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Mutated genes for cell-line CAL148
This collection contains 712 mutated genes for the cell-line CAL148_BREAST (alias CAL148) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000902). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Breast Cancer" with the subtype "Breast Ductal Carcinoma".
The collection currently contains 712 proteins.
# Protein Links
RALGAPA1 Details
ABCG2 Details
ANLN Details
CYS1 Details
CPOX Details
KRT28 Details
ZNF804A Details
THOP1 Details
DZIP1 Details
USPL1 Details
ATXN3 Details
C20orf96 Details
PPL Details
SVIL Details
EVPL Details
CFAP251 Details
PCLO Details
PDE11A Details
ABCA13 Details
ELMOD1 Details
SYNRG Details
PTBP2 Details
AKAP8 Details
UBQLN1 Details
UBAP2L Details
NELFCD Details
MARK2 Details
SYNE1 Details
PNKD Details
ZBTB7C Details
NCAM2 Details
EVC2 Details
ZNF335 Details
MRPS26 Details
AFF4 Details
MAML1 Details
COL6A2 Details
UPF1 Details
CLMN Details
RETN Details
DALRD3 Details
CDH17 Details
NOC2L Details
MYH15 Details
ZNF213 Details
SOX5 Details
CDH1 Details
OXNAD1 Details
OR13H1 Details
COL22A1 Details
PDE1C Details
FBXL19 Details
CNTNAP3 Details
DNAH5 Details
COL4A2 Details
ATP11C Details
MEF2B Details
KCNV1 Details
SULT2B1 Details
FAM189B Details
DPYSL2 Details
CYB5D2 Details
USP11 Details
GNA12 Details
SLC24A5 Details
PBXIP1 Details
XIRP2 Details
PDZD2 Details
RPS6KA3 Details
HAX1 Details
CCN1 Details
NAA15 Details
APCDD1L Details
UGCG Details
IGSF1 Details
PPEF1 Details
COL19A1 Details
ABCA4 Details
AREL1 Details
HID1 Details
G6PC Details
HIRA Details
USH2A Details
NBEAL1 Details
DENND1B Details
FLG2 Details
PCDH11X Details
OR52I2 Details
ART4 Details
ITGA2 Details
EXOC7 Details
PLEKHG5 Details
NR3C1 Details
ZCRB1 Details
AIFM1 Details
TTN Details
HIVEP3 Details
SYMPK Details
CHD3 Details
SDK1 Details
TAF13 Details
ZNF346 Details
ASAP1 Details
TAF2 Details
FIGNL1 Details
NDC1 Details
MUC16 Details
BCORL1 Details
WSB2 Details
XYLT1 Details
IQCA1 Details
HDAC5 Details
CARD9 Details
USP9X Details
SLC9A3 Details
SLC1A4 Details
MYCBP2 Details
MUC3A Details
TDRD6 Details
TRAF3IP3 Details
UGT2B10 Details
SMARCC2 Details
BTK Details
PIK3R4 Details
ITSN1 Details
TNS2 Details
MDC1 Details
PDE4DIP Details
MED23 Details
KPRP Details
KIF26B Details
PUM2 Details
PTEN Details
MAPK8IP1 Details
CRYZL1 Details
SMUG1 Details
EXTL1 Details
GPRIN2 Details
PXK Details
ZNF385D Details
SALL3 Details
TENM1 Details
ZNF709 Details
SYT11 Details
TSGA13 Details
RBMXL2 Details
HYAL4 Details
EFCAB11 Details
EPHB1 Details
ABCA9 Details
UBC Details
HEATR5B Details
UBFD1 Details
SPRY3 Details
TRIM24 Details
SCIN Details
