVEP1 Details
CAPN13 Details
FEZ1 Details
TAF1L Details
MTNR1B Details
GNA12 Details
ATP2B3 Details
HELB Details
KCNC2 Details
NIPSNAP1 Details
COL20A1 Details
XIRP2 Details
SYT10 Details
PI16 Details
ZNF208 Details
HAX1 Details
RAD51AP2 Details
PRMT3 Details
AACS Details
RGS22 Details
SPATA31A6 Details
SHC2 Details
PILRB Details
DIP2A Details
PIEZO2 Details
EPHA4 Details
ZNF341 Details
ADAMTS20 Details
CRB1 Details
ANKLE1 Details
CPA2 Details
RHEBL1 Details
HID1 Details
IPPK Details
ARIH1 Details
USH2A Details
FLG2 Details
GALNT2 Details
VIT Details
OR6A2 Details
SPRED1 Details
TTN Details
KRTAP10-4 Details
SLC5A9 Details
MBOAT2 Details
H4C13 Details
SDK1 Details
OR52M1 Details
MGRN1 Details
GDF15 Details
GSTM5 Details
NGLY1 Details
TOM1 Details
NBPF4 Details
USP9X Details
OR5K1 Details
MUC3A Details
GLI3 Details
OR10J3 Details
UGT2B10 Details
OR5B12 Details
OR51Q1 Details
MYH8 Details
OR7A17 Details
MROH8 Details
TMC3 Details
OR2L2 Details
ANKRD30A Details
PHACTR3 Details
SMAD6 Details
SLC6A5 Details
STS Details
NYAP2 Details
MED23 Details
STAB2 Details
E2F6 Details
NEB Details
PTPN3 Details
ZNF233 Details
KCNK1 Details
ZP4 Details
URB2 Details
PPFIA4 Details
RPAP1 Details
HMCN2 Details
MCF2L2 Details
KCNK13 Details
CCDC146 Details
SDK2 Details
MROH7 Details
THSD4 Details
PSD2 Details
INHA Details
RNF39 Details
SEMA3D Details
MAB21L1 Details
PSMG2 Details
SLAIN1 Details
TRAPPC8 Details
GRAP2 Details
BEX1 Details
PNLIPRP3 Details
GUCY2F Details
HACL1 Details
ATRNL1 Details
SPRY3 Details
CASR Details
IFT122 Details
IGSF5 Details
PCDHGA3 Details
CBLIF Details
ZNF546 Details
ST7 Details
HEATR6 Details
RAB3GAP1 Details
WDR26 Details
METTL2B Details
NYAP1 Details
F5 Details
CALCRL Details
OR2AE1 Details
AKT2 Details
ZNF484 Details
CIC Details
UBN1 Details
PDE8B Details
IZUMO2 Details
NLRC4 Details
EBF1 Details
CYLC1 Details
SLC9C1 Details
ZNF628 Details
MYO5C Details
XCR1 Details
SRGAP3 Details
IL1RL2 Details
KIRREL2 Details
PRDM15 Details
DYSF Details
CDC42EP2 Details
NRXN3 Details
ANPEP Details
ZNF460 Details
SVEP1 Details
OR5H15 Details
CKMT2 Details
DNAH10 Details
LMTK3 Details
PGK2 Details
AP5B1 Details
FREM1 Details
PARP14 Details
ABCC3 Details
DCAF8L1 Details
BRINP2 Details
OR2A5 Details
OR4K13 Details
NAALADL2 Details
TMC2 Details
CSMD2 Details
SPAG5 Details
KIAA1143 Details
ZBTB16 Details
MAGEB18 Details
RFT1 Details
DNAH3 Details
CAMTA1 Details
WSCD2 Details
RNF13 Details
LRRC4C Details
SSC5D Details
PGR Details
OR6K3 Details
SCAF1 Details
LY9 Details
FSD1 Details
MAPT Details
PRR14L Details
TMEM82 Details
SLC16A14 Details
ST6GALNAC4 Details
ATP11A Details
ABLIM2 Details
TMEM132D Details
GLYATL2 Details
STN1 Details
MIS12 Details
SEMA5B Details
ATR Details
SH3TC1 Details
CDC45 Details
PSG11 Details
SLC8A3 Details
SLFN12 Details
NIBAN2 Details
ADGRE1 Details
LRP2 Details
PAH Details
DOK6 Details
CCDC141 Details
