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Mutated genes for cell-line LOVO
This collection contains 2595 mutated genes for the cell-line LOVO_LARGE_INTESTINE (alias LOVO) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000950). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Colon/Colorectal Cancer" with the subtype "Adenocarcinoma".
The collection currently contains 885 proteins.
# Protein Links
INTS12 Details
SMPD3 Details
PIK3R2 Details
ZMIZ1 Details
ZNF787 Details
ZNF292 Details
HLA-B Details
TRIM46 Details
RAB34 Details
SVIL Details
APOA1 Details
CRYAA Details
BSDC1 Details
PCLO Details
ABCA13 Details
NME9 Details
ZMPSTE24 Details
RBMXL1 Details
TOP2B Details
WNK3 Details
CEP120 Details
JAK1 Details
TTLL8 Details
F2RL2 Details
FOXK1 Details
PHETA2 Details
UPF3A Details
NLRP14 Details
SFRP2 Details
MED11 Details
SPATA46 Details
TFIP11 Details
EHMT1 Details
GRAMD1A Details
ESPL1 Details
SGMS1 Details
MT-CYB Details
NECTIN2 Details
EGR1 Details
IL3 Details
C17orf98 Details
CCDC63 Details
MYH1 Details
ZMYND11 Details
ZNF462 Details
XPO7 Details
ZDHHC18 Details
ZBTB7C Details
ARSA Details
POU2F1 Details
CBX3 Details
HCFC2 Details
GUCA1A Details
SETD1B Details
GALNTL6 Details
TSC22D2 Details
EXOSC5 Details
TRIP13 Details
NOTCH1 Details
DALRD3 Details
SON Details
ZC3H7A Details
MYO18A Details
KHSRP Details
INPP5D Details
TPM4 Details
ZFYVE16 Details
ZNF831 Details
TMEM115 Details
UTP4 Details
GOLGA7 Details
DBX1 Details
SCAP Details
R3HDM1 Details
ROCK2 Details
ZNF598 Details
ZDHHC8 Details
C6orf47 Details
UNC5C Details
KCNV1 Details
NOP2 Details
DPYSL2 Details
LASP1 Details
STOX1 Details
ITPR3 Details
SUN2 Details
CP Details
B3GNT3 Details
KIAA0753 Details
RNF220 Details
SYT10 Details
MAST1 Details
SLC43A3 Details
OR5H1 Details
EML6 Details
KDM1B Details
CELF4 Details
PINX1 Details
HGS Details
DHX34 Details
PRKRA Details
ZBTB40 Details
PLXNB1 Details
PIEZO2 Details
RINL Details
GNAS Details
AOC3 Details
ABCA4 Details
ZNF174 Details
CDH8 Details
RAD17 Details
VWA7 Details
NBEAL1 Details
EML5 Details
PLEKHH1 Details
IPO7 Details
SEMA4F Details
ITGA2 Details
DNM1 Details
ADGRL4 Details
GALNT2 Details
RSPH10B2 Details
SH3BP5L Details
ALDH1L2 Details
CSNK1G3 Details
CDC25A Details
TTN Details
ARPP21 Details
NPEPL1 Details
PCDH19 Details
CCAR2 Details
PPM1M Details
SDK1 Details
CHL1 Details
PDLIM5 Details
HAP1 Details
CA3 Details
MPHOSPH6 Details
ITGBL1 Details
ATF5 Details
BCORL1 Details
TOM1 Details
CORIN Details
RBM28 Details
SNRK Details
GLI3 Details
LRRC25 Details
AP1G2 Details
USP35 Details
CTBP2 Details
MKRN3 Details
RASSF6 Details
KIF13A Details
