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Mutated genes for cell-line DMS79
This collection contains 656 mutated genes for the cell-line DMS79_LUNG (alias DMS79) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000703). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Lung Cancer" with the subtype "Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)".
The collection currently contains 656 proteins.
# Protein Links
GAMT Details
OR52K1 Details
DISP3 Details
DNAJA3 Details
RIMS2 Details
KIF18B Details
DOCK2 Details
TNFAIP3 Details
TMPRSS9 Details
OR10Z1 Details
LRRC66 Details
ABCA13 Details
OR14A16 Details
SH3D21 Details
TMEM108 Details
CPSF2 Details
TTC23L Details
UBAP2 Details
EHMT1 Details
MSR1 Details
SPTBN1 Details
FRY Details
BPIFA2 Details
WDR74 Details
ZNF736 Details
ABCB5 Details
AFF4 Details
SETD1B Details
TMEM232 Details
STK19 Details
PHKA1 Details
ADAM21 Details
HCN1 Details
FMO3 Details
PAK3 Details
COLGALT2 Details
NOTCH1 Details
IFNL1 Details
DALRD3 Details
ZNF614 Details
DDX39B Details
POTEI Details
COL22A1 Details
PDCD11 Details
NTRK3 Details
DNAH5 Details
PXDN Details
MARCHF8 Details
TBPL2 Details
TIGD6 Details
C1orf159 Details
SV2A Details
ZNF100 Details
ANKRD35 Details
ZBTB44 Details
TAF1L Details
LGSN Details
THSD1 Details
NOMO3 Details
XIRP2 Details
PDZD2 Details
HLA-DPA1 Details
C9 Details
KDM4C Details
SUPT5H Details
RGS22 Details
KIF12 Details
NIBAN3 Details
UGCG Details
BCHE Details
KRTAP13-2 Details
ACTRT1 Details
HHIPL2 Details
ADAMTS20 Details
SEC16A Details
OR14C36 Details
OR2L13 Details
ADAMTS15 Details
USH2A Details
CRNN Details
ITGA2 Details
CACNA1E Details
PLEKHG5 Details
LPIN1 Details
TTN Details
MBOAT2 Details
A1CF Details
KIF15 Details
NBPF15 Details
TAS2R14 Details
CCDC88A Details
MUC16 Details
ZEB1 Details
OR5K1 Details
ADAMTS17 Details
TP53BP2 Details
FGD1 Details
UGT2B10 Details
SIPA1 Details
GPR153 Details
MKRN3 Details
LRRK1 Details
ATP8B4 Details
ST8SIA5 Details
MYF5 Details
IFNA6 Details
EIF1AX Details
TRPV4 Details
SENP7 Details
LRP1B Details
NEURL4 Details
TPTE2 Details
CDC42BPA Details
PDE4DIP Details
NBPF11 Details
BMS1 Details
DROSHA Details
TRPC4 Details
GATAD2A Details
E2F6 Details
MAGEB1 Details
NXF5 Details
MEF2C Details
LHX5 Details
FGA Details
CXCR1 Details
LIFR Details
UNC80 Details
PTEN Details
MT-ND4L Details
UBN2 Details
COBL Details
AZGP1 Details
BCLAF1 Details
SRP54 Details
TNKS Details
HSPD1 Details
SALL3 Details
PAXIP1 Details
SUN5 Details
NAV3 Details
MBD3 Details
SLAIN1 Details
CEP126 Details
NUCKS1 Details
EXOC2 Details
PTPRZ1 Details
FAM214A Details
MAML3 Details
ANK3 Details
OR10S1 Details
HEATR6 Details
EP400 Details
MPEG1 Details
WDR26 Details
TMEM147 Details
PLEKHA5 Details
ZNF843 Details
GSTA4 Details
ZNF107 Details
OR51E1 Details
UMODL1 Details
ZBED1 Details
TNRC6A Details
PACSIN2 Details
DYSF Details
SVEP1 Details
TBX15 Details
MIOS Details
DNAH10 Details
DCDC2B Details
GRIN2A Details
UBE4A Details
PARP14 Details
C21orf58 Details
BRINP2 Details
MYO7B Details
LAX1 Details
METTL16 Details
VSIR Details
ADH7 Details
SLAIN2 Details
PPP1R9B Details
APC Details
SIAH1 Details
MAGT1 Details
KIF2C Details
RASSF8 Details
UBQLN4 Details
RB1 Details
WNT1 Details
ANKRD36C Details
BMP4 Details
WFIKKN1 Details
CHEK1 Details
LRRC31 Details
