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Mutated genes for cell-line NCIH1963
This collection contains 514 mutated genes for the cell-line NCIH1963_LUNG (alias H1963, NCIH1963) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000729). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Lung Cancer" with the subtype "Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)".
The collection currently contains 514 proteins.
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MT-CO3 Details
ANLN Details
SULF2 Details
FAM214B Details
RIMS2 Details
BBX Details
ZNF486 Details
TTBK1 Details
C20orf96 Details
NOP53 Details
CCDC74B Details
EVPL Details
AGAP4 Details
NFATC3 Details
FBN2 Details
TSPAN14 Details
ZFYVE9 Details
RFPL1 Details
FAM90A1 Details
COBLL1 Details
MT-CYB Details
OR10D3 Details
CCDC3 Details
MSR1 Details
ERI3 Details
MIR9-1HG Details
ZNF462 Details
ZNF788P Details
NCAM2 Details
SLC6A17 Details
MAGED4B Details
EIF3B Details
CYP1A2 Details
B4GALT4 Details
PIH1D2 Details
STK19 Details
HCN1 Details
DDX23 Details
GPR89A Details
POLR1B Details
SPDEF Details
MMUT Details
FAM27E3 Details
CLTCL1 Details
UHRF1BP1L Details
ANO9 Details
OR8B2 Details
CERS2 Details
CCIN Details
KLHL36 Details
MT-CO2 Details
FOXO3 Details
FAM71D Details
RP1L1 Details
KDR Details
ZNF433 Details
KRTAP13-2 Details
IGSF1 Details
CDH8 Details
USH2A Details
FLG2 Details
PCDH11X Details
SOX11 Details
ZBTB39 Details
CACNA1E Details
OR5AK2 Details
LELP1 Details
TTN Details
FAT3 Details
CALN1 Details
CHD3 Details
HAP1 Details
GTF2B Details
ZNF596 Details
NBPF15 Details
PLEKHG4 Details
AVIL Details
MUC16 Details
FAM135B Details
ZNF585B Details
MYCBP2 Details
TMEM181 Details
CAST Details
MT-ND1 Details
GMPS Details
TOR4A Details
ANKRD30A Details
AP4S1 Details
CCDC18 Details
FAM149A Details
LRP1B Details
HRH3 Details
BMP10 Details
LRRC8E Details
FAM83C Details
UNC80 Details
RPLP1 Details
HOXD4 Details
PAQR4 Details
NMBR Details
RAD21L1 Details
SUN5 Details
ACTB Details
CIITA Details
PRSS16 Details
AKT1 Details
NOXA1 Details
KCNA10 Details
NUP153 Details
REG3A Details
CARMIL2 Details
ESCO1 Details
APEX2 Details
OR10S1 Details
KCNH7 Details
MYO9A Details
CSF2RA Details
GEMIN4 Details
TYRP1 Details
FBN3 Details
SLC9C1 Details
COP1 Details
ZNF775 Details
BCL7A Details
ATP6V0D2 Details
PACSIN2 Details
PRDM15 Details
BRINP1 Details
CANX Details
SLC6A16 Details
PLEKHA7 Details
SYK Details
PCNX1 Details
RASSF2 Details
CHRNE Details
SLC7A7 Details
XAF1 Details
PIK3CG Details
SSC5D Details
RB1 Details
RILPL2 Details
POLD1 Details
GABBR1 Details
TMEM82 Details
POLA1 Details
MTHFR Details
HAS1 Details
NTN5 Details
TMEM132D Details
RUSC2 Details
LAMA5 Details
ATR Details
SUPT20H Details
FEZ2 Details
MYH11 Details
EMSY Details
CEP19 Details
PIEZO1 Details
OR10X1 Details
PHLPP1 Details
HIVEP2 Details
CHEK2 Details
KANK3 Details
THAP3 Details
TRUB1 Details
ZP1 Details
MANBA Details
SDR9C7 Details
ATP5F1B Details
ARMH4 Details
CA2 Details
AFF3 Details
ASB18 Details
POLR1A Details
HOXA10 Details
FN1 Details
TREX1 Details
WNT11 Details
TRPV3 Details
ITGA3 Details
GABRE Details
LRRK2 Details
LAMA3 Details
RPTN Details
CCR2 Details
OR4S1 Details
MTMR1 Details
TRNP1 Details
PAN3 Details
ARIH2OS Details
IGSF22 Details
KALRN Details
KCNH5 Details
IRX1 Details
EPS8L1 Details
FAM81B Details
DCAF4L2 Details
SMG1 Details
OSCAR Details
FAT4 Details
RCOR2 Details
CHRM3 Details
PGM5 Details
CTNND2 Details
FCRLA Details
SMARCA1 Details
GOLGA8H Details
RMDN1 Details
ATP5MPL Details
MS4A6A Details
ZNF721 Details
CLVS2 Details
SFI1 Details
RBM42 Details
AASDH Details
SORD Details
JMY Details
PLA1A Details
CYP4F31P Details
LIG4 Details
OR51A4 Details
POM121L2 Details
AKAP8L Details
FGF13 Details
EFCAB2 Details
RAI2 Details
SLCO5A1 Details
FNIP1 Details
GOLGA8A Details
MT-ND4 Details
BCL9 Details
LRRC15 Details
FLG Details
MLLT6 Details
ASPH Details
FHIT Details
SHISA9 Details
ZNF345 Details
PDE4B Details
KMT2A Details
