Available data Collection details
Mutated genes for cell-line MOLT16
This collection contains 1552 mutated genes for the cell-line MOLT16_HAEMATOPOIETIC_AND_LYMPHOID_TISSUE (alias MOLT16) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000918). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Leukemia" with the subtype "Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), T-cell".
The collection currently contains 885 proteins.
# Protein Links
RNF144A Details
MT-CO3 Details
RNF103 Details
RASL10A Details
ZFAT Details
OSM Details
DNAJA3 Details
DOCK2 Details
CYP2E1 Details
ZMIZ1 Details
GRAMD4 Details
TSPAN32 Details
SVIL Details
SGK1 Details
CRYAA Details
PCLO Details
PDE11A Details
RRAGC Details
PHIP Details
ZNF112 Details
FOXK1 Details
PIP5K1A Details
RPS6KA1 Details
TAF1 Details
FAM53C Details
GDF3 Details
RBM23 Details
AP4M1 Details
NDUFA8 Details
ARIH2 Details
ALG9 Details
VPS33A Details
MT-CYB Details
CHD8 Details
ANXA13 Details
LRRN4 Details
SYNE1 Details
SURF1 Details
SI Details
EVC2 Details
HRH4 Details
MAP4K4 Details
AP4B1 Details
ALOX5 Details
TMUB2 Details
SYCP2 Details
ADGRL2 Details
TCHH Details
GNPAT Details
CBFA2T2 Details
FSIP1 Details
DMBT1 Details
HCN1 Details
TRIM67 Details
SON Details
MYO18A Details
TPM4 Details
TLCD3A Details
PDCD11 Details
CASP12 Details
ARHGAP11B Details
ARHGAP23 Details
CNTNAP3 Details
KAT6B Details
DBX1 Details
R3HDM1 Details
ZNF219 Details
AP5S1 Details
CCDC51 Details
FBXO3 Details
PITRM1 Details
KLHL38 Details
ARHGEF10 Details
BSN Details
CDH22 Details
KLHDC8A Details
MAST1 Details
SCN8A Details
EML6 Details
TUBB8 Details
GRIK5 Details
GRIK3 Details
STX16 Details
AGAP5 Details
PKMYT1 Details
HGS Details
FOXO3 Details
DHX34 Details
IL2RG Details
PRKD2 Details
PRDM16 Details
KDR Details
ELF1 Details
ASAP3 Details
SEC24A Details
GNAS Details
CGN Details
EPHA4 Details
HHIPL2 Details
ZNF174 Details
BRPF3 Details
CRB1 Details
KLHL26 Details
HID1 Details
STRAP Details
CACNG3 Details
FLG2 Details
EML5 Details
PLEKHH1 Details
PYCR3 Details
SIMC1 Details
IPO7 Details
SLC6A11 Details
GH2 Details
H2BC1 Details
VIT Details
NR3C1 Details
ANKRD44 Details
AIFM1 Details
TTN Details
NPEPL1 Details
PCDH19 Details
TPM1 Details
PCDHB1 Details
ULK2 Details
SDK1 Details
CD200R1 Details
UTP14C Details
NBPF15 Details
MATK Details
EML3 Details
BOC Details
DDX19A Details
AK3 Details
BCORL1 Details
MYCBP2 Details
EEA1 Details
UGT2A1 Details
TRAF3IP3 Details
ZC3H12D Details
USP35 Details
TGFBI Details
NHLRC2 Details
PLA2G3 Details
PLEKHA4 Details
IRX4 Details
P2RY10 Details
KCNA1 Details
CDC42BPA Details
TNPO3 Details
LRRC8E Details
FAM155B Details
