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Essential genes for cell-line MDA-MB-231
This collection contains 657 essential genes for the cell-line MDA-MB-231.
The collection currently contains 657 proteins.
# Protein Links
U2AF2 Details
TMPRSS9 Details
ATXN3 Details
CTAG2 Details
CDC7 Details
WBP11 Details
SEMG2 Details
RPRD1A Details
MYO3B Details
PSMD14 Details
PFKFB4 Details
SF3B5 Details
SNRPE Details
XBP1 Details
AHR Details
SNRNP27 Details
EXOSC6 Details
HSPA5 Details
SPINT2 Details
SIX6 Details
GGA3 Details
MAP3K5 Details
SLC12A2 Details
KDM5B Details
ZKSCAN3 Details
MAGED4B Details
EIF3B Details
HCFC2 Details
DNM2 Details
RPS11 Details
VTI1B Details
ADAM21 Details
MAML1 Details
RPS9 Details
DDX23 Details
TRIP13 Details
CD2 Details
MYO18A Details
TBCE Details
KLHL14 Details
OTUB2 Details
ABCE1 Details
TLR9 Details
PNO1 Details
SFTPB Details
ARFRP1 Details
ARHGAP10 Details
CDKL3 Details
CCDC51 Details
LDHC Details
EIF2B2 Details
CA5B Details
COPZ1 Details
UBA1 Details
TCEAL1 Details
APLP2 Details
NUP205 Details
NUP85 Details
RALGPS2 Details
IL9 Details
PLRG1 Details
GPR37 Details
OR2T10 Details
GRIK3 Details
FER Details
SUPT5H Details
PRKRA Details
SRP19 Details
LSM6 Details
B3GALNT2 Details
CIT Details
ZNF45 Details
ZNF174 Details
LMCD1 Details
RPL18A Details
CDC40 Details
SH3RF1 Details
NUDT3 Details
SEMA3G Details
PLEKHH1 Details
SMC4 Details
TRDMT1 Details
HNRNPC Details
PAPOLA Details
RPS6 Details
KCNJ15 Details
PRIM2 Details
TAF2 Details
ENSA Details
MGST2 Details
PTCH2 Details
CACYBP Details
ETV3 Details
MN1 Details
ECM1 Details
RPS5 Details
RPS12 Details
RAB39B Details
SPAG7 Details
EIF1AX Details
BLK Details
NFATC4 Details
COPS2 Details
NEURL4 Details
GBF1 Details
NAT10 Details
RPS2 Details
CSPG4 Details
ATXN7L1 Details
RNF175 Details
PABPN1 Details
CCDC83 Details
PSMB8 Details
CORO2A Details
RPAP1 Details
CDK1 Details
UBB Details
GEMIN5 Details
BEGAIN Details
RPSA Details
NAB1 Details
TBX10 Details
INTS9 Details
PHB2 Details
SRP54 Details
TNKS Details
RPL39 Details
CNN2 Details
MYRIP Details
HTR2B Details
RANBP2 Details
LTK Details
CDC27 Details
RPS25 Details
CARS2 Details
HEATR6 Details
NXF1 Details
STX4 Details
EPHA2 Details
ATF4 Details
MFAP2 Details
ST8SIA2 Details
GCKR Details
SRPK2 Details
RPL36 Details
ATOH8 Details
TMEM65 Details
ELAC2 Details
SPOCK1 Details
OR51E1 Details
ZNF628 Details
UMODL1 Details
RPL11 Details
ZNF124 Details
RPS26 Details
RPL35A Details
WDR86 Details
ARL4D Details
EIF3H Details
RBM10 Details
LARP1 Details
SFPQ Details
RPL17 Details
CMTM4 Details
ATF6 Details
C1orf162 Details
SDAD1 Details
TEX19 Details
CNGA1 Details
WDR49 Details
RILPL2 Details
CHST7 Details
RPL35 Details
MCEE Details
PITPNM2 Details
OR13A1 Details
SCRG1 Details
PSMB2 Details
VCP Details
GRIN2C Details
RGL4 Details
MCM2 Details
RPS14 Details
AIRE Details
RPS24 Details
PRPF3 Details
RPL7A Details
PRPF8 Details
SNRPF Details
RPS28 Details
EPB41L1 Details
NUP88 Details
RPP38 Details
HERC2P2 Details
SDHA Details
TUBA1C Details
LGR5 Details
SIRPD Details
YEATS2 Details
RPL9 Details
SHMT1 Details
UHRF1BP1 Details
AOX1 Details
ERBB2 Details
ZIC3 Details
FCRL3 Details
FLT3LG Details
PRDM12 Details
MAST3 Details