MYH11 Details
TFDP1 Details
SCML4 Details
ZNF473 Details
CCDC102B Details
LAIR1 Details
MAP7 Details
CCDC116 Details
SEC31B Details
EPHB3 Details
ABCA12 Details
RBP3 Details
RGPD4 Details
NANOG Details
E2F4 Details
IL1R2 Details
PCDHB10 Details
OR10X1 Details
ZFP2 Details
DAW1 Details
HJV Details
SHBG Details
TSHZ1 Details
DNAJA2 Details
BPIFA1 Details
DMXL1 Details
SDR9C7 Details
WDR31 Details
LYZL4 Details
TMPRSS6 Details
TLL1 Details
KCNRG Details
UVSSA Details
NEXMIF Details
HVCN1 Details
AMBN Details
CR1 Details
MYLK Details
DPP4 Details
OR13C8 Details
TIAM1 Details
PTPRH Details
KRT73 Details
MYO1G Details
DLGAP3 Details
CACNA1I Details
CEP192 Details
ANO7 Details
GPR52 Details
AUTS2 Details
DNAH7 Details
CHST9 Details
DHCR7 Details
PPP1R3A Details
ZNF43 Details
SELE Details
KAT6A Details
COL9A1 Details
POLRMT Details
ZFP28 Details
SUPT7L Details
SLC35E4 Details
GABRE Details
ADAMTS16 Details
CTXN3 Details
OR52L1 Details
ITPRID1 Details
SEC23B Details
ZNF211 Details
ARL6IP5 Details
ADGRG4 Details
TRIM71 Details
KCTD19 Details
YLPM1 Details
ZNF354A Details
OR6K2 Details
ANO5 Details
OR2AK2 Details
KMT2B Details
OR1C1 Details
ZFHX2 Details
ADAMTS9 Details
STAT1 Details
RYR3 Details
BHLHE40 Details
DDX60L Details
FAT4 Details
ABCC11 Details
EFHC2 Details
OR5AC2 Details
CTNND2 Details
GRM3 Details
SORL1 Details
TNNI3K Details
ACTL7B Details
STON1 Details
DDX58 Details
LHFPL4 Details
RERE Details
SMAP2 Details
LRRC8A Details
AK7 Details
CKM Details
ARHGAP15 Details
NBEA Details
DNAAF6 Details
NPAS3 Details
FER1L6 Details
PRMT2 Details
TBC1D9 Details
CWF19L2 Details
ARL14 Details
TRPM6 Details
MARS1 Details
LILRA4 Details
LHCGR Details
FCRL5 Details
ATP12A Details
IL36B Details
VWA8 Details
TLR6 Details
FAM71A Details
PLCD3 Details
ODF4 Details
ADAMTS6 Details
SOGA3 Details
ADGRB3 Details
HMGCLL1 Details
CEACAM5 Details
NLRP13 Details
ACSM5 Details
IGSF21 Details
LAMC3 Details
ZNF562 Details
WDR27 Details
SACS Details
OR5P3 Details
IYD Details
PCDH15 Details
SWT1 Details
MYH2 Details
ADCY2 Details
COL2A1 Details
TSPOAP1 Details
TULP1 Details
EVC Details
RLF Details
DUOX2 Details
CNBD2 Details
RGS17 Details
WDR7 Details
MPPED1 Details
BTN1A1 Details
AP1G1 Details
TANC2 Details
LETM2 Details
SLIT3 Details
WDR93 Details
RIMS1 Details
DAB2IP Details
NLRP8 Details
TNXB Details
TESK1 Details
GPALPP1 Details
CACNA2D3 Details
TMEM51 Details
RBFOX1 Details
PTCRA Details
DENND6B Details
UBE3C Details
SPTBN4 Details
MFN1 Details
FNDC1 Details
ARAP2 Details
LRRC49 Details
PRPS1L1 Details
OTOP2 Details
TULP4 Details
ADGRV1 Details
PPM1N Details
MAP1A Details
FLT3 Details
TACR3 Details
SERINC3 Details
INSL4 Details
VCX Details
SNX5 Details
CCER1 Details
HGD Details
ELAPOR2 Details
CHST8 Details
AKR1D1 Details
RBBP6 Details
MRPL48 Details
TAF3 Details
LRRIQ4 Details
POLE3 Details
CMYA5 Details
STYXL2 Details
UBQLNL Details