TRAM1L1 Details
SPAG6 Details
PCDHA12 Details
STAB2 Details
PRAMEF12 Details
FAM83C Details
KIF26B Details
NEB Details
GLYR1 Details
VPS39 Details
UNC80 Details
SAP30BP Details
TTC26 Details
SLC2A13 Details
SOX9 Details
SLC12A5 Details
PAXIP1 Details
CCN4 Details
MAN2B1 Details
HNF4A Details
WIF1 Details
MEGF8 Details
KLF11 Details
DOC2A Details
MYOD1 Details
CSRNP2 Details
BRSK2 Details
NAGLU Details
GPR17 Details
ANK3 Details
WDR37 Details
POU3F2 Details
EOGT Details
WDR26 Details
SUDS3 Details
CCDC120 Details
MYO9A Details
KIRREL1 Details
MICAL3 Details
PTPN21 Details
PPEF2 Details
USP20 Details
CIC Details
TRPV6 Details
TRIML2 Details
ADAMTSL3 Details
FBN3 Details
NLRC4 Details
ZNF628 Details
PYGM Details
CREB3L3 Details
ZNF28 Details
PGAP1 Details
POMGNT2 Details
SRGAP3 Details
TMEM53 Details
PRDM15 Details
CREBBP Details
RBM10 Details
ITGB6 Details
LARP1 Details
CHSY1 Details
PRKG2 Details
LMTK3 Details
PCDHGC3 Details
CANX Details
GRIN2A Details
ISYNA1 Details
FAM166A Details
FREM1 Details
ABCC3 Details
TBC1D7 Details
ADCY6 Details
NUDT1 Details
ZNF862 Details
MYO7B Details
TBC1D9B Details
ZNF296 Details
ZNF622 Details
VSIR Details
CSMD2 Details
SPAG5 Details
VCAM1 Details
NPAT Details
C11orf87 Details
NPR2 Details
APC Details
MFSD6L Details
SSC5D Details
GDF7 Details
RANGAP1 Details
GTF2F1 Details
SOX14 Details
IPO4 Details
LPAR3 Details
PRR14L Details
GNAI2 Details
POLA1 Details
INTS1 Details
NCK2 Details
CFAP65 Details
AGBL4 Details
VCP Details
RGL4 Details
ALKBH4 Details
SLC4A8 Details
FNBP1L Details
DENND4A Details
RGL1 Details
ULK3 Details
SEPTIN12 Details
MYH11 Details
SPTBN5 Details
KRT86 Details
ZNF513 Details
VEZF1 Details
SCRN3 Details
RPP38 Details
DUSP11 Details
DNAH8 Details
ZNF280D Details
CROCC Details
LHX6 Details
SEPHS1 Details
AOX1 Details
MTSS1 Details
ST6GALNAC5 Details
DMRT2 Details
BTRC Details
HACD2 Details
ERBB2 Details
HAUS6 Details
PDCD4 Details
COG8 Details
MYLK Details
BPTF Details
TLCD5 Details
NAALADL1 Details
DDX11 Details
WT1 Details
VPS13B Details
TEX14 Details
EPOR Details
AUTS2 Details
C1QTNF1-AS1 Details
FN1 Details
SULT2A1 Details
DNAH7 Details
GPR180 Details
DHCR7 Details
PPFIBP1 Details
RFTN1 Details
FZD10 Details
ADRA1B Details
FRMD4A Details
DES Details
NID2 Details
KAT6A Details
TRPV3 Details
PIK3CA Details
POLRMT Details
SUPT7L Details
TBC1D1 Details
TBX4 Details
DNAJC16 Details
DUXA Details
CYP27C1 Details
DNAJC28 Details
RAB44 Details
PRDM10 Details
PIK3CD Details
NHSL2 Details
KIAA1328 Details
EHBP1 Details
ZNF444 Details
PCDHGA11 Details
WWC1 Details
CETN3 Details
PLEKHG3 Details
AKIRIN1 Details
KNTC1 Details
KCNH5 Details
