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Mutated genes for cell-line RH18DM
This collection contains 499 mutated genes for the cell-line RH18DM_SOFT_TISSUE (alias RH18DM) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-001790). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Sarcoma" with the subtype "Rhabdomyosarcoma, embryonal".
The collection currently contains 499 proteins.
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TRAPPC11 Details
SMPD3 Details
HSD17B12 Details
TTBK1 Details
GPX3 Details
RXRG Details
OR10A3 Details
PCLO Details
PDE11A Details
C18orf25 Details
IQSEC1 Details
FBN2 Details
GPCPD1 Details
C12orf71 Details
ZNF248 Details
C11orf54 Details
ZFP90 Details
GGA3 Details
APCDD1 Details
TCTN2 Details
UCHL5 Details
ZNF30 Details
ONECUT2 Details
ZMAT1 Details
NSD2 Details
TCHH Details
TAS2R41 Details
DNAH14 Details
CDH10 Details
PCNP Details
ADCY8 Details
PXDN Details
FAM189B Details
GLYAT Details
KLHL38 Details
ZNF133 Details
COL1A2 Details
GNS Details
HOOK3 Details
KLHDC8A Details
SYT10 Details
MAST1 Details
SP7 Details
MAP3K19 Details
ACP5 Details
MYO7A Details
RGS22 Details
RP1L1 Details
SLC30A5 Details
GAPVD1 Details
ST3GAL3 Details
SEC24A Details
C18orf54 Details
PRKAG3 Details
RBSN Details
BRPF3 Details
SCGB3A2 Details
CDH8 Details
USH2A Details
FLG2 Details
LLGL2 Details
GRB14 Details
CFAP157 Details
VIT Details
KCNH4 Details
NIT1 Details
ETNK2 Details
CHL1 Details
CLEC12B Details
CLPB Details
SLC5A8 Details
MUC16 Details
NTMT1 Details
NRAS Details
FAM135B Details
DSCAML1 Details
NPFFR2 Details
ANKS1B Details
SOWAHB Details
AMOT Details
RGSL1 Details
STAT5A Details
DROSHA Details
STAB2 Details
PRAMEF12 Details
LHX5 Details
PRUNE2 Details
FAT2 Details
ZNF625 Details
OR10AG1 Details
UNC80 Details
MCF2L2 Details
COBL Details
SLC4A11 Details
PBX3 Details
SERPINE2 Details
PLXNA3 Details
SLC12A5 Details
CEP41 Details
LRRTM4 Details
LYST Details
EP400 Details
NXF1 Details
GSE1 Details
GFI1 Details
WDR97 Details
SRCIN1 Details
PTCD3 Details
NNT Details
ZBED1 Details
OR5B2 Details
SETD1A Details
TDRD9 Details
SVEP1 Details
NFASC Details
AZU1 Details
LARP1 Details
KIAA1549L Details
FAM71E2 Details
TRANK1 Details
RBM20 Details
ACTR1B Details
OR2A5 Details
C1orf210 Details
OR1E1 Details
KRT35 Details
LAX1 Details
DIP2C Details
CSMD2 Details
LUZP2 Details
DNAH3 Details
RNF2 Details
IL17A Details
ZMYM1 Details
BMP2 Details
DIS3 Details
ALPP Details
DEPDC7 Details
RUSC2 Details
DNMBP Details
CFAP65 Details
TP53BP1 Details
MERTK Details
JAKMIP1 Details
LAMA5 Details
HNF1A Details
KLHL11 Details
FRMPD3 Details
FCGR2B Details
KCNJ9 Details
H3-4 Details
LRP2 Details
H3C7 Details
NHS Details
SRRM1 Details
ABCA12 Details
MORC3 Details
DRD5 Details
IL1R2 Details
NF1 Details
RYR2 Details
SLC7A9 Details
UBQLN2 Details
ZCCHC18 Details
UBR4 Details
MOV10 Details
CCT2 Details
WAS Details
PRKN Details
MECOM Details
CCDC43 Details
NEUROG3 Details
CILP Details
NRXN1 Details
SLAMF1 Details
METTL18 Details
PTHLH Details
NTF4 Details
MRTFA Details
SULT2A1 Details
DNAH7 Details
CNR2 Details
DUSP15 Details
ZKSCAN1 Details
PHLDB3 Details
NGF Details
ACSS1 Details
DENND3 Details
LAMA3 Details
WDR55 Details
MAST4 Details
KCNA6 Details
ITPRID1 Details
TRNP1 Details
ZNF676 Details
AMZ1 Details
DLL1 Details
ZNF845 Details
CLPX Details
KRT37 Details
ANKRD62 Details
ANXA1 Details
NLRP9 Details
MMP27 Details
SEL1L3 Details
DEFB112 Details
BARD1 Details
SEC31A Details
TSHR Details
GRIP1 Details
NPAS3 Details
SULT6B1 Details
UPF2 Details
CRISPLD2 Details
FUT6 Details
PLXND1 Details
SMARCB1 Details
CWF19L2 Details
NLRP3 Details
LARGE2 Details
FNIP1 Details
HES5 Details
TFCP2 Details
FLG Details
FCGBP Details
RELN Details
ITGAM Details
FCER2 Details
NPSR1 Details
QRFPR Details
FAM47A Details
LIPE Details