PLIN4 Details
GRIA2 Details
CEP170 Details
LRRN2 Details
CD38 Details
SGO2 Details
PADI4 Details
ADGRA2 Details
PCNX2 Details
TIMP3 Details
RFPL3 Details
NPTX2 Details
PKD1L1 Details
DPPA3 Details
ERCC2 Details
SAMD7 Details
ACAD11 Details
CNTNAP1 Details
HS6ST1 Details
ZNF395 Details
PROM2 Details
ADGRG6 Details
PTPRN2 Details
PCARE Details
URB1 Details
SPTA1 Details
FRK Details
IL21R Details
FOXJ1 Details
PTGFRN Details
CCDC97 Details
CYP4F22 Details
DAGLA Details
BRD3 Details
VPS13D Details
EEFSEC Details
PCDHB6 Details
KLHL13 Details
ATG2A Details
FSIP2 Details
SHANK2 Details
SLITRK5 Details
MEGF10 Details
CAPN5 Details
VCAN Details
INPPL1 Details
TRPC6 Details
DEFB105A Details
JARID2 Details
UNC13B Details
DNER Details
NBR1 Details
MAF Details
APBB2 Details
EPYC Details
DCC Details
TIE1 Details
KDM5A Details
EOMES Details
OR5I1 Details
ZNRF4 Details
KL Details
PRRC2A Details
HRNR Details
TMEM45B Details
ANKFY1 Details
UNC13C Details
ALS2CL Details
METTL15 Details
DCAF12L2 Details
CLK2 Details
TDRD12 Details
STMN2 Details
TMCC3 Details
ASXL3 Details
NRXN2 Details
ASB15 Details
SP140 Details
NCOA5 Details
OR1L3 Details
CRIPT Details
ITPKC Details
MTMR4 Details
PICK1 Details
SPHKAP Details
NNMT Details
SGSM1 Details
ZFR2 Details
MRPL51 Details
AVL9 Details
TLR2 Details
ROR2 Details
SPATA31E1 Details
GJA5 Details
DPP10 Details
ERC1 Details
OR4D1 Details
OR4C13 Details
AGBL1 Details
CCR1 Details
SLC7A1 Details
TEX10 Details
CDC42EP1 Details
SPAG9 Details
RAD54L2 Details
ACOT11 Details
WRNIP1 Details
KIAA1549 Details
PREX2 Details
HK3 Details
TRIM21 Details
STEAP4 Details
AGL Details
SLC39A12 Details
CYP2S1 Details
DBNL Details
EXD3 Details
BCAR1 Details
AFF2 Details
OR10G7 Details
SORCS3 Details
RING1 Details
ZNF638 Details
GRM8 Details
GALNT8 Details
PHTF2 Details
OR52E2 Details
CYP4X1 Details
IFT88 Details
CTNNBL1 Details
ADGRF5 Details
CRNKL1 Details
IFNLR1 Details
GABRG1 Details
DCUN1D4 Details
KLHL33 Details
PTPRB Details
SRRT Details
KCNJ5 Details
NEO1 Details
EHMT2 Details
RIMBP2 Details
KRT8 Details
ZNF765 Details
GNPTAB Details
GIMAP2 Details
SPATA2 Details
PARVG Details
KHDRBS2 Details
HEPACAM2 Details
PEX5L Details
COL7A1 Details
SHANK1 Details
AURKA Details
NPR3 Details
PRKAA1 Details
CR1L Details
CA5A Details
ADD2 Details
WDR91 Details
DDB1 Details
PLCB1 Details
RTL1 Details
SPEN Details
OR2L3 Details
STON2 Details
HUWE1 Details
CDKN2A Details
KCNH2 Details
SLC25A32 Details
NEDD9 Details
CFL1 Details
FILIP1L Details
GOLGA6B Details
CCT8L2 Details
MUC17 Details
NEK8 Details
HYDIN Details
USP24 Details
SLC9A2 Details
SULT1E1 Details
KCNA2 Details
LILRA1 Details
FERMT1 Details
ZNF528 Details
ERMP1 Details
HTT Details
ZNF148 Details
TMPRSS12 Details
OR10G9 Details
NSUN2 Details
SPINK5 Details
DYRK1B Details
RASGRP1 Details
SELENBP1 Details
ADAMTS4 Details
COL8A1 Details
BDKRB2 Details
KANK4 Details
OR8I2 Details
