Available data Collection details
Essential genes for cell-line BT-20
This collection contains 665 essential genes for the cell-line BT-20.
The collection currently contains 665 proteins.
# Protein Links
KLHL2 Details
U2AF2 Details
FNBP4 Details
PSMD8 Details
GABRB1 Details
THOP1 Details
TBC1D25 Details
WBP11 Details
SVIL Details
RPRD1A Details
MYO3B Details
PFKFB4 Details
SF3B5 Details
PSMD6 Details
FOXA3 Details
TRIP6 Details
SNRPE Details
CCM2 Details
SFRP2 Details
XBP1 Details
CORT Details
HTR3A Details
SNRNP27 Details
MPND Details
RAB33A Details
PLA2G15 Details
GSPT1 Details
EXOSC6 Details
HSPA5 Details
LETM1 Details
HLA-DRB1 Details
DDR1 Details
SLC12A2 Details
ACSL4 Details
KRTAP13-3 Details
EIF3B Details
HCFC2 Details
SEZ6L2 Details
MRPL37 Details
CYP1A2 Details
RPS11 Details
UTS2R Details
CS Details
RPS9 Details
IQGAP1 Details
SMC2 Details
MYO18A Details
KHSRP Details
CDK4 Details
GNG12 Details
SPDEF Details
GLIPR1L1 Details
HRK Details
TLR9 Details
PNO1 Details
SFTPB Details
ARFRP1 Details
NOP2 Details
NCEH1 Details
CWF19L1 Details
RBM17 Details
RPS23 Details
COPZ1 Details
UBA1 Details
FASLG Details
NUP205 Details
NUP85 Details
SHPRH Details
PSMD7 Details
ZCCHC3 Details
MX1 Details
KLHL4 Details
RPLP2 Details
ATP6V0D1 Details
HGS Details
PLA2G2D Details
SUPT5H Details
DDX18 Details
GAGE2C Details
ZBTB40 Details
LSM6 Details
PLD3 Details
HGF Details
RPL18A Details
XAB2 Details
VPS36 Details
CDC40 Details
HSPE1 Details
DLGAP2 Details
HAAO Details
GDF9 Details
SMC4 Details
ITGA2 Details
KDELR3 Details
SYMPK Details
HNRNPC Details
CLDN6 Details
RPS6 Details
DDX20 Details
KCNJ15 Details
FBXW7 Details
LMNB1 Details
ASAP1 Details
TAF2 Details
NR1I2 Details
RABL2A Details
PLSCR3 Details
DDX51 Details
RPS5 Details
METAP2 Details
DNTTIP2 Details
THOC3 Details
RPS12 Details
RAB39B Details
GMPS Details
EIF1AX Details
SCGB1A1 Details
COPS2 Details
KCNA1 Details
TNFSF15 Details
INCENP Details
MTNR1A Details
ATP7B Details
GSTA5 Details
NEFL Details
PABPN1 Details
UBL4A Details
RPLP1 Details
UBB Details
RPSA Details
MYD88 Details
SPIB Details
CD59 Details
INTS9 Details
PHB2 Details
BCL3 Details
LRIT1 Details
HSPD1 Details
CAPZB Details
CALM2 Details
POLH Details
NOP16 Details
PPP1R14B Details
PRSS16 Details
RAB3IP Details
TNNI2 Details
AKT1 Details
RANBP2 Details
PSMD3 Details
DDX54 Details
KCNQ3 Details
HSPG2 Details
RCC1 Details
CARS2 Details
MS4A7 Details
NXF1 Details
LSM5 Details
TMEM147 Details
GCKR Details
RPL36 Details
CIC Details
ATOH8 Details
PAF1 Details
TRPV6 Details
MCM6 Details
RCE1 Details
PSMD12 Details
PTCD3 Details
OR51E1 Details
HAL Details
TBCCD1 Details
RPL11 Details
CTSA Details
RPS26 Details
RPL35A Details
WNT7B Details
NUP54 Details
NKX6-2 Details
PHB Details
SFPQ Details
EPX Details
KIF18A Details
NAALADL2 Details
RNF135 Details
CALU Details
CMTM4 Details
EIF3G Details
ZFP36 Details
IGFBPL1 Details
GLB1L Details
NOL6 Details
RILPL2 Details
POLD1 Details
ZBBX Details
RPL35 Details
POLR2F Details
CHEK1 Details
POLA1 Details
CLYBL Details
BARHL1 Details
APOL1 Details
ATXN10 Details
SCRG1 Details
PSMB2 Details
VCP Details
GRIN2C Details
RUVBL1 Details
MCM2 Details
RPS14 Details
AIRE Details
PRPF3 Details
RPL7A Details