AGXT2 Details
GMPS Details
MYF5 Details
NRROS Details
TNS2 Details
CYB5R4 Details
KBTBD7 Details
LRRC8E Details
PDE4DIP Details
KRT84 Details
STAB2 Details
CSPG4 Details
LRRC71 Details
WDR6 Details
KIF26B Details
NCALD Details
LGALS3BP Details
NEB Details
UROC1 Details
GNAT1 Details
KIF3B Details
GAS7 Details
WASHC4 Details
OR2A2 Details
CAMKK2 Details
KCNK13 Details
NTN1 Details
SLC2A13 Details
SLC4A11 Details
SLC16A13 Details
BCLAF1 Details
CELF6 Details
PXK Details
TNKS Details
RNF39 Details
CARM1 Details
SLC12A5 Details
PAXIP1 Details
NAV3 Details
KRBA1 Details
MBD3 Details
MCTP1 Details
MEGF8 Details
BTF3L4 Details
FBXW5 Details
ANKRD63 Details
BAZ2A Details
SRP72 Details
ENKUR Details
PHGR1 Details
SERPINH1 Details
SIX3 Details
IPO11 Details
DRD4 Details
ST7 Details
RHPN2 Details
RCC1 Details
ANK3 Details
CARS2 Details
EP400 Details
ARHGAP35 Details
PARL Details
F5 Details
MICAL3 Details
IER2 Details
NAA16 Details
LRP8 Details
SAFB2 Details
ZNF365 Details
HEYL Details
UBN1 Details
USP48 Details
TMEM65 Details
TRPV6 Details
ADORA2B Details
PTGIS Details
DDX17 Details
CYLC1 Details
ARID1A Details
ABHD13 Details
COG6 Details
CREB3L3 Details
SRGAP3 Details
SLC44A4 Details
PRDM15 Details
TET1 Details
WDR86 Details
MLXIP Details
WARS1 Details
LARP1 Details
CHSY1 Details
LMTK3 Details
ATP1A4 Details
PARP14 Details
EIF4EBP2 Details
ZNF862 Details
TMEM234 Details
MAP11 Details
FGFR3 Details
TMC2 Details
CSMD2 Details
DYM Details
NOS2 Details
DNAH3 Details
WSCD2 Details
ST6GALNAC2 Details
RETSAT Details
SSC5D Details
IQCD Details
ZBTB38 Details
SMAD2 Details
ANKRD36C Details
ZCCHC12 Details
CMTM1 Details
GNAI2 Details
EIF3M Details
ASCL4 Details
CYP51A1 Details
AATF Details
CFAP65 Details
LONRF1 Details
DMRT1 Details
SMYD2 Details
PSPN Details
STRN4 Details
ATP6V0A4 Details
ATP8B1 Details
PRPF3 Details
SUPT20H Details
DTX3L Details
CCDC102B Details
CCDC116 Details
ADGRL3 Details
VEZF1 Details
SLC12A1 Details
CYP8B1 Details
DUOXA1 Details
GRK7 Details
LSMEM2 Details
PCDHB10 Details
RCL1 Details
CSRP3 Details
SLC66A2 Details
FOXP4 Details
SDR9C7 Details
MAGED2 Details
SHF Details
ASB7 Details
PLEKHD1 Details
FCRL3 Details
ANKRD23 Details
PES1 Details
PCDHB14 Details
DPP4 Details
USP34 Details
DCTN1 Details
SERPINI2 Details
TULP2 Details
ETV1 Details
TMEM104 Details
TEX14 Details
SLC46A2 Details
HINT2 Details
COL5A1 Details
ELMO2 Details
FAM13A Details
CHST9 Details
PIWIL2 Details
ZFR Details
PPP1R3A Details
FZD10 Details
REEP4 Details
MEIS2 Details
SLC10A2 Details
FLYWCH1 Details
RIOX2 Details
NRM Details
DNAJC16 Details
GFOD1 Details
CYP27C1 Details
RAB44 Details