LAMA2 Details
SCAI Details
GLYATL2 Details
NCK2 Details
VWF Details
LOXHD1 Details
LAMA5 Details
CYTIP Details
FCGR2B Details
KCNN3 Details
OR5T2 Details
LRP2 Details
RASD2 Details
ADGRL3 Details
FAM98C Details
RAB11FIP3 Details
CCL22 Details
PIGW Details
RYR2 Details
DNAJA2 Details
DDX19B Details
ST6GALNAC5 Details
SLITRK3 Details
TXNDC11 Details
ADAM2 Details
CNTNAP5 Details
TAF15 Details
UBR2 Details
AFF3 Details
CASP3 Details
CDYL Details
ASB18 Details
FUT3 Details
SEMA7A Details
IL18RAP Details
POLR1A Details
UNC13A Details
NTF4 Details
SLC39A4 Details
MGAT5 Details
ROR1 Details
TREX1 Details
DNAH7 Details
MEIS2 Details
DES Details
FCRL1 Details
ECEL1 Details
TASOR2 Details
CCR2 Details
OR4S1 Details
NLGN4X Details
EEF1A2 Details
HNRNPM Details
MMADHC Details
WWC1 Details
KRTAP5-4 Details
C19orf25 Details
NOBOX Details
GRP Details
RPGRIP1 Details
GRM7 Details
ATG16L1 Details
SLC14A2 Details
C7 Details
OR1C1 Details
FANCM Details
KRIT1 Details
RYR3 Details
PTPN13 Details
MTHFD1L Details
SORL1 Details
BPI Details
EIF3D Details
CLDN18 Details
RNF19A Details
ELF3 Details
CASQ2 Details
SYT9 Details
ROBO4 Details
FER1L6 Details
BPIFB2 Details
NRP1 Details
TEC Details
INSC Details
ZMYM6 Details
MST1R Details
TBC1D3 Details
MT-ND4 Details
MROH2B Details
GALNT16 Details
FCGBP Details
UNK Details
RELN Details
KNG1 Details
TMEM239 Details
MYBL2 Details
C21orf91 Details
ANKRD33B Details
KMT2A Details
ADGRB3 Details
MAPRE2 Details
POLR2G Details
ZNF641 Details
PTPRU Details
THOC5 Details
ACSM5 Details
PCDHB16 Details
TET3 Details
KCND2 Details
ZNF521 Details
RPS20 Details
HHLA1 Details
PAX6 Details
ADCY2 Details
MYBBP1A Details
ADAMTS12 Details
OR4D11 Details
GSTM4 Details
HSPB11 Details
FMN2 Details
TINAG Details
DAB2IP Details
SLC15A1 Details
POTEH Details
PKP4 Details
TRIML1 Details
GRIK4 Details
TTYH1 Details
ADGB Details
AKNAD1 Details
KRTAP9-1 Details
PLAU Details
NBPF14 Details
ABCA10 Details
FDFT1 Details
FGFR2 Details
USP16 Details
PLCB3 Details
ACAP2 Details
GCC1 Details
UNC79 Details
FSBP Details
EIF2A Details
INSRR Details
RARB Details
KIF16B Details
VWA3A Details
ZNF536 Details
OR52N1 Details
SOX3 Details
SRRM2 Details
ZNF696 Details
STYXL2 Details
IKZF1 Details
OR2B11 Details
NBPF20 Details
OTOG Details
NR4A2 Details
CLCA1 Details
AWAT2 Details
ZKSCAN7 Details
ARHGAP18 Details
PCDH11Y Details
CDC25B Details
ZNF479 Details
FAHD2B Details
SPTA1 Details
TMEM165 Details
PTGFRN Details
KDM4D Details
SETX Details
SHANK2 Details
PTPRF Details
SEC16B Details
CYP7A1 Details
FCRL4 Details
SLC30A6 Details
TEX44 Details
PIK3C2B Details
CDK19 Details
SYT6 Details
DNER Details
TTK Details
TMSB15B Details
DCK Details
HNRNPA1L2 Details
OVCH1 Details
GPR155 Details
KL Details
MME Details
ESPN Details
ELOVL5 Details
DYTN Details
ZFHX4 Details
BICRAL Details
PXDNL Details
OSBPL2 Details
L3HYPDH Details
TMC7 Details
MLH3 Details
PNPLA6 Details
SPHKAP Details
RDH5 Details
ABHD1 Details
BDNF Details
BAZ1A Details
RUFY3 Details
ARHGAP31 Details
B3GAT1 Details
IGF2BP2 Details
DPP10 Details
OR4C13 Details
ACTL8 Details
OR4C16 Details
GCH1 Details
MT-ND5 Details
PCMTD1 Details
TUBAL3 Details
EPAS1 Details
CEP250 Details
SGCZ Details
PGLYRP3 Details
SOX7 Details
STAB1 Details
LSR Details
SNTG1 Details
SORCS1 Details
KIAA1109 Details
SERPINB3 Details