ANO5 Details
FOXN3 Details
CFAP47 Details
MAP2K1 Details
TRIM54 Details
KMT2B Details
C22orf42 Details
VEPH1 Details
PTP4A3 Details
KLK2 Details
NLRP11 Details
LFNG Details
ANK1 Details
TBC1D10C Details
RYR3 Details
SCTR Details
FAM71C Details
SMG7 Details
FAT4 Details
PTPN13 Details
PPIP5K1 Details
SLC16A11 Details
TC2N Details
SLITRK2 Details
LRRC45 Details
ELAPOR1 Details
FAM172A Details
HSP90B1 Details
GALNT14 Details
SESTD1 Details
PEA15 Details
TSN Details
LRRC43 Details
PTPRS Details
KRT5 Details
NBEA Details
CYP26B1 Details
JMJD4 Details
PRMT2 Details
REPIN1 Details
LIG4 Details
ARFGEF2 Details
CES1 Details
TNC Details
EPB42 Details
GNB2 Details
NDUFV3 Details
PRRC1 Details
ZFYVE28 Details
TUB Details
ARSF Details
MIA3 Details
PHYKPL Details
PGBD5 Details
MLLT6 Details
STX10 Details
SEPTIN7 Details
RXFP1 Details
RELN Details
KNG1 Details
VWA8 Details
TACSTD2 Details
CHRNA3 Details
C16orf95 Details
DUSP13 Details
PLCD3 Details
LENG9 Details
KMT2A Details
GPSM2 Details
SOGA3 Details
SH3BP4 Details
ZNF317 Details
SCN11A Details
PTCHD3 Details
NLRP13 Details
FAM83A Details
KNL1 Details
MYO5A Details
STAMBPL1 Details
GFUS Details
OSTN Details
WDR27 Details
ZDBF2 Details
PCDHAC2 Details
CDS2 Details
GLI2 Details
PLCG1 Details
SRC Details
KCNH6 Details
ADCY2 Details
COL2A1 Details
LRRC52 Details
SRSF9 Details
KCNMB2 Details
ARMC3 Details
SPATA13 Details
WDR7 Details
TTLL4 Details
LRPPRC Details
CACNA1H Details
HPRT1 Details
AP1G1 Details
MBP Details
ACTC1 Details
ZSCAN9 Details
PEX16 Details
DTX3 Details
LGALS7B Details
PHF14 Details
TNXB Details
SHROOM3 Details
CCR7 Details
PKP4 Details
DND1 Details
ABCB4 Details
ABCA5 Details
CNTFR Details
ZYG11B Details
IFT81 Details
ZNF592 Details
CACNA2D3 Details
SEMA6D Details
ZC3H13 Details
COMMD9 Details
ZBTB20 Details
TUBA8 Details
PHKA2 Details
PDZRN3 Details
ATM Details
NAGA Details
TRAP1 Details
PIGG Details
FAM47C Details
LGALS9B Details
HGD Details
ARNT Details
ANKK1 Details
KIF16B Details
LYN Details
FXYD4 Details
AKR1D1 Details
LAMP3 Details
OR4D9 Details
MSH2 Details
MSX2 Details
PTPN22 Details
SLFN5 Details
KLB Details
CEP170 Details
FBXO30 Details
NACA Details
VTI1A Details
MTUS2 Details
SNX30 Details
TECPR1 Details
EFNA3 Details
DACT1 Details
PCNX2 Details
MYH6 Details
ECE1 Details
ELFN1 Details
HPX Details
ADCY4 Details
PLXNB3 Details
SLC25A18 Details
CNTNAP1 Details
HS6ST1 Details
ZFAND3 Details
HDAC1 Details
MAP1B Details
ADGRG6 Details
PCDHGA9 Details
PTPRN2 Details
PCARE Details
URB1 Details
TMEM165 Details
SPATA6L Details
PTGFRN Details
ARSB Details
KCNE1 Details
UBIAD1 Details
PFAS Details
KCNG3 Details
ZBTB21 Details