KDM2B Details
EIF4E3 Details
MAPRE1 Details
GGA2 Details
HKDC1 Details
SF3B1 Details
RPL14 Details
MEP1A Details
RPS21 Details
RRP12 Details
CHST9 Details
RPL10A Details
PFN1 Details
MTUS1 Details
RPL37A Details
PGAM2 Details
RPS10 Details
TNKS2 Details
CNOT8 Details
EDN1 Details
USH1C Details
RPL38 Details
ZNF471 Details
TEKT2 Details
KIAA1217 Details
LUC7L3 Details
CLTC Details
SNRNP200 Details
SLC35A2 Details
MAP2K1 Details
KCTD1 Details
ACOT12 Details
ARCN1 Details
DYNC1I2 Details
GRPEL2 Details
NUDT4 Details
RUVBL2 Details
PTGDS Details
DNAJB6 Details
SUPT6H Details
APPBP2 Details
EEF2 Details
ZC3H15 Details
SNAPC3 Details
NKX6-1 Details
SRPK3 Details
EIF3D Details
GPR158 Details
RPS18 Details
RAPGEF4 Details
TRIM69 Details
POP7 Details
TSG101 Details
SYTL5 Details
ZNF700 Details
PLA1A Details
PHF21A Details
LSM3 Details
PEX7 Details
FGF13 Details
ZNF160 Details
HSPA9 Details
ABAT Details
PPP1R15A Details
TFCP2 Details
ACTR2 Details
RPL21 Details
MTMR11 Details
SNRPN Details
CLP1 Details
SERPINF1 Details
C5orf22 Details
GTF2IRD2B Details
GRK1 Details
SLC7A2 Details
RPS19 Details
PIK3CB Details
DDX49 Details
TIGD2 Details
CPSF1 Details
FASTKD2 Details
RPS20 Details
GPC6 Details
ARMC1 Details
GDPD1 Details
TRIM29 Details
LMBR1 Details
RNF167 Details
CCDC82 Details
POLR2D Details
RGS17 Details
EVX1 Details
RPL6 Details
KCNJ1 Details
RARRES2 Details
HPRT1 Details
BTN1A1 Details
DEFB119 Details
DUOXA2 Details
RSL24D1 Details
PDPK1 Details
RAD9B Details
LY96 Details
GPR85 Details
RP9 Details
ZNF165 Details
RUFY1 Details
SPON1 Details
KIF1C Details
NR1D1 Details
VDAC1 Details
HLA-DRB5 Details
PCBP2 Details
TRPM5 Details
CCT7 Details
GTF3C5 Details
POLR2A Details
ZNF442 Details
CCDC93 Details
PSMD1 Details
SS18 Details
SNRPD1 Details
NT5C2 Details
YY2 Details
RPL23A Details
PTPN22 Details
MDK Details
PARG Details
NACA Details
ZNF326 Details
RPS8 Details
RPL24 Details
USP39 Details
C2orf81 Details
USP28 Details
SNRPG Details
STARD10 Details
ADCY4 Details
CAMP Details
MYH9 Details
CWC27 Details
AQR Details
MAP3K2 Details
ZNRF2 Details
GPX8 Details
LCN10 Details
UGT2B17 Details
CCT3 Details
RPL3 Details
CDC5L Details
SQLE Details
TBK1 Details
RPSAP58 Details
IDH2 Details
KCTD12 Details
RNASE8 Details
NRSN2 Details
RPL5 Details
BSG Details
RGS18 Details
MAS1 Details
RPS27A Details
CSNK1E Details
CCR8 Details
RPS29 Details
VEGFA Details
CEND1 Details
RASL11B Details
ST6GAL2 Details
IFT74 Details
TMSB15B Details
RPL10 Details
TIE1 Details
RAN Details
COPS8 Details
NUDT14 Details
ESPN Details
RPS13 Details
ERAP1 Details
RSPH1 Details
RPL26 Details
THOC7 Details
TM7SF2 Details
OLIG3 Details
PRSS48 Details
HNRNPU Details
SF3A1 Details
PI4KB Details
FCRL2 Details
SMU1 Details
SMARCC1 Details
MTOR Details
RRM1 Details
OR4D1 Details
S100P Details
FUBP1 Details
SHROOM4 Details
NAT8L Details
RPL13 Details
RPL4 Details
AAMP Details
RPL31 Details
LRRFIP1 Details
U2AF1 Details
RAD51 Details
VPS54 Details
TCF7L2 Details
AGL Details
CABP1 Details
GPD1 Details
ACAT1 Details
RIPK2 Details
LPAL2 Details
RPS7 Details
OPN4 Details
TAF4B Details
ERBB3 Details
DPP7 Details
RPLP0 Details
ZBTB8OS Details
ZNF207 Details
NDUFS1 Details
CDCA7L Details
MS4A6E Details