VPS13C Details
PSMC3IP Details
KIR3DL2 Details
USHBP1 Details
CYB5RL Details
ARHGAP20 Details
EPHA6 Details
SEC14L5 Details
TLN1 Details
LRP4 Details
NCR3LG1 Details
NFATC2 Details
OR6N1 Details
LYPD6B Details
CHRNA7 Details
SCN3A Details
MSLN Details
IFNB1 Details
KRT1 Details
NBPF3 Details
PRLH Details
MID2 Details
SIM2 Details
NXPH1 Details
TAF8 Details
MT-CO1 Details
OR10G8 Details
KRT10 Details
DMD Details
SH3GL3 Details
ATXN7L3 Details
SCN2A Details
NEBL Details
CALR3 Details
BARHL2 Details
NSF Details
MT-ND6 Details
TNN Details
TRIM51 Details
MCOLN1 Details
ABCB6 Details
CNDP1 Details
ARHGAP8 Details
TSPO2 Details
CCDC158 Details
ARL15 Details
COL11A1 Details
NOTCH2 Details
ASTL Details
KLF7 Details
KLHL6 Details
OR6M1 Details
PRR23C Details
PRDM9 Details
MRPL47 Details
PALM2AKAP2 Details
UGT3A2 Details
DYNC2H1 Details
BCAS4 Details
LRRCC1 Details
IGSF10 Details
ALPK3 Details
GRHL3 Details
DSE Details
GPR174 Details
SEC24D Details
PLCH1 Details
UTP20 Details
COL6A5 Details
HEPHL1 Details
HELZ2 Details
CHD2 Details
ZNF527 Details
MMP10 Details
SIPA1L3 Details
ATG9B Details
CYP4F11 Details
LRRC1 Details
ALDH1A1 Details
FASN Details
KMT2C Details
ZSCAN2 Details
MYT1 Details
AXIN1 Details
DNAH9 Details
CSMD1 Details
NOTCH4 Details
CARD11 Details
MBNL1 Details
PLSCR5 Details
CNTF Details
AIG1 Details
OR2G6 Details
ITPR2 Details
AMER3 Details
IL18 Details
H6PD Details
TEX15 Details
SOX30 Details
OR4C3 Details
SCN9A Details
KRTAP10-10 Details
POPDC2 Details
PLD2 Details
OBSCN Details
GPRIN1 Details
TRIM66 Details
SNHG28 Details
KCNS2 Details
OR8G5 Details
PLXNA4 Details
SP140L Details
RYR1 Details
CALCR Details
CNTNAP4 Details
ANO3 Details
TMEM268 Details
RHOH Details
FRAS1 Details
SGPP2 Details
ASTN2 Details
C19orf18 Details
AFF1 Details
EIF4G1 Details
MAEA Details
CTBS Details
CRTAM Details
ZPBP Details
CATSPER3 Details
FABP2 Details
ETV2 Details
PASK Details
IRS4 Details
ENPP1 Details
CLEC4C Details
PSME4 Details
TNIP1 Details
TAAR2 Details
FBH1 Details
IL37 Details
NELL1 Details
NTRK2 Details
NUP210 Details
TP53 Details
LONP2 Details
ZBTB8B Details
ADAMTS13 Details
ZNF404 Details
UBE2J2 Details
CYP4F2 Details
LCP2 Details
TMC1 Details
SLC26A7 Details
POLQ Details
SIAH3 Details
SORBS1 Details
FADS3 Details
TAF6 Details
PCDH10 Details
WNT8A Details
MAGI1 Details
IFNA14 Details
CNTNAP2 Details
CDYL2 Details
PRICKLE2 Details
CILP2 Details
OR52I1 Details
CPD Details
ZNF69 Details
NETO1 Details
CCKBR Details
CUX2 Details
F7 Details
BRINP3 Details
KCNQ2 Details
TRHDE Details
TRAPPC9 Details
TECPR2 Details
C5orf15 Details
KIF27 Details
PTPRQ Details
F13A1 Details
PRAMEF11 Details
TRMT13 Details
TIGIT Details
DOCK1 Details
OR6C74 Details
ZNF502 Details
ABCB11 Details
CD244 Details
KNDC1 Details
PCDHGB7 Details
SEPTIN6 Details
TOPAZ1 Details
PADI2 Details
WDR72 Details
DSCAM Details
WDR87 Details
SH2D3C Details
RP1 Details