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Mutated genes for cell-line COLO680N
This collection contains 462 mutated genes for the cell-line COLO680N_OESOPHAGUS (alias COLO680N) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000717). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Esophageal Cancer" with the subtype "Squamous Cell Carcinoma".
The collection currently contains 462 proteins.
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MAP2K2 Details
RNF144A Details
GTF3C1 Details
IFNGR1 Details
DCHS1 Details
KIF18B Details
OR13C9 Details
GPT2 Details
ZNF292 Details
PROS1 Details
AHSA1 Details
MYO3B Details
TOP2B Details
ANKDD1B Details
TTLL8 Details
SPATA31D1 Details
PTGES3 Details
ESPL1 Details
RHBDF1 Details
UBAP2L Details
IL6R Details
MEIS1 Details
SYNE1 Details
LZTS2 Details
PLCE1 Details
SI Details
EVC2 Details
NACC1 Details
ARHGAP42 Details
TRIM32 Details
C6orf52 Details
TCHH Details
GNPAT Details
PMFBP1 Details
GALNTL6 Details
SON Details
NLGN1 Details
AP5S1 Details
TSPAN11 Details
CLN5 Details
OR8B2 Details
IL31RA Details
DUSP16 Details
USP10 Details
SKOR1 Details
THAP9 Details
XIRP2 Details
HMBOX1 Details
DDX10 Details
PILRB Details
ZNF727 Details
PACSIN3 Details
COL19A1 Details
GOLGA8K Details
SGPP1 Details
CDH8 Details
RAD17 Details
USH2A Details
IFT80 Details
PCDH11X Details
NRAP Details
GRWD1 Details
NUP160 Details
FAT3 Details
TFAM Details
PRIM2 Details
OR5R1 Details
ADAM18 Details
CEP78 Details
ZNF585B Details
MYOM1 Details
BTK Details
CTBP2 Details
ECM1 Details
EDEM1 Details
MT-ND1 Details
ADAMTS8 Details
PIK3R4 Details
PDCD10 Details
CDH4 Details
PHACTR3 Details
SLC6A5 Details
USF3 Details
CDC42BPA Details
SCN4A Details
NBPF11 Details
ALMS1 Details
ARMCX1 Details
ATP7B Details
INPP4B Details
PRUNE2 Details
ASXL1 Details
OR5M11 Details
IFRD1 Details
VSIG4 Details
MAMDC4 Details
NFKBIE Details
JAK2 Details
PNLIPRP3 Details
ZNF79 Details
ZNHIT6 Details
GUCY2F Details
ADTRP Details
CSRNP2 Details
LYST Details
DRD4 Details
HEATR6 Details
SZT2 Details
MYO9A Details
PTGIS Details
TRIM63 Details
CD1A Details
LRRN1 Details
SLC15A3 Details
COP1 Details
PYGM Details
OR5B2 Details
SVEP1 Details
ITGB6 Details
DGKD Details
SLC25A4 Details
SDE2 Details
OR8J1 Details
CDHR2 Details
SLC7A7 Details
SYT12 Details
PCDHGA12 Details
LINC00999 Details
RETSAT Details
FGF19 Details
PAX8 Details
CLEC14A Details
IPO4 Details
ARHGEF17 Details
SSMEM1 Details
ZBBX Details
IGSF9 Details
DTL Details
CFAP65 Details
MERTK Details
PIWIL4 Details
ADAMTS2 Details
NIBAN2 Details
LRP2 Details
ZFPL1 Details
PTPN11 Details
RGPD4 Details
KRT33A Details
BANP Details
IL1R2 Details
LGR5 Details
ZCCHC18 Details
UBR4 Details
GOLGA3 Details
DPP4 Details
ZNF835 Details
TEX14 Details
RIN1 Details
FOXC1 Details
CD37 Details
MYO1C Details
ADAMTS16 Details
TBX4 Details
DNAJC28 Details
PRDM10 Details
ZNF676 Details
LAMA4 Details
PCDHGA11 Details
YLPM1 Details
ZDHHC11B Details
UBA2 Details
H2AC8 Details
MNT Details
OR2AK2 Details
ACOT12 Details
MEP1B Details
NSD1 Details
ANGEL1 Details
PDX1 Details
C7 Details
OR1C1 Details
RYR3 Details
PTPN13 Details
CTAGE8 Details
RBM26 Details
ORC5 Details
CTNND2 Details
LRRIQ1 Details
KIAA1107 Details
KCNJ12 Details
EIF3D Details
LRRC8A Details
GDPD4 Details
AK7 Details
DPY19L2 Details
TG Details
ARMCX4 Details
CYP2B6 Details
GOLGA8A Details
RIF1 Details
MT-ND4 Details
MROH2B Details
KRT31 Details
TSPAN12 Details
SRFBP1 Details
ADAMTS18 Details
CHD6 Details
THAP12 Details
JAGN1 Details
TET3 Details
CHD1 Details
VEGFB Details
ERCC3 Details
ZNHIT2 Details