PRDM10 Details
C11orf42 Details
EBF2 Details
PFDN1 Details
MAGEL2 Details
KMT5C Details
CCDC88C Details
EHBP1 Details
ARHGEF18 Details
ADM Details
LRCH4 Details
LRP6 Details
VANGL2 Details
CADPS2 Details
YLPM1 Details
ERGIC1 Details
TAP1 Details
KMT2B Details
GATA4 Details
DYNC1I2 Details
KRT6B Details
OR4M1 Details
TRIM8 Details
NLRP11 Details
DAPK1 Details
TBC1D10C Details
RYR3 Details
KDM6B Details
FGD4 Details
STK36 Details
DDX60L Details
FAT4 Details
RCOR2 Details
PGAP3 Details
USP26 Details
RAB20 Details
MUCL3 Details
TTC4 Details
H1-3 Details
LRRC8A Details
EIF3A Details
PTPRS Details
SLC39A13 Details
MIER3 Details
ENO3 Details
FAM120A Details
GIN1 Details
ROBO4 Details
LHX1 Details
FER1L6 Details
LAMC2 Details
WDR3 Details
KLC4 Details
ABR Details
FNDC9 Details
POM121L2 Details
PLXND1 Details
MX2 Details
ITGB8 Details
PRRC1 Details
DDX3X Details
FNIP1 Details
PODN Details
SHKBP1 Details
SLC6A12 Details
LHCGR Details
PGBD5 Details
MLLT6 Details
LZTR1 Details
RELN Details
CAMKK1 Details
PLCD3 Details
SORCS2 Details
CAPRIN1 Details
YTHDC2 Details
PTPRU Details
SLC7A2 Details
SOS2 Details
NLRP13 Details
ZNF814 Details
ODF3L2 Details
MYO5A Details
ADRA2C Details
HHLA1 Details
ERCC3 Details
USP6 Details
PLCG1 Details
CNNM1 Details
MYH2 Details
COL2A1 Details
PLEKHO2 Details
ANGPTL7 Details
PHF6 Details
NOA1 Details
DUOX2 Details
ADD1 Details
LRPPRC Details
CACNA1H Details
ADAMTS5 Details
ARHGEF40 Details
TACC3 Details
ACTC1 Details
AIF1 Details
WDFY3 Details
ELN Details
DAB2IP Details
GNL1 Details
TNXB Details
TPRX1 Details
RP9 Details
PIGT Details
INTS11 Details
WDR81 Details
ZC3H13 Details
DNAJA1 Details
MUC6 Details
RBFOX1 Details
SMC5 Details
PLAU Details
TYW1 Details
FAM184B Details
PYM1 Details
FAM218A Details
LMO7 Details
BTAF1 Details
FLII Details
AXIN2 Details
TULP4 Details
PCDH20 Details
PRPF40B Details
APAF1 Details
MFRP Details
AKAP12 Details
GCC1 Details
TSPAN8 Details
DDX50 Details
OR13C3 Details
ZFYVE26 Details
RHPN1 Details
ELAPOR2 Details
C14orf93 Details
SCRN1 Details
GPR31 Details
MLKL Details
SATL1 Details
ZNF195 Details
SLFN5 Details
NFIA Details
ZCCHC2 Details
CEP170 Details
FBXO30 Details
MTUS2 Details
PADI4 Details
ENAH Details
NFE2L1 Details
NANOS2 Details
CCDC177 Details
PKD1L1 Details
METTL27 Details
ATF7IP Details
NELFE Details
CNTNAP1 Details
MAP1B Details
PROM2 Details
TMEM255A Details
INTS13 Details
STXBP5 Details
RPL3 Details
DAGLA Details
GRIN3B Details
ARSJ Details
MSC Details
PPM1F Details
WNT16 Details
COL23A1 Details
CDO1 Details
AFAP1L1 Details
STOX2 Details
LMX1B Details
RIPK4 Details
KIF11 Details
SLC30A6 Details
ZNF280A Details