CUL9 Details
RPS25 Details
NAGLU Details
ALG10B Details
SZT2 Details
CCAR1 Details
F5 Details
SAMSN1 Details
CIC Details
ATOH8 Details
ADAMTSL3 Details
CD1A Details
PTCD3 Details
RAD50 Details
ZNF628 Details
TMEFF1 Details
FAM160B1 Details
COG6 Details
PHRF1 Details
OR1A2 Details
SLC25A34 Details
PLA2G4B Details
ATP6V0D2 Details
TTC1 Details
ZNF568 Details
PRDM15 Details
TET1 Details
RBMX2 Details
PAQR7 Details
KIAA1549L Details
TDRKH Details
TNFAIP8L2 Details
PINK1 Details
TRMT1L Details
ATL1 Details
XK Details
PARP14 Details
ABHD17C Details
TLCD2 Details
ZNF398 Details
RMDN3 Details
ZNF862 Details
H1-2 Details
ZNF622 Details
FGFR3 Details
FBXO43 Details
IDNK Details
WSCD2 Details
SNAP25 Details
IQCD Details
UFC1 Details
MXRA5 Details
USP32 Details
ALPP Details
BTNL8 Details
VGLL4 Details
CPEB4 Details
APOH Details
RGL1 Details
SMIM30 Details
CD58 Details
MYH11 Details
ADGRL3 Details
NUP88 Details
RAB11FIP3 Details
ATG4C Details
PLA2G4A Details
PHLPP1 Details
SLC11A2 Details
GOT2 Details
AXDND1 Details
RYR2 Details
TSHZ3 Details
TTLL6 Details
PRDM5 Details
CRHR2 Details
BCL7C Details
VWA1 Details
CCDC174 Details
DNAAF5 Details
MECOM Details
VGF Details
IL18RAP Details
FAM83G Details
KRT40 Details
WT1 Details
DGKI Details
GSTM1 Details
UNC13A Details
ROR1 Details
DDI1 Details
AUTS2 Details
INSIG1 Details
LRRC8C Details
ZIC2 Details
RRP12 Details
ZKSCAN1 Details
PPFIBP1 Details
TACC2 Details
HAUS8 Details
SELE Details
GXYLT2 Details
AKAP9 Details
DCAF12L1 Details
COL9A1 Details
PIK3CA Details
SERTAD2 Details
LAMA3 Details
EXOC6B Details
DNAJC28 Details
TASOR2 Details
PZP Details
MAST4 Details
GGA1 Details
C11orf42 Details
NEK7 Details
ALOX12B Details
OR10H2 Details
GBP3 Details
EHBP1 Details
ZNF12 Details
RRM2 Details
PCDHGA11 Details
ERICH2 Details
ERBB4 Details
NUP210L Details
ADGRG4 Details
KNTC1 Details
KALRN Details
ANO5 Details
TRPM8 Details
MAP2K1 Details
HERC1 Details
CTNND1 Details
SLC14A2 Details
C1orf68 Details
CBLB Details
FGD4 Details
GNPDA2 Details
ARHGAP6 Details
PTPN13 Details
GRM3 Details
C6orf163 Details
PRPF40A Details
GARS1 Details
STON1 Details
SRPK3 Details
KCNJ12 Details
FGFRL1 Details
ANKRD11 Details
TSEN2 Details
TRIM69 Details
GPC2 Details
RALGDS Details
TSHR Details
ENO3 Details
UBR1 Details
SFI1 Details
JMY Details
ACSF2 Details
PLA1A Details
JUND Details
LAP3 Details
PLAAT3 Details
TNC Details
CAVIN4 Details
LRRC10 Details
THBS4 Details
CAPZA2 Details
PRTFDC1 Details
SLC6A12 Details
SPECC1 Details
FLG Details
ASPH Details
TMEM132A Details
C9orf40 Details
KIAA0319 Details
ROBO2 Details
ADAM19 Details
CAPRIN1 Details
DNAH1 Details
SCN11A Details
NLRP13 Details
ADAMTS18 Details
