Available data Collection details
Essential genes for cell-line BT-474
This collection contains 713 essential genes for the cell-line BT-474.
The collection currently contains 713 proteins.
# Protein Links
COPG2 Details
U2AF2 Details
SARNP Details
WBP11 Details
PPL Details
RPRD1A Details
RSPRY1 Details
PLAGL1 Details
TCOF1 Details
MAPKAPK5 Details
PSMD11 Details
FOXA3 Details
JAK1 Details
SNRPE Details
CCM2 Details
AHR Details
HSPA5 Details
ESPL1 Details
SPINT2 Details
BCL7B Details
MED12 Details
SLC12A2 Details
TUBB Details
MAGED4B Details
EIF3B Details
SEZ6L2 Details
CYP1A2 Details
GPR35 Details
CDA Details
POM121 Details
RPS11 Details
ACOT9 Details
CBFA2T2 Details
RPS9 Details
PCBP4 Details
IQGAP1 Details
CHD1L Details
PPP2R1A Details
HLA-DRB4 Details
COL4A2 Details
TARDBP Details
SFTPB Details
GHRHR Details
CDKL3 Details
NOP2 Details
NOL7 Details
NCEH1 Details
CCDC51 Details
LDHC Details
NDUFB2 Details
ZBTB5 Details
RBM17 Details
SDC4 Details
COPZ1 Details
UBA1 Details
GLDN Details
POLE Details
ZCCHC3 Details
DGKH Details
RPLP2 Details
SERPINB5 Details
HLA-DRB3 Details
SUPT5H Details
DDX18 Details
PRDM16 Details
CRYZ Details
GAGE2C Details
LSM6 Details
KRTAP13-2 Details
COMP Details
BUD31 Details
ULBP3 Details
LMCD1 Details
XAB2 Details
CDC40 Details
HSPE1 Details
STRAP Details
ARIH1 Details
CNPY4 Details
BCL2 Details
PLEKHH1 Details
SMC4 Details
RPP30 Details
ITGA2 Details
IVL Details
CDK7 Details
SPRED1 Details
MED26 Details
TYK2 Details
HNRNPC Details
TPM1 Details
A1CF Details
PAPOLA Details
RPS6 Details
GTF2B Details
TAF2 Details
NGLY1 Details
MGST2 Details
CACYBP Details
TBC1D8 Details
ACP1 Details
SCGB2A1 Details
GPR153 Details
ECM1 Details
RPS5 Details
RPS12 Details
DCTN3 Details
OR8A1 Details
GMPS Details
EIF1AX Details
GOPC Details
COPS2 Details
KCNA1 Details
IL4I1 Details
KRT84 Details
INCENP Details
KCNK1 Details
RPAP1 Details
CDK1 Details
UBB Details
RPSA Details
THSD4 Details
NMBR Details
INTS9 Details
PHB2 Details
CLEC12A Details
TNKS Details
TRPC4AP Details
KRT8P11 Details
RTF1 Details
MYRIP Details
RANBP2 Details
LTK Details
ASGR2 Details
DDX54 Details
NPFFR1 Details
HSPG2 Details
PELP1 Details
CXCL12 Details
SPRY3 Details
DMC1 Details
SIX3 Details
HS3ST4 Details
RCC1 Details
SEC13 Details
ALG10B Details
NXF1 Details
ZNF223 Details
LSM5 Details
TMEM147 Details
CALCRL Details
SAFB2 Details
SLC24A2 Details
RPL36 Details
ATOH8 Details
TRPV6 Details
DDX17 Details
PSMD12 Details
PTCD3 Details
SLC4A1 Details
RPL11 Details
RPS26 Details
TMEM53 Details
ID2 Details
WDR86 Details
CLIP3 Details
EIF3H Details
HAUS3 Details
NUP54 Details
UTP15 Details
AZU1 Details
MIF Details
LARP1 Details
C11orf40 Details
PHB Details
SFPQ Details
SLU7 Details
UBE2Q2 Details
UBE4A Details
IP6K2 Details
RPL17 Details
LRSAM1 Details
ZNF296 Details
MYC Details
ATP6V1G3 Details
CHRNE Details
SNRPD3 Details
EIF3G Details
UBA52 Details
IGFBPL1 Details
POLE4 Details
DIS3 Details
E2F5 Details
COL27A1 Details
RPL35 Details
MB Details
MRPS21 Details
POLA1 Details
EIF3M Details
MCEE Details
OR4K17 Details
PSMB2 Details
VCP Details
GRIN2C Details
ACO2 Details
RPS14 Details
AIRE Details
RPS24 Details
KCNN3 Details
PRPF3 Details
ZNF784 Details
CUL2 Details
PNLIPRP2 Details
TBCD Details
RPL7A Details
PRPF8 Details
LGALS12 Details
ZNF473 Details
SRRM1 Details
NUP88 Details
RGPD4 Details
KRT33A Details
ZNF445 Details
TUBA1C Details
MED7 Details
MYO9B Details
HSF1 Details
RPL9 Details
STK32B Details