CKAP2L Details
VPS13D Details
PAPPA Details
SCN1A Details
GLRA1 Details
SHANK2 Details
ZDHHC1 Details
SLITRK5 Details
TNKS1BP1 Details
SYNE2 Details
RECQL5 Details
ACSL1 Details
RIPK4 Details
APBB1IP Details
SPIRE1 Details
PIM2 Details
MTRR Details
MAP2 Details
MGAT4B Details
SLC39A2 Details
ATP2B4 Details
JARID2 Details
NFE2L3 Details
SLC5A3 Details
TTK Details
GFRA1 Details
GMDS Details
TEX38 Details
KRT4 Details
TIE1 Details
RCSD1 Details
RBM33 Details
HRNR Details
SCAF11 Details
FAM163B Details
ZFHX4 Details
FAM169B Details
SART3 Details
ERAP1 Details
NOD1 Details
RRP1B Details
ZFP62 Details
KCNK3 Details
MCCC2 Details
SLC25A36 Details
KDM5C Details
PCDHA1 Details
VARS2 Details
ERCC6L2 Details
PBX1 Details
RXRA Details
MTOR Details
LTBP4 Details
DPEP2 Details
HPS3 Details
WDR5 Details
BDP1 Details
PPARD Details
KLHL42 Details
STAC2 Details
PRRG3 Details
RIMS3 Details
TUBD1 Details
TMTC2 Details
ACOT11 Details
BTBD19 Details
ZNF91 Details
PRSS50 Details
ITGA11 Details
PYGB Details
SUV39H1 Details
STIM1 Details
ZNF180 Details
VEZT Details
MEF2D Details
ZNF175 Details
CNTRL Details
CAVIN3 Details
PRKAR1A Details
ZNF540 Details
KCTD8 Details
PSD Details
CCDC157 Details
SLCO4C1 Details
MYO16 Details
TAOK2 Details
PIGN Details
CAPN2 Details
SRRT Details
SYTL1 Details
KRT8 Details
ZNF765 Details
TPCN1 Details
PKD1 Details
UNC45A Details
APOC1 Details
RASGRF2 Details
OPRL1 Details
RHOA Details
PCDHB15 Details
BMI1 Details
INTS2 Details
REC8 Details
TFAP4 Details
LRFN1 Details
ZHX1 Details
ADD2 Details
MGAM Details
TTLL12 Details
SPEN Details
PPP4R3A Details
CELSR3 Details
ARHGEF1 Details
ZNF83 Details
MLYCD Details
PPARGC1B Details
BSCL2 Details
MET Details
KIF7 Details
UBE3B Details
MMP15 Details
LIG1 Details
SLC9A9 Details
BIRC6 Details
ZCCHC17 Details
ATG2B Details
OR1M1 Details
ITIH5 Details
BCL6 Details
MRPL46 Details
POMC Details
ZNF528 Details
AHSG Details
PLCD1 Details
ZBED2 Details
ZNF385B Details
KRT9 Details
SNX29 Details
KCNU1 Details
SHISA5 Details
FOLR1 Details
OR2T33 Details
DOCK4 Details
GJC1 Details
DYRK1B Details
PMS2 Details
NKAPD1 Details
JAG2 Details
ECPAS Details
ADPRS Details
JDP2 Details
STK32C Details
PTPRM Details
ZNF184 Details
OR8I2 Details
RPL22 Details
SLC66A1 Details
INPP5B Details
SEC14L5 Details
TLN1 Details
EI24 Details
MDN1 Details
HDAC4 Details
DHRS13 Details
CCDC170 Details
SCN3A Details
YY1 Details
ARFGEF1 Details
PSMB9 Details
SNIP1 Details
GLA Details
UGT2B4 Details
CPVL Details
ZMYM4 Details
PLD4 Details
MT-CO1 Details
CD81 Details
SNRNP70 Details
IGF1R Details
NUP155 Details
MT-ND6 Details
TNN Details
ROCK1 Details
GBX2 Details
NR4A3 Details