SMIM7 Details
FANCC Details
FANCD2 Details
SPINT4 Details
PRRC2C Details
CLUH Details
C6 Details
ZDBF2 Details
CSDE1 Details
KPNA6 Details
HERC6 Details
DTNA Details
PDLIM1 Details
ATP8A1 Details
OTX1 Details
KMO Details
SPATA48 Details
CACNA1H Details
BIN2 Details
AMOTL1 Details
SLIT3 Details
TNXB Details
NOD2 Details
CCR7 Details
LRIG3 Details
ABHD12 Details
DIAPH2 Details
CSPG5 Details
MUSK Details
NCAPD3 Details
FNDC1 Details
CABP4 Details
USP16 Details
ARHGEF2 Details
SNX5 Details
CCDC93 Details
IRX5 Details
INSRR Details
GPR179 Details
LRRIQ4 Details
CC2D2A Details
STYXL2 Details
C3 Details
CACNG1 Details
TMEM131 Details
PYGL Details
GINS3 Details
ANAPC7 Details
EFCAB5 Details
DLG1 Details
SHISA2 Details
MKLN1 Details
SCN1A Details
CYP7A1 Details
TAS2R5 Details
RIPK4 Details
AGBL5 Details
KCNH8 Details
SHROOM1 Details
DRAP1 Details
TBXT Details
JARID2 Details
LIN54 Details
RBM33 Details
SCAF11 Details
ZFHX4 Details
ENTHD1 Details
SLC12A7 Details
NDNF Details
ASXL3 Details
PALM Details
CAMK2B Details
PNPLA6 Details
WDFY4 Details
RNF6 Details
RPRD2 Details
ZFR2 Details
AVL9 Details
TTC3 Details
KRT12 Details
ARHGAP45 Details
DPP10 Details
CPNE1 Details
TBR1 Details
BDP1 Details
SPAG9 Details
CFAP77 Details
SMO Details
SAGE1 Details
OR6C3 Details
TCF7L2 Details
HLA-DRA Details
ITGA11 Details
NEK1 Details
MORN1 Details
FOXP1 Details
MEF2A Details
ZNF638 Details
GRM8 Details
OIT3 Details
MYO16 Details
IFNLR1 Details
FASTKD1 Details
CENPN Details
PDE4D Details
LDLR Details
CHD5 Details
TTC13 Details
PRKCG Details
GDAP2 Details
PARD3B Details
DCAF8L2 Details
C4orf3 Details
TCTN3 Details
TOX Details
RAI1 Details
LRFN1 Details
SLC17A9 Details
TMEM160 Details
CHGB Details
HNRNPA1 Details
COX10 Details
PPARGC1B Details
MS4A14 Details
ISG15 Details
RFC1 Details
CACNA2D4 Details
SOWAHA Details
RABGAP1 Details
TBX2 Details
SMARCAL1 Details
DCAF6 Details
SLC16A5 Details
ALDH2 Details
CENPQ Details
MSANTD1 Details
HTT Details
OR10G9 Details
SIGLEC14 Details
FOLR1 Details
DOCK4 Details
BBS7 Details
GRAMD1B Details
MIB2 Details
CALHM1 Details
PRSS21 Details
DHX36 Details
SLC17A2 Details
CRLF3 Details
TPX2 Details
TMEM202 Details
TMEM131L Details
FGL1 Details
ILDR1 Details
DRD1 Details
P4HB Details
DMRTB1 Details
OPTC Details
MASP1 Details
TRIM60 Details
NFIX Details
ZNF90 Details
DHX38 Details
ASPM Details
SPAST Details
GBP2 Details
RCBTB2 Details
RLN2 Details
RNF223 Details
SCG2 Details
SYBU Details
ERP27 Details
ABCB6 Details
ARHGAP8 Details
HOXA3 Details
OCM2 Details
OR6Y1 Details
SCUBE1 Details
PIGO Details
TRPM3 Details
TOPBP1 Details
ACOT4 Details
CNOT3 Details
RBPJL Details
ZIK1 Details
FLT4 Details
ITIH3 Details
FHOD1 Details
ITFG1 Details
RAB3D Details
CFAP161 Details
C8orf49 Details
LINS1 Details
HELZ2 Details
EGF Details
MMP20 Details
ZNF518B Details
ROS1 Details
SLC24A4 Details
MROH2A Details
MYT1 Details
H3C3 Details
DNAH9 Details
DDX4 Details
ESR1 Details
TASP1 Details
MICAL1 Details
OR4C3 Details
OR1N2 Details
JCAD Details
MACF1 Details
C1orf127 Details
ASTN1 Details
SALL2 Details
KIAA0232 Details
CLK3 Details
RYR1 Details
ZNF300 Details
LPL Details
DNAH6 Details
MDGA2 Details
EHBP1L1 Details
TRIM10 Details
ZNF423 Details
FLNC Details
B4GALT2 Details
OR5F1 Details
TNS1 Details
KRTAP10-8 Details
H3-5 Details
RTL9 Details
DOT1L Details
COL4A4 Details
NEMF Details
TP53 Details
INTS10 Details
DNAJC5 Details
NEIL2 Details
STAT6 Details
CNTN4 Details
FUZ Details
CCNI Details
CTNNA2 Details
PROM1 Details
RBM12B Details
SLC5A4 Details
CLSTN2 Details
ZNF616 Details
VASH1 Details
ZNF541 Details
PPP1R7 Details
NSUN6 Details
CLCN2 Details
EDEM2 Details
BRINP3 Details
KCNQ2 Details
TRAPPC9 Details
UNKL Details
CYP2C9 Details
TBC1D4 Details
ATXN7L2 Details
CRTC1 Details
MYOCD Details
PDE10A Details
TMEM178A Details