GLIPR1L2 Details
PPP3CA Details
SNX3 Details
STK24 Details
CA2 Details
CALY Details
MPP2 Details
RAD9A Details
GPR25 Details
SMN1 Details
EIF4E3 Details
BGLAP Details
GIMAP5 Details
GGA2 Details
SUPV3L1 Details
HKDC1 Details
SF3B1 Details
HNRNPK Details
RPL10A Details
RFTN1 Details
ZFR Details
RPL37A Details
EEF1A1 Details
TFCP2L1 Details
PIK3CA Details
POLRMT Details
CEP152 Details
LYPLA2 Details
NUP98 Details
FAM162A Details
HNRNPM Details
RINT1 Details
PLOD2 Details
TFEC Details
LUC7L3 Details
PI4KAP2 Details
CLTC Details
SNRNP200 Details
RPGRIP1 Details
FOXM1 Details
MEP1B Details
DNTT Details
PHF23 Details
LILRA2 Details
DYNC1I2 Details
KRT6B Details
GRPEL2 Details
NUDT4 Details
RUVBL2 Details
CWC15 Details
DNAJB6 Details
SUPT6H Details
RERG Details
RCOR2 Details
RBM26 Details
DUSP1 Details
EIF3D Details
TMEM33 Details
EIF3A Details
SFTPD Details
SPDYA Details
TSG101 Details
AP2M1 Details
EMX1 Details
FGF13 Details
CSE1L Details
HSPA9 Details
BSND Details
DYNLT3 Details
PFDN6 Details
FNIP1 Details
CDC37 Details
ABAT Details
AKT3 Details
TUBGCP3 Details
FOXF1 Details
KDM5D Details
DUSP13 Details
DSTN Details
PDE4B Details
ZNF747 Details
CD79B Details
SCAMP1 Details
UQCRC1 Details
RPS19 Details
PIK3CB Details
DDX49 Details
OLAH Details
ST8SIA6 Details
TIGD2 Details
PTPN2 Details
RANGRF Details
HIPK3 Details
ARMC1 Details
FN3KRP Details
RALYL Details
AFG3L2 Details
FASTKD5 Details
GPR78 Details
POLR2D Details
FSCN2 Details
EVX1 Details
TFB1M Details
RPL6 Details
MPPED1 Details
FBXO6 Details
RARRES2 Details
C8orf44 Details
MBP Details
PDPK1 Details
HRH1 Details
LY96 Details
COX8C Details
ZRANB2 Details
ATOH7 Details
ZC3H13 Details
SPON1 Details
VWCE Details
MRPL22 Details
TEX11 Details
STAG2 Details
NR1D1 Details
ZDHHC21 Details
TBC1D16 Details
CDCA5 Details
SBF1 Details
UROD Details
DHX37 Details
GMIP Details
PCBP2 Details
CCT7 Details
MRPL2 Details
POLR2A Details
LRRIQ3 Details
CD164L2 Details
PSMD1 Details
GPR31 Details
SNRPD1 Details
SRRM2 Details
WDR77 Details
CDK8 Details
ZNF696 Details
RPL23A Details
PTPN22 Details
XAGE5 Details
STX6 Details
RPS8 Details
RPL24 Details
USP39 Details
C2orf81 Details
WIPI1 Details
NSA2 Details
SNRPG Details
KRT24 Details
MYH9 Details
ANKRA2 Details
ALDOC Details
AQR Details
OSBPL1A Details
ZNRF2 Details
SSBP1 Details
CAV3 Details
FBLN5 Details
ARL1 Details
LCN10 Details
UGT2B17 Details
CCT3 Details
RPL3 Details
CDC5L Details
APOL4 Details
TSTD2 Details
TIAL1 Details
RPSAP58 Details
FOXN4 Details
EIF3F Details
KIF11 Details
RPL5 Details
RPP21 Details
RGS18 Details
ZNF524 Details
CDC23 Details
COPS6 Details
BDKRB1 Details
RPS27A Details
CCR8 Details
RPS29 Details
CEND1 Details
RASL11B Details
CYP26C1 Details
APBB2 Details
RAN Details
PDC Details
COPS8 Details
TLX3 Details
RPS13 Details
COX5A Details
FGF5 Details
THOC7 Details
HLA-DPB1 Details
ERCC6L Details
CDX1 Details
SKAP1 Details
ZNF623 Details
EPHB4 Details
CORO6 Details
TMEM144 Details
TPR Details
NAPG Details
COX11 Details
C1QBP Details
TAS2R40 Details
FCRL2 Details
SMU1 Details
DYNLRB1 Details
MTOR Details
RRM1 Details
ORM2 Details
RNF150 Details
ITPR1 Details
SLC7A1 Details
KCTD6 Details
SNX15 Details
RPL31 Details
U2AF1 Details
FGF4 Details
RPS7 Details
KRR1 Details
UBE2Q2P1 Details
TESC Details
ERBB3 Details
IGFBP2 Details
CYP11B2 Details
PLA2G7 Details
SEC61A1 Details
C1orf141 Details
RPLP0 Details
MED30 Details
APOL2 Details
RPL34 Details
CAPN2 Details
SNRPD2 Details
FNDC7 Details