RIPOR2 Details
ALOX15 Details
MAP2 Details
VCAN Details
UHMK1 Details
TIE1 Details
AHCYL2 Details
KCNJ6 Details
NLRP1 Details
UNC13C Details
LDLRAD3 Details
HSPH1 Details
ZFHX4 Details
FZD9 Details
FBLN2 Details
CCDC168 Details
PALM Details
SP140 Details
RUBCN Details
RASGEF1A Details
RGS20 Details
EPHB4 Details
BCAN Details
DICER1 Details
NOD1 Details
CDK5R1 Details
PNPLA6 Details
ZNF407 Details
ABHD1 Details
TPR Details
SGSM1 Details
RPRD2 Details
RC3H2 Details
CASD1 Details
TTC3 Details
LTBP4 Details
GALNT10 Details
DPP10 Details
SLC4A5 Details
WDR5 Details
OR5D14 Details
SSH3 Details
MAP1LC3A Details
ANKEF1 Details
SEPTIN10 Details
KIFC2 Details
PCDHGC5 Details
A3GALT2 Details
CEP250 Details
MAMSTR Details
TMTC2 Details
DHX16 Details
RPL31 Details
TTC5 Details
PREX2 Details
PRKCD Details
SLFNL1 Details
TCF7L2 Details
C1orf226 Details
ZNF180 Details
KRT2 Details
SNTG1 Details
TNIK Details
TRMT44 Details
OTUD5 Details
AIFM3 Details
TTC23 Details
CNTRL Details
LRRC9 Details
SORCS1 Details
SV2C Details
CFAP206 Details
RING1 Details
PAGE1 Details
ABTB1 Details
PLEKHA6 Details
ATP2A3 Details
RIPK3 Details
CYP4X1 Details
CYB5R2 Details
ZRANB3 Details
ZZEF1 Details
GABRG1 Details
EIF2AK3 Details
FSTL5 Details
RIMBP3 Details
SRRT Details
EPHA1 Details
EHMT2 Details
GREB1 Details
TIMM17A Details
TAPBP Details
PRMT7 Details
PRKCG Details
ABCF2 Details
PKD1 Details
CLBA1 Details
CTU1 Details
COL7A1 Details
H2BC7 Details
BFAR Details
TCTN3 Details
SLC27A1 Details
HECTD4 Details
HTRA3 Details
PLEKHF1 Details
DDB1 Details
PCDHB5 Details
HCN4 Details
OTUD7B Details
NRP2 Details
MGAM Details
PLK3 Details
SPEN Details
ADAMTSL4 Details
GALNT11 Details
LIF Details
PRDM2 Details
CELSR3 Details
CYP11B1 Details
MACROD1 Details
L1CAM Details
DLGAP1 Details
KIF7 Details
ACVRL1 Details
SNRPA Details
UBE3B Details
PCDHA10 Details
BIRC6 Details
HR Details
SDF2L1 Details
CPAMD8 Details
PGS1 Details
ATG2B Details
TOR1AIP1 Details
XRCC2 Details
AHNAK Details
CRAT Details
ERMP1 Details
TLL2 Details
RNASEL Details
AGBL2 Details
ERI1 Details
TMED8 Details
JAG2 Details
ZNF516 Details
IRF2BPL Details
TCF25 Details
ZNF438 Details
PCDHB12 Details
PDS5A Details
FAM133A Details
OR8I2 Details
CTCF Details
TPX2 Details
RACK1 Details
TBC1D13 Details
NHLRC1 Details
AGPAT4 Details
LATS2 Details
KCTD7 Details
SLC27A6 Details
HDAC4 Details
CCDC170 Details
SLC16A3 Details
CLIP2 Details
TGIF1 Details
CEP295 Details
ARFGEF1 Details
CXXC1 Details
ZNF704 Details
TECTA Details
CINP Details
COMMD7 Details
KCTD11 Details
DCAF17 Details
ZMYM4 Details
HBE1 Details
BAG5 Details
EYA4 Details
DMD Details
FURIN Details