SLC6A20 Details
ABCG4 Details
HDGFL1 Details
MTO1 Details
ADGRB3 Details
ABHD5 Details
SNAP91 Details
ATG16L2 Details
OR4K14 Details
P2RY8 Details
ZC3H6 Details
CYFIP2 Details
EXOC3 Details
PODXL Details
LRPPRC Details
MOSPD2 Details
STEAP2 Details
KCNJ1 Details
RARRES2 Details
IL21 Details
RUNDC3B Details
AGBL3 Details
CCDC181 Details
ABCA5 Details
NUP37 Details
KRT13 Details
LCA5 Details
IL20RA Details
REV1 Details
PAK5 Details
POLD2 Details
KIAA0895L Details
GOLGA8B Details
PRPS1L1 Details
GMIP Details
CNTD1 Details
DCDC1 Details
SLC1A7 Details
KIF16B Details
S100A4 Details
AQP6 Details
DST Details
SYCP1 Details
LRRIQ4 Details
FAM171A2 Details
LCT Details
RASA4 Details
PCNX4 Details
CEP170 Details
NR4A2 Details
DBF4 Details
SCML2 Details
GZMA Details
TUBB1 Details
NELFE Details
RNF213 Details
PCDH11Y Details
PCARE Details
ASB2 Details
LRRC14 Details
SEMA6C Details
RNPC3 Details
STOX2 Details
OR8H2 Details
OBSL1 Details
DPY19L4 Details
MAP2 Details
MOB1B Details
DCDC2 Details
QTRT1 Details
ZNF35 Details
TXNDC16 Details
PRKAB1 Details
CHMP4A Details
SEC24B Details
BCAT1 Details
MON1B Details
BICRAL Details
OR2H1 Details
SART3 Details
DNASE1L2 Details
HSPA8 Details
PXDNL Details
SLC44A1 Details
CCDC173 Details
GOLGA6L6 Details
TLR2 Details
POLR2J2 Details
ROR2 Details
LMNA Details
ERBIN Details
WDR5 Details
MT-ND5 Details
SHROOM4 Details
VANGL1 Details
UBR5 Details
TFR2 Details
CHST5 Details
DDHD1 Details
RAB37 Details
SAGE1 Details
KLHDC7A Details
ALS2 Details
VEZT Details
MT-ND3 Details
APC2 Details
MT-ATP6 Details
PKHD1 Details
MTRNR2L11 Details
RNF166 Details
ZNF189 Details
NCKAP1L Details
EIF2AK3 Details
DGKB Details
TVP23C Details
PUS7L Details
TRIM58 Details
PSMA5 Details
OPRL1 Details
SKOR2 Details
ACBD5 Details
DCAF8L2 Details
ZNF383 Details
ADRA1A Details
GPR132 Details
KCNT1 Details
MUC19 Details
CPLANE1 Details
MGAM Details
C10orf95 Details
MUC4 Details
PRDM2 Details
MYEF2 Details
GAD2 Details
CPED1 Details
LRRC14B Details
L1CAM Details
KBTBD13 Details
PPP1R18 Details
BTBD11 Details
ZCCHC17 Details
TREML2 Details
OR2J1 Details
YIF1B Details
ZFP3 Details
SLC35F2 Details
SAYSD1 Details
ITGA8 Details
OR1L1 Details
AMPH Details
OR51L1 Details
GHR Details
S1PR1 Details
HEATR1 Details
ECPAS Details
CADPS Details
EPHA6 Details
FAM98A Details
NFATC2 Details
LINGO2 Details
NLRC5 Details
CTRC Details
OGDHL Details
DCX Details
BPIFC Details
C1orf87 Details
JPH4 Details
THBD Details
EFHC1 Details
UGT2B4 Details
MYO1D Details
IGDCC3 Details
MT-CO1 Details
DMD Details
FURIN Details
SCN2A Details
UGT2B11 Details
ZNF574 Details
LGMN Details
MT-ND6 Details
MCL1 Details
DENND4C Details
ADAMTS10 Details
PPP5D1 Details
ENDOV Details
APOBEC3A Details
AKAP13 Details
SLC35C2 Details
RSPO3 Details
ERICH1 Details
TRIM42 Details
GDI2 Details
LTF Details
TMEM8B Details
SNX14 Details
ZIK1 Details
PLEC Details
KIAA1522 Details
OR14I1 Details
HEPHL1 Details
DCBLD1 Details
SLC12A3 Details
PTPRO Details
TRPM4 Details
ROS1 Details
PCDHGA10 Details
ZSCAN2 Details
SRPX Details
RORB Details
CSMD1 Details
TRAPPC1 Details
MYO18B Details
AMER3 Details
FAT1 Details
ARMT1 Details
SPAG11B Details
GGN Details
LRRC7 Details
STK31 Details
CHD9 Details
MACF1 Details
UBAC1 Details
MARCHF4 Details
HSPA6 Details
RFFL Details
TRIM66 Details
RYR1 Details
RNF121 Details
GABRA4 Details
MAP10 Details
S1PR2 Details
GPC5 Details
PRDM14 Details
LRRC30 Details
POTEF Details
AEBP1 Details
HDAC9 Details
ZNF510 Details
SCG3 Details
AMBRA1 Details
CD5L Details
TP53 Details
AARS2 Details
DHTKD1 Details
SCLY Details
SERPINA3 Details
ALKBH3 Details
VSIG10 Details
KCNIP1 Details
NECTIN1 Details
PCDH10 Details
PA2G4 Details
CRACD Details
CSMD3 Details
MYO3A Details
TLR8 Details
ZFPM1 Details
NEMP2 Details
NSUN6 Details
OLFML2A Details
POLG Details
OASL Details
HMCN1 Details
CABIN1 Details
MYPN Details
PROB1 Details
SMCR8 Details
DMP1 Details
FRYL Details
ALX4 Details
DISP1 Details
HSPB6 Details
UNC5D Details
KNDC1 Details