PRPF8 Details
COG4 Details
TMEM126B Details
PFDN2 Details
RPS28 Details
SYT1 Details
PCDH1 Details
TUBA1C Details
SIRPD Details
BIRC2 Details
RPL9 Details
TMEM139 Details
EIF2S2 Details
TMPRSS6 Details
STK24 Details
PTGES Details
RET Details
PRDM12 Details
CR1 Details
TAAR9 Details
KDM2B Details
EIF4E3 Details
TLK2 Details
SF3B1 Details
SLC35A1 Details
RPL14 Details
RPL10A Details
PFN1 Details
DHCR7 Details
SLC10A2 Details
RPL37A Details
PTPN1 Details
BMP2K Details
IHH Details
TTBK2 Details
NUP98 Details
GBP3 Details
HNRNPM Details
EDN1 Details
RINT1 Details
RPL38 Details
SNRNP35 Details
PLOD2 Details
TEKT2 Details
KIAA1217 Details
TEAD4 Details
DNAJC19 Details
CLTC Details
SNRNP200 Details
FOXM1 Details
KCTD1 Details
LEPR Details
SNCAIP Details
PPP1R10 Details
ARCN1 Details
DYNC1I2 Details
GRPEL2 Details
SUPT6H Details
SOHLH2 Details
CLTB Details
SPSB1 Details
EEF2 Details
LRRN3 Details
VPS28 Details
GHITM Details
DLC1 Details
ZBTB11 Details
EIF3D Details
EIF3A Details
RPS18 Details
SFTPD Details
TSG101 Details
PSMC5 Details
UBR1 Details
INSR Details
PDYN Details
CCT8 Details
NRP1 Details
JUND Details
LSM3 Details
CSE1L Details
HSPA9 Details
DYNLT3 Details
SRCAP Details
ZNF425 Details
PODN Details
CDC37 Details
IPO5 Details
SNRPN Details
CD79B Details
EIF4B Details
RPS19 Details
MRPS18A Details
DDX49 Details
OLAH Details
RPS20 Details
CPNE6 Details
WNK1 Details
AFG3L2 Details
POLR2D Details
ADD1 Details
EVX1 Details
RPL6 Details
EIF6 Details
RBBP4 Details
LIPC Details
KCNJ1 Details
BTN1A1 Details
CYP1A1 Details
LHX2 Details
LETM2 Details
LY96 Details
PRKAB2 Details
DAZ4 Details
WASH2P Details
TEX11 Details
REV1 Details
P2RY4 Details
VDAC1 Details
CDCA5 Details
UROD Details
FSCB Details
RAMP2 Details
PCBP2 Details
TIPARP Details
CCT7 Details
MORF4L2 Details
POLR2A Details
TBC1D17 Details
EIF2A Details
PSMD1 Details
NDRG4 Details
GEM Details
DST Details
SNRPD1 Details
APPL1 Details
CDK8 Details
SERPINE1 Details
RPL23A Details
PTPN22 Details
PCDHGA5 Details
NACA Details
ZNF326 Details
RPS8 Details
WDR11 Details
USP39 Details
GZMA Details
MLNR Details
ACVR1 Details
SLC38A7 Details
SNRPG Details
KRT24 Details
ANKRA2 Details
AQR Details
CCNB2 Details
INVS Details
CAV3 Details
PTPN23 Details
ARL1 Details
LCN10 Details
ISG20 Details
CCT3 Details
RPL3 Details
CDC5L Details
RPSAP58 Details
NDUFB11 Details
LCORL Details
MS4A1 Details
KIF11 Details
RPL5 Details
RGS18 Details
SGCE Details
CAPN5 Details
RPS27A Details
CEACAM4 Details
CCR8 Details
RPS29 Details
RASL11B Details
CYP26C1 Details
TIE1 Details
RAN Details
COPS8 Details
DHX9 Details
TLX3 Details
FOXD3 Details
MGAT5B Details
RPS13 Details
COX5A Details
ANAPC5 Details
PEX3 Details
DNASE1L2 Details
HLA-DQB2 Details
ERAP1 Details
TM7SF2 Details
HSPA8 Details
NCLN Details
ERCC6L Details
PTK2 Details
SKAP1 Details
EPHB4 Details
PRSS48 Details
GNB1 Details
BAZ1A Details
TPR Details
PPP2CB Details
XPO1 Details
HNRNPU Details
SF3A1 Details
PCDHA1 Details
SESN3 Details
MTOR Details
RRM1 Details
APBB1 Details
SLC35B3 Details
CDC42EP1 Details
KCTD6 Details
RPL13 Details
RPL4 Details
PCDH12 Details
RPL31 Details
FUT8 Details
U2AF1 Details
RAD51 Details
ACAT1 Details
ZMAT2 Details
RPS7 Details
TAF4B Details