RPL34 Details
OFD1 Details
SNRPD2 Details
SRRT Details
F2 Details
SYTL1 Details
PRPF38A Details
FIG4 Details
PAGE3 Details
DTYMK Details
PSMA1 Details
RIOK2 Details
TCP11L2 Details
KHDRBS2 Details
SMARCE1 Details
HEPACAM2 Details
NAPA Details
PSMA6 Details
COX7A2P2 Details
TCTN3 Details
ARHGAP29 Details
DBP Details
TTC12 Details
TSPAN3 Details
PLK1 Details
WDR83 Details
PUF60 Details
NCR1 Details
EGR2 Details
RPL13A Details
CPPED1 Details
GTF2F2 Details
FNTB Details
PRDM2 Details
CDK6 Details
CUL7 Details
GABRA1 Details
GTF3C4 Details
COPS5 Details
ZNF221 Details
LIAS Details
TUBA1B Details
OVOL2 Details
CCL25 Details
PRPF19 Details
SYT4 Details
PHC1 Details
HP Details
EIF5B Details
PSTPIP2 Details
SP1 Details
PARP16 Details
HOXA5 Details
BIRC6 Details
CD55 Details
PRPF18 Details
SDHAF2 Details
PKN1 Details
CDC14A Details
RCHY1 Details
POLR2H Details
KRT9 Details
BMPR1A Details
AURKB Details
RPL23 Details
CD27 Details
CALHM1 Details
DUSP7 Details
TOMM5 Details
GLYCTK Details
EIF3C Details
EFTUD2 Details
ANAPC4 Details
ZNF141 Details
EPHA6 Details
ZSCAN20 Details
STK3 Details
RPL19 Details
TDO2 Details
FAU Details
TRMT6 Details
NCOA2 Details
RPS27 Details
YME1L1 Details
CDK17 Details
WDR12 Details
SMPDL3A Details
SNRNP70 Details
AS3MT Details
FBXL12 Details
SH3GL3 Details
RPL37 Details
FAM126A Details
KPNB1 Details
CNTN1 Details
TTR Details
SNAPC1 Details
ALG13 Details
KRT77 Details
AP3D1 Details
ST6GALNAC3 Details
PSMC2 Details
BST2 Details
IFT57 Details
CRYL1 Details
GABPA Details
CHRM1 Details
ZNF157 Details
HTR2C Details
FOXL1 Details
RPL27 Details
FUT2 Details
PARN Details
COL25A1 Details
RAB27B Details
TOPBP1 Details
PRODH2 Details
CNOT3 Details
HES2 Details
GPD2 Details
EPS8 Details
ERH Details
RPS17 Details
DDX41 Details
CHD4 Details
EIF2B4 Details
TAS2R45 Details
OTUD7A Details
RPS3 Details
PKP1 Details
CENPO Details
ALOX5AP Details
NUF2 Details
ARL5B Details
ATP1A1 Details
MFAP1 Details
GRIN2D Details
PDCL Details
C12orf66 Details
LIMK2 Details
NONO Details
TSKS Details
RPL18 Details
SLAMF7 Details
MICAL1 Details
COL11A2 Details
SF3B2 Details
NAAA Details
COPA Details
REST Details
INTS3 Details
SKIV2L Details
RPS3A Details
NAA38 Details
EIF3I Details
JMJD6 Details
PSMA3 Details
FGFR1 Details
CXCL9 Details
ANO3 Details
RPL15 Details
MECR Details
DYNC1H1 Details
MMEL1 Details
RPA2 Details
LPXN Details
RFC4 Details
TFPI2 Details
COPS4 Details
RPL28 Details
CDC42SE2 Details
PPP1R15B Details
PDE8A Details
FTSJ3 Details
RPS15A Details
FUT9 Details
PRPF31 Details
AEBP1 Details
RPTOR Details
RPL32 Details
RPL30 Details
MTMR8 Details
MRPS31 Details
EXOSC2 Details
EXOSC10 Details
TNS1 Details
FBXL3 Details
CDSN Details
INTS10 Details
NUP93 Details
ZNF701 Details
ERGIC2 Details
OR5AU1 Details
EIF4A3 Details
SCLY Details
OXA1L Details
POLR2I Details
CCT6A Details
GIMAP1 Details
ZNF559 Details
TAS2R10 Details
COPB1 Details
CDK11B Details
SERPINA5 Details
SH2D2A Details
COPS3 Details
CPT1C Details
DMRTA2 Details
MAK16 Details
BUB1B Details
PPIH Details
HDAC3 Details
LRP12 Details
PGLYRP4 Details
CA7 Details
DSG1 Details
RPL12 Details
KIF3A Details
FETUB Details
CCNB3 Details
ZNF75D Details
PHF5A Details
RPL7 Details
SNAI3 Details