TOP3B Details
KCNH6 Details
MYH2 Details
SLCO2B1 Details
EPHB2 Details
MYBBP1A Details
NOMO2 Details
OTX1 Details
ADD1 Details
NPR1 Details
NEIL3 Details
KIF23 Details
WDR5B Details
ADAM12 Details
DUOXA2 Details
LAMB1 Details
CMAS Details
KCTD9 Details
GPRC5D Details
LGALS7B Details
MAP4K5 Details
LTBP3 Details
SLC18A3 Details
POLD2 Details
ZNF408 Details
TFAP2D Details
GOLGA8B Details
ATM Details
EIF2S1 Details
FLII Details
ZNF232 Details
ADGRV1 Details
FSCB Details
SKIL Details
CCL17 Details
OR52B4 Details
PARP15 Details
RECQL Details
TM2D3 Details
NOTCH3 Details
INSRR Details
COL5A3 Details
TRIM23 Details
DST Details
HLA-G Details
ALDOB Details
CEP170 Details
POLR3B Details
TEKT3 Details
PTGR2 Details
IWS1 Details
PPM1F Details
ZFC3H1 Details
JUNB Details
FCRL4 Details
CNBD1 Details
ZNF33A Details
SPIRE1 Details
UNC13B Details
PLEKHH2 Details
TAMM41 Details
FOXD3 Details
ZFHX4 Details
ADGRL1 Details
OR2H1 Details
ACTN2 Details
MSL1 Details
EMC1 Details
NDNF Details
SLC29A3 Details
BCL9L Details
KMT2D Details
MTMR4 Details
HNRNPU Details
TLR2 Details
PATZ1 Details
BDP1 Details
UBR5 Details
KLHL42 Details
ITGA1 Details
LRRFIP1 Details
SLC19A3 Details
PREX2 Details
FOXI2 Details
SERPINA7 Details
SORCS3 Details
OR52E2 Details
IL17RA Details
CAPN2 Details
CPEB3 Details
SYT16 Details
HEPACAM2 Details
NRK Details
SHANK1 Details
C17orf97 Details
FAHD1 Details
SPEN Details
MUC4 Details
PTPN18 Details
MUC17 Details
LIG1 Details
SLC9A9 Details
OXCT2 Details
GYG2 Details
TBX2 Details
FBXO41 Details
ADAM29 Details
PAPPA2 Details
OR10A6 Details
ECT2 Details
C12orf40 Details
PPM1L Details
THBS1 Details
HEATR1 Details
ZNF679 Details
PRSS21 Details
UBE2K Details
OR8I2 Details
LINC01548 Details
NRIP1 Details
DPEP3 Details
ZNF492 Details
TRIM41 Details
MDN1 Details
RNF38 Details
CEP295 Details
FCAR Details
METTL3 Details
PCDHGA4 Details
TMTC1 Details
CD109 Details
MT-ND6 Details
RSPO4 Details
SIRT3 Details
ZNF678 Details
CLEC18A Details
S100A3 Details
IFI6 Details
NARS2 Details
MUC5B Details
COL11A1 Details
STK32A Details
ZIM2 Details
ZNF177 Details
GYS1 Details
ZBTB4 Details
GOLGA8T Details
CDK13 Details
PIP4K2B Details
PLEC Details
MYO10 Details
SSRP1 Details
ANKRD26 Details
COL3A1 Details
HIPK2 Details
NPC2 Details
WDR13 Details
COL21A1 Details
A2M Details
MAPKBP1 Details
LMLN Details
PPP6R3 Details
ASMTL Details
PLA2R1 Details
CCDC90B Details
SPPL3 Details
SPG7 Details
PIWIL3 Details
GIMAP4 Details
MDH2 Details
SLC29A1 Details
ALG6 Details
SBF2 Details
TMOD1 Details
OSBP2 Details
RBPJ Details
LMBRD2 Details
AMER3 Details
LANCL2 Details
ZNF589 Details
GGT6 Details
CHD9 Details
ADNP Details
CAD Details
POLR2J3 Details
OBSCN Details
SKIV2L Details
ODF3B Details
TNFRSF1A Details
RNFT1 Details
MS4A13 Details
NAA60 Details
KCNC3 Details
FAM184A Details
CREM Details
SET Details
DYNC1H1 Details
MCM10 Details
LRRC30 Details
ZBTB14 Details
PRPF31 Details
RPTOR Details
CRAMP1 Details
TNS4 Details
CARD14 Details
MTMR8 Details
NBEAL2 Details
ITPRID2 Details
FLNA Details
AMBRA1 Details
RASGRP4 Details
TP53 Details
MKI67 Details
ARMC8 Details
AP3B1 Details
POLQ Details
FAM193B Details
GANAB Details
TAF6 Details
TMC5 Details
LAMA1 Details
CNTNAP2 Details
IDH3G Details
ZFPM1 Details
DNHD1 Details
GSAP Details
NSUN6 Details
SLC4A10 Details
OASL Details
HMCN1 Details
GOLGA8IP Details
TRIM33 Details
CPT1C Details
CBX8 Details
CD248 Details
ZNF420 Details
ATXN7L2 Details
ARHGAP33 Details
TRIM77 Details
TCAF2 Details
OR5D16 Details
ABCB11 Details
NDE1 Details
PTH1R Details
CCNB3 Details
HECW1 Details