SLITRK4 Details
ASIC3 Details
ZGPAT Details
DOCK8 Details
CTSZ Details
MRPL43 Details
SIGLEC11 Details
BRWD1 Details
APOBEC3A Details
SCUBE1 Details
MUC5B Details
ZXDC Details
SLC37A1 Details
COL11A1 Details
NOL12 Details
NOTCH2 Details
ATP4A Details
LGR6 Details
PSMC2 Details
MAPK15 Details
FUT10 Details
GALNT18 Details
CHRNA6 Details
ZSCAN10 Details
CRYL1 Details
PCDHGB6 Details
MRGPRX4 Details
CHRM2 Details
THBS2 Details
LRRC47 Details
DYNC2H1 Details
FOXQ1 Details
PLEC Details
DOP1A Details
BCOR Details
CPN1 Details
SIN3A Details
ZNF782 Details
ARHGEF6 Details
F8 Details
DENND2A Details
GPR174 Details
SEC24D Details
FBXL5 Details
SLC16A6 Details
OSBPL8 Details
MYOZ1 Details
TRO Details
PPP6R3 Details
ACACB Details
OR2A1 Details
SIPA1L3 Details
MYOF Details
SLC24A4 Details
KMT2C Details
C6orf223 Details
CELSR2 Details
VWA5B1 Details
MAD2L1BP Details
DNAH9 Details
DNAJC7 Details
OSGIN1 Details
FCSK Details
KCNH3 Details
NOTCH4 Details
CARD11 Details
TTC7B Details
GUCA1B Details
ITPR2 Details
HDC Details
CCND1 Details
PRR11 Details
CKAP5 Details
H6PD Details
HOXA2 Details
MYH10 Details
PCDHB7 Details
PDE12 Details
PREP Details
ZNF205 Details
OBSCN Details
SKIV2L Details
PLEKHH3 Details
CXorf66 Details
GPRIN1 Details
KCNAB2 Details
RYR1 Details
SLC34A2 Details
BMPR2 Details
RFX1 Details
TRPV2 Details
KLHL29 Details
TLN2 Details
NUDT16 Details
MMEL1 Details
MAP10 Details
FRAS1 Details
ZNF791 Details
ASB1 Details
LRP1 Details
NOL11 Details
DLGAP4 Details
RPL28 Details
FTHL17 Details
ATF3 Details
C10orf120 Details
KRTAP10-1 Details
IRS1 Details
FLNC Details
MAEA Details
ZNF586 Details
BLNK Details
MKNK2 Details
SMARCA2 Details
ITGB4 Details
ARID3B Details
DDX24 Details
IRS4 Details
ITPRID2 Details
MROH6 Details
FLNA Details
FAM120AOS Details
AKAP11 Details
LILRB5 Details
SLFN13 Details
C1orf158 Details
SART1 Details
RRBP1 Details
NUP210 Details
TP53 Details
TARBP1 Details
INTS10 Details
NECAP1 Details
ABCG8 Details
NOL9 Details
REXO1 Details
CYP4F2 Details
ILDR2 Details
KIF14 Details
ATN1 Details
HS3ST1 Details
POLQ Details
SCN5A Details
SLC6A18 Details
PCDH10 Details
AGAP1 Details
VPS13A Details
RAB22A Details
DHX8 Details
LAMA1 Details
RTEL1 Details
CNTNAP2 Details
CLSTN2 Details
ZNF616 Details
ZNF541 Details
PEG3 Details
KY Details
ZMIZ2 Details
ANGPTL1 Details
ABHD17A Details
PCDHGB3 Details
IRS2 Details
PSMD13 Details
TRAPPC9 Details
SEMA5A Details
KIF27 Details
GEMIN8 Details
CCDC34 Details
RBMXL3 Details
PPP2R2D Details
FAM110B Details
MYOCD Details
DOCK5 Details
KNDC1 Details
UTRN Details
ZNF235 Details
FBRS Details
C2orf69 Details
PWWP3A Details
BRIP1 Details
TBX18 Details