SRRT Details
DDX46 Details
CNTLN Details
PRPF38A Details
DDR2 Details
SOX6 Details
OSTC Details
PSMA1 Details
PRDM1 Details
TOMM40 Details
ZNF136 Details
ACBD5 Details
EXOSC4 Details
AURKA Details
CD300E Details
SLC17A9 Details
TTC12 Details
PLK1 Details
C16orf72 Details
HNRNPA1 Details
GTF3C4 Details
COPS5 Details
COL10A1 Details
STOML3 Details
TUBA1B Details
OVOL2 Details
PRPF19 Details
RHBDD3 Details
HP Details
SOD1 Details
EIF5B Details
LAG3 Details
NUBPL Details
BIRC6 Details
PCYT2 Details
PSMC3 Details
NPTN Details
PSMC4 Details
RAB5A Details
CASP8AP2 Details
INTS4 Details
POLR2H Details
ECT2 Details
SLC16A7 Details
MAS1L Details
NUP43 Details
ARFGAP3 Details
RPL23 Details
JAG2 Details
SATB1 Details
DUSP7 Details
TOMM5 Details
DHX36 Details
CSNK2A2 Details
EIF3C Details
EFTUD2 Details
KIR3DL2 Details
ANAPC4 Details
GNAI1 Details
STK3 Details
RPL19 Details
RGS13 Details
HMGCL Details
FKBP3 Details
GTF3C3 Details
SERPINA12 Details
MDN1 Details
EXOSC9 Details
YY1 Details
PSMB3 Details
CXXC1 Details
KRT36 Details
SYF2 Details
CFLAR Details
CPVL Details
CMTM3 Details
SIM2 Details
WDR12 Details
FBLN1 Details
METTL3 Details
SPATS1 Details
BAG5 Details
ISCU Details
RPL37 Details
KIR2DS2 Details
KPNB1 Details
GPR143 Details
NDUFB10 Details
TUBGCP4 Details
CHODL Details
AP3D1 Details
ABCB7 Details
PON3 Details
ST6GALNAC3 Details
PRKACA Details
PRPF39 Details
TM9SF3 Details
CHRM1 Details
KRT17 Details
TM4SF19 Details
RPL27 Details
PLA2G4D Details
SIPA1L1 Details
LDLRAP1 Details
SSRP1 Details
RBMX Details
HSDL2 Details
STRBP Details
PTPN9 Details
ERH Details
UTP20 Details
RPS17 Details
DDX41 Details
CPXM2 Details
WDR13 Details
RPS3 Details
GMPPA Details
GGH Details
CENPO Details
NDUFS7 Details
SNW1 Details
NUF2 Details
ALG1L Details
ARL5B Details
ATP1A1 Details
CCL11 Details
WDR92 Details
TRIM11 Details
C12orf66 Details
OR52B6 Details
GPR68 Details
ADAMTS3 Details
RPL18 Details
OR51E2 Details
RPS6KA4 Details
MAT1A Details
TEX15 Details
FZD8 Details
MTA2 Details
HOXA2 Details
NDUFAF1 Details
SF3B2 Details
ZNF132 Details
IL2 Details
TMEM192 Details
PDK4 Details
SPAG11B Details
TMEM87B Details
ADNP Details
ZNF205 Details
COPA Details
REST Details
KRAS Details
LRRC34 Details
RPS3A Details
GPRIN1 Details
EIF3I Details
PJA2 Details
PSMA3 Details
B3GNT5 Details
PTPRC Details
IMP4 Details
KIAA0319L Details
ACSM2B Details
STX5 Details
LPL Details
MOGAT1 Details
EPPK1 Details
RPA2 Details
RFC4 Details
COPS4 Details
C19orf18 Details
FGF22 Details
VTA1 Details
FTSJ3 Details
RPS15A Details
FUT9 Details
PRPF31 Details
THEG Details
RPTOR Details
RPL32 Details
CRTAM Details
NRBP1 Details
ELAVL1 Details
DSCR8 Details
GOLPH3L Details
EXOSC2 Details
IRS4 Details
SF3A2 Details
NCOR2 Details
EXOSC10 Details
TNS1 Details
C1orf158 Details
GPR162 Details
MPP4 Details
NTRK2 Details
ZNF497 Details
CDSN Details
INTS10 Details
NUP93 Details
EIF4A3 Details
GATA3 Details
FUZ Details
VWA5A Details
CWC22 Details
PPP5C Details
PCDHA8 Details
MED14 Details
TIMM9 Details
ZNF559 Details
GALR1 Details
EFNB1 Details
CCDC112 Details
COPB1 Details
CDK11B Details
PPP1R7 Details
RBM47 Details
DDX56 Details
RAPGEF2 Details
COPS3 Details
DMRTA2 Details
BUB1B Details
HDAC3 Details
C16orf87 Details
PRKAG1 Details
ADIPOQ Details
HPS5 Details
UBA6 Details
CDK2AP2 Details
ARF4 Details
ZNF500 Details
RPL12 Details
RPS15 Details
FZD2 Details
DNASE2B Details
UBP1 Details
CCNB3 Details
PHF5A Details
SH2D3C Details
RPL7 Details
NTF3 Details