MYO16 Details
ZRANB3 Details
TNR Details
RD3 Details
ZZEF1 Details
PHLDA1 Details
ABCA8 Details
ZBTB48 Details
EIF2AK3 Details
FSTL5 Details
FNDC7 Details
C6orf132 Details
EPHA1 Details
GREB1 Details
ADGRF2 Details
ZNF229 Details
SPAG16 Details
GIMAP2 Details
DHRS4-AS1 Details
UGT2B15 Details
ZFP64 Details
CTU1 Details
IQGAP3 Details
GABRG2 Details
PHF3 Details
SHANK1 Details
SLC39A6 Details
TOX Details
KCNT1 Details
FAM161A Details
GPC1 Details
MGAM Details
LRFN5 Details
DLG2 Details
BCLAF3 Details
TREM2 Details
TMCO5A Details
XRCC1 Details
CDK6 Details
LONRF3 Details
MLYCD Details
HNRNPCL1 Details
ZNF713 Details
OR2G3 Details
CFL1 Details
TAS2R50 Details
TPTE Details
ZFP36L1 Details
CLCA4 Details
CPED1 Details
NKAIN3 Details
OR5K4 Details
MMP15 Details
CPAMD8 Details
ENAM Details
SLC35F2 Details
ZNF263 Details
POF1B Details
CDC14A Details
HTT Details
TRIM64B Details
ADAM29 Details
PAPPA2 Details
KCNU1 Details
VSIG10L Details
C12orf40 Details
SIPA1L2 Details
PREX1 Details
SLC2A2 Details
TMEM200A Details
OR8I2 Details
IFI44 Details
KTN1 Details
PSG5 Details
AJM1 Details
ZSCAN20 Details
RGS6 Details
ZNF492 Details
ATP1A2 Details
DPPA2 Details
IQCN Details
CEP295 Details
GRIN2B Details
TMEM86B Details
AP3B2 Details
DHX38 Details
DBX2 Details
NKRF Details
RPF1 Details
OR2A12 Details
NSF Details
CD109 Details
TMEM80 Details
ASPG Details
SOGA1 Details
CEL Details
PUDP Details
FREM2 Details
FAHD2A Details
COL11A1 Details
PCDHB13 Details
CD163 Details
KLHL6 Details
ADORA1 Details
UBA5 Details
ABCC9 Details
BAZ2B Details
ZSCAN31 Details
PRDM9 Details
COL25A1 Details
ZSWIM2 Details
ZNF687 Details
HFM1 Details
CDK13 Details
SNX14 Details
PRRC2B Details
SLC18A1 Details
OR11H4 Details
PIGS Details
ZNF503 Details
ARID5A Details
C12orf43 Details
COL6A5 Details
LTB4R Details
DCBLD1 Details
HELZ2 Details
MARK4 Details
PCDHA2 Details
MYOZ1 Details
EGF Details
TRO Details
PTPRO Details
RIN3 Details
NADSYN1 Details
ROS1 Details
AKAP17A Details
KPNA5 Details
TROAP Details
CECR2 Details
ANKMY1 Details
SLC2A12 Details
UBAP1 Details
DAPK3 Details
CSMD1 Details
OR2T1 Details
PAX5 Details
CMPK1 Details
AGXT Details
LPAR1 Details
SBF2 Details
PLSCR5 Details
RBPJ Details
MYO18B Details
PRSS1 Details
PRDM11 Details
CKAP5 Details
KRT23 Details
PLXNB2 Details
MACF1 Details
KCNS2 Details
CDS1 Details
RYR1 Details
SLFN11 Details
CD163L1 Details
MCHR1 Details
CFTR Details
ANO3 Details
AASS Details
NUBP2 Details
TLN2 Details
RHOH Details
MAP10 Details
C19orf18 Details
KLHDC1 Details
MEGF9 Details
MTR Details
PM20D2 Details
B4GALT2 Details
OR9A2 Details
SLC2A8 Details
LBP Details
MTMR8 Details
GRK3 Details
EME1 Details
SKP2 Details
RTL9 Details
TP53 Details
DVL3 Details
ABCG8 Details
ZNF534 Details
TRIP11 Details
NKX2-6 Details
TDRD1 Details
MAGEB4 Details
ARHGAP39 Details
DNMT3L Details
GUCA1C Details
GEN1 Details
CRACD Details
CSMD3 Details
LAMB4 Details
STX1A Details
CUX2 Details
TMEM61 Details
HMCN1 Details
CCNL2 Details
BRINP3 Details
KCNQ2 Details
ZNF483 Details
SYNJ2 Details
CYC1 Details
WDR24 Details
RMND5A Details
NRCAM Details
EAF2 Details
PRMT5 Details
PRAMEF11 Details
COL8A2 Details
MUC2 Details
NECTIN3 Details
UTRN Details
FBRS Details
ANXA9 Details
THAP4 Details
WDR87 Details
FAM193A Details
SLC3A2 Details
TATDN1 Details
HECW1 Details