PRRC2C Details
TET3 Details
RDH10 Details
PGAP4 Details
ZNF521 Details
LRRC27 Details
WNK1 Details
AFAP1 Details
TULP1 Details
RLF Details
NUMA1 Details
ADD1 Details
FMN2 Details
SCARA3 Details
ANO2 Details
NEIL3 Details
KRTAP1-3 Details
DCLK1 Details
WDFY3 Details
SPATS2 Details
GLMN Details
ASPDH Details
ZNF490 Details
MYOM3 Details
LRIG3 Details
CACNA2D3 Details
ADGB Details
LCA5 Details
REV1 Details
PAK5 Details
PDZRN3 Details
WNT2 Details
LMO7 Details
OTOP2 Details
TULP4 Details
TMCC2 Details
AKAP12 Details
TIPARP Details
ARHGEF2 Details
CCDC93 Details
INSRR Details
COL5A3 Details
KLC3 Details
DST Details
TAF3 Details
OR52N1 Details
PROX1 Details
SRRM2 Details
RAB7A Details
HLA-G Details
CEACAM3 Details
PCDHGA5 Details
LRGUK Details
MUC12 Details
NCOR1 Details
MED12L Details
PYGL Details
PCDHA13 Details
SGO2 Details
PADI4 Details
SLC6A15 Details
USP28 Details
MYH6 Details
CFH Details
PKD1L1 Details
WDR64 Details
ECE1 Details
AFDN Details
RFWD3 Details
ZNF217 Details
CWC27 Details
CPNE8 Details
SREBF2 Details
KANK1 Details
KIF9 Details
PMPCA Details
PROX2 Details
SEMA6C Details
CDC5L Details
NUDT17 Details
SQLE Details
OR5K3 Details
CELSR1 Details
HNRNPA2B1 Details
PAPPA Details
CRACDL Details
MAP3K15 Details
MAB21L2 Details
SASH1 Details
TRIP12 Details
CDH2 Details
PFKFB3 Details
TRMT11 Details
PILRA Details
OR9I1 Details
ATP2B4 Details
SLC22A6 Details
SEMA3F Details
ECI2 Details
ZNRF4 Details
OMA1 Details
GON4L Details
ADGRL1 Details
HDX Details
MARCHF5 Details
MYH7 Details
DOCK10 Details
MTRF1 Details
MR1 Details
SEPTIN14 Details
TPR Details
SEMA4C Details
AMER1 Details
RC3H2 Details
ROR2 Details
KLRF1 Details
SMARCC1 Details
RNF17 Details
LRIG2 Details
MT-ND5 Details
PRRG3 Details
CEP250 Details
DCHS2 Details
PNMA3 Details
RBM15 Details
FLI1 Details
CCDC30 Details
CD93 Details
INCA1 Details
SNTG1 Details
AMOTL2 Details
ADGRD2 Details
SERPINA7 Details
ZNF557 Details
MARCHF10 Details
GPATCH1 Details
CNTN2 Details
KIAA1109 Details
TUSC1 Details
SERPINF2 Details
RCC2 Details
TNR Details
ABCA8 Details
LDLR Details
DTYMK Details
ZNF860 Details
POU3F4 Details
TRIM6 Details
RHOA Details
ZC3H12C Details
BMI1 Details
TOP2A Details
ZNF777 Details
PFDN4 Details
C17orf97 Details
ADAMTSL4 Details
MUC4 Details
ZNF106 Details
CELSR3 Details
CDKN2A Details
BSCL2 Details
ANKRD18B Details
SOD1 Details
USP24 Details
BIRC6 Details
ATG2B Details
TOR1AIP1 Details
PTGS2 Details
TSC22D4 Details
RADIL Details
MIDEAS Details
FERMT1 Details
ITIH5 Details
GRB10 Details
PHOSPHO2 Details
ANKRD36 Details
TSPYL4 Details
KCNN1 Details
FFAR1 Details
NUP43 Details
DOHH Details
ECPAS Details
UBE3A Details
C16orf90 Details
MASTL Details