ERBB3 Details
CEP63 Details
CDK18 Details
SEC61A1 Details
RIPK3 Details
RPLP0 Details
PIGN Details
COMMD2 Details
APOL2 Details
RPL34 Details
SNRPD2 Details
FNDC7 Details
RAB31 Details
HLA-DQB1 Details
TGFB1 Details
PAGE3 Details
IGF2BP1 Details
PSMA1 Details
ACBD5 Details
OR2T27 Details
NSUN5 Details
FBXO17 Details
KCNMB1 Details
RFC2 Details
RTP2 Details
PLK1 Details
MFAP3L Details
PUF60 Details
NRP2 Details
GALK2 Details
MVD Details
ZNF746 Details
TAF4 Details
IMMT Details
TUBA1B Details
CD86 Details
OVOL2 Details
CCL25 Details
PRPF19 Details
SYT4 Details
ACTR10 Details
ISG15 Details
EIF5B Details
PDCD6 Details
PSTPIP2 Details
SP1 Details
NUBPL Details
NCKAP1 Details
TNFRSF18 Details
NPTN Details
PRPF18 Details
PSMC4 Details
ARL17A Details
DHH Details
DUSP18 Details
TRIM50 Details
OR51T1 Details
ALDH2 Details
AMPH Details
FOXA1 Details
TMEM68 Details
BMPR1A Details
OR2W1 Details
CYP21A2 Details
SERPINB13 Details
AURKB Details
RPL23 Details
TRIM55 Details
SNX4 Details
PDK2 Details
CBX2 Details
WFIKKN2 Details
MASTL Details
EIF3C Details
EFTUD2 Details
KIR3DL2 Details
ANAPC4 Details
EPHA6 Details
RPL19 Details
RGS13 Details
SIDT2 Details
TDO2 Details
GTF3C3 Details
MDN1 Details
MAPKAP1 Details
YY1 Details
PSMB3 Details
NDUFA5 Details
NCOA2 Details
CHST10 Details
YME1L1 Details
CLUL1 Details
WDR12 Details
KIAA0586 Details
EXOSC1 Details
SNRNP70 Details
ISCU Details
TMC8 Details
RPL37 Details
FAM126A Details
KPNB1 Details
RLN2 Details
NDUFB10 Details
BCL2L1 Details
DYNLL2 Details
ZNF250 Details
HOXA3 Details
SIX5 Details
DDX21 Details
FOS Details
KRT17 Details
FOXL1 Details
RPL27 Details
ERF Details
CEACAM21 Details
PARN Details
NOC4L Details
DSE Details
PITX3 Details
ERH Details
RPS17 Details
KCNH1 Details
DDX41 Details
CHD2 Details
EIF2B4 Details
MAPKBP1 Details
RPS3 Details
ALDH1B1 Details
ALOX5AP Details
NDUFA4L2 Details
NDUFS7 Details
SNW1 Details
ATP1A1 Details
MFAP1 Details
MYOM2 Details
CSMD1 Details
SHE Details
TSKS Details
OR52B6 Details
ESR1 Details
ULK4 Details
RPL18 Details
OR51E2 Details
PLCG2 Details
MICAL1 Details
CKAP5 Details
SF3B2 Details
ELP4 Details
COPA Details
KRAS Details
RPS3A Details
PTN Details
AFP Details
EIF3I Details
PJA2 Details
PSMA3 Details
MS4A13 Details
XIAP Details
NDN Details
FGFR1 Details
MCOLN2 Details
COPS7B Details
RHOH Details
RPA2 Details
SF3B3 Details
RFC4 Details
COPS4 Details
C19orf18 Details
ETHE1 Details
PPP1R15B Details
FTSJ3 Details
RPS15A Details
PRPF31 Details
WFDC8 Details
PABPC1 Details
AADAT Details
RPL32 Details
RPL30 Details
MRPS31 Details
IRS4 Details
OTOR Details
CYP2W1 Details
BIK Details
SCP2 Details
EXOSC10 Details
ADAMTS13 Details
CDSN Details
NUP93 Details
ERGIC2 Details
EIF4A3 Details
SCLY Details
ROBO1 Details
STRN Details
POLR2I Details
SLC25A20 Details
NEDD8 Details
MRPS35 Details
GIMAP1 Details
SLC22A13 Details
PPP5C Details
MED14 Details
CPSF3 Details
CDK11B Details
RBM22 Details
PPP1R7 Details
LBX1 Details
DSC2 Details
COPS3 Details
MAK16 Details
BUB1B Details
ADCY3 Details
SLC36A1 Details
SLC36A4 Details
DPP9 Details
OR5W2 Details
CA7 Details
ISY1 Details
GKN1 Details
TTL Details
AZIN1 Details
PHF5A Details
NLN Details
MAGOHB Details
RPL7 Details
NTF3 Details