SCN2A Details
PLEKHM2 Details
BARHL2 Details
NSF Details
RBM4 Details
SOAT2 Details
PTPN7 Details
SIRT3 Details
ACAN Details
SPRR2G Details
AXL Details
TPO Details
UGT1A6 Details
NFRKB Details
C3orf70 Details
MUC5B Details
PCDHB13 Details
C3orf36 Details
GPR6 Details
FUT10 Details
ZSCAN10 Details
CDK14 Details
PCDHGB6 Details
MRGPRX4 Details
KRT17 Details
FOXL1 Details
AKR1A1 Details
TRPM3 Details
MRPL47 Details
PLA2G4D Details
SCEL Details
PIP4K2B Details
PSG2 Details
ATP9B Details
SERPINI1 Details
DOP1A Details
NLRP5 Details
SIN3A Details
IGSF10 Details
DSE Details
CASZ1 Details
BAIAP2 Details
HIPK2 Details
KHDRBS1 Details
CHD2 Details
EGF Details
GCNT2 Details
TRO Details
PLA2R1 Details
ACACB Details
HLCS Details
MMP10 Details
MMP20 Details
TESK2 Details
DNTTIP1 Details
DCTN2 Details
EXTL3 Details
CCDC9B Details
KMT2C Details
CELSR2 Details
HAUS4 Details
LAIR2 Details
RBM48 Details
AXIN1 Details
MPPED2 Details
CSMD1 Details
ARHGAP40 Details
FCSK Details
KCNH3 Details
SLIT1 Details
GPR68 Details
KIF22 Details
NSMCE1 Details
GRK6 Details
CD151 Details
GLDC Details
LANCL2 Details
ZSWIM9 Details
ZC3H12A Details
IL18 Details
SCN9A Details
MSRB3 Details
CHD9 Details
TRIM39 Details
ELOB Details
ELP4 Details
PLD2 Details
SOCS5 Details
PLEKHH3 Details
PLXNA4 Details
RYR1 Details
HP1BP3 Details
BMPR2 Details
RFX1 Details
CEP112 Details
FOXD4 Details
ADAM22 Details
CNOT9 Details
KRBA2 Details
TSKU Details
U2SURP Details
GNL3 Details
FRAS1 Details
LRP1 Details
RAPH1 Details
HTR1F Details
GAA Details
ARPC2 Details
DIAPH1 Details
GLI4 Details
AEBP1 Details
KLHL12 Details
AMN1 Details
C10orf120 Details
IRS1 Details
FLNC Details
HDAC9 Details
FLCN Details
MARCHF7 Details
THAP11 Details
EVI5L Details
ITGB4 Details
CD72 Details
PCSK5 Details
SEMA4B Details
NUP210 Details
RPGR Details
DAG1 Details
CCDC65 Details
CST2 Details
KIF14 Details
TMC1 Details
ATN1 Details
PITPNC1 Details
HS3ST1 Details
POLQ Details
PDP1 Details
GOLGA4 Details
IFT172 Details
RNF215 Details
MBD2 Details
MS4A10 Details
EML1 Details
PCDH10 Details
TMC5 Details
AGAP1 Details
ADARB2 Details
ABCA3 Details
LAMA1 Details
CPSF3 Details
CCNY Details
PRICKLE2 Details
ACOT2 Details
ZNF616 Details
VASH1 Details
RASAL2 Details
CCKBR Details
ZNF426 Details
HMCN1 Details
MYLK3 Details
PXDC1 Details
ARSI Details
KCTD10 Details
MYPN Details
KCNQ2 Details
ZMIZ2 Details
CEP20 Details
SLC25A47 Details
PCDHGB3 Details
LRP12 Details
DPP9 Details
AFAP1L2 Details
FAM83H Details
SP3 Details
TUBB4A Details
UBA6 Details
DOCK5 Details
UTRN Details
AKAP3 Details
VDAC2 Details
ZNF256 Details
SLC2A6 Details
SLC4A7 Details
ANKRD55 Details