SOX17 Details
LIN9 Details
USHBP1 Details
ZNF318 Details
ZNF141 Details
RACK1 Details
CHTF18 Details
TRMT61B Details
TCHHL1 Details
CHRNA7 Details
ADGRD1 Details
ARFGEF1 Details
CXXC1 Details
CNST Details
ASPM Details
SCARB1 Details
FBXW10 Details
GBP2 Details
SMARCA4 Details
PCDHGA4 Details
EIF2AK1 Details
MT-CO1 Details
WDR90 Details
ABCA6 Details
SLC32A1 Details
DMD Details
FURIN Details
TRIR Details
TTF1 Details
SSH1 Details
HACD1 Details
PTGER4 Details
PRSS37 Details
SRSF7 Details
ASIC3 Details
KTI12 Details
TIMM8B Details
TUBGCP4 Details
TMF1 Details
CNDP1 Details
ADAMTS10 Details
PPP5D1 Details
CCDC158 Details
MARF1 Details
FRMD4B Details
FREM2 Details
HGSNAT Details
NOVA1 Details
LBX2 Details
COL11A1 Details
ATP4A Details
NBPF6 Details
AKAP13 Details
CD163 Details
FAM135A Details
DGKQ Details
ZNF443 Details
ERF Details
CHRM2 Details
TRIM42 Details
PAK4 Details
STT3A Details
ATP10B Details
COL12A1 Details
EN1 Details
SIN3A Details
IREB2 Details
ITIH3 Details
CAND2 Details
SRSF6 Details
MED25 Details
CCDC189 Details
OR14I1 Details
MAPKBP1 Details
MPRIP Details
PGK1 Details
KLF5 Details
SIAH2 Details
ZNF518B Details
FAM43B Details
SOWAHC Details
TRIM22 Details
ATP1A1 Details
RNPEP Details
CECR2 Details
FASN Details
MYT1 Details
RAF1 Details
RTN4 Details
CNTN6 Details
MEGF6 Details
OR2G6 Details
CCND1 Details
FAT1 Details
MAT1A Details
JMJD8 Details
KRT23 Details
RNF113A Details
AKAP1 Details
KPNA7 Details
NFIC Details
ZNF627 Details
KCNA7 Details
ADGRA1 Details
OBSCN Details
ASTN1 Details
ZBTB33 Details
RIMS4 Details
PTPRC Details
SLFN11 Details
CHRND Details
OR5K2 Details
KIAA2013 Details
HELQ Details
TMEM219 Details
SIX4 Details
ZNF415 Details
DYNC1H1 Details
MMEL1 Details
ARHGAP1 Details
LRP1 Details
KBTBD12 Details
PDE8A Details
GRIN3A Details
NTRK1 Details
AADAT Details
AP1M1 Details
SMARCA2 Details
DIAPH3 Details
EXOSC2 Details
OR5F1 Details
NCOR2 Details
PSME4 Details
C5orf64 Details
PCSK5 Details
FAM182B Details
BAIAP2L1 Details
ROBO3 Details
NUP210 Details
TP53 Details
RNPEPL1 Details
FAM221A Details
MRPS22 Details
FARP1 Details
ABCA7 Details
ANKRD13A Details
CYP4F2 Details
FNIP2 Details
WNT2B Details
KIF14 Details
KDM8 Details
PDP1 Details
TRMT2B Details
CUX1 Details
TOP1MT Details
TBC1D30 Details
TMCO2 Details
PCDHA8 Details
CSMD3 Details
LAMA1 Details
CSNK2A3 Details
ZNF616 Details
MYBPC2 Details
VASH1 Details
LAMB4 Details
ZNF541 Details
PEG3 Details
NSUN6 Details
CLDN8 Details
HMCN1 Details
CASP2 Details
ARID4B Details
NRCAM Details
FYB1 Details
PALD1 Details
HPS5 Details
ISY1 Details
DOCK1 Details
PPFIBP2 Details
BRD4 Details
TOPAZ1 Details
TBX3 Details
SH2D3C Details
NID1 Details