Available data Collection details
Essential genes for cell-line OVCA5
This collection contains 704 essential genes for the cell-line OVCA5.
The collection currently contains 704 proteins.
# Protein Links
INTS12 Details
COPG2 Details
U2AF2 Details
DGKZ Details
ANLN Details
PRTN3 Details
KRT28 Details
PSMD8 Details
TBC1D25 Details
USPL1 Details
CTAG2 Details
CDC7 Details
TRIM46 Details
PPL Details
GPR89B Details
APOA1 Details
MYO3B Details
PSMD14 Details
SF3B5 Details
MAPKAPK5 Details
PSMD11 Details
FOXA3 Details
SMC3 Details
FRAT1 Details
AKAP8 Details
SNRPE Details
XBP1 Details
CPSF2 Details
SIRPA Details
HSPA5 Details
SPINT2 Details
SIX6 Details
LETM1 Details
EID2 Details
DDR1 Details
MAP3K5 Details
SLC12A2 Details
BMP7 Details
AKAP4 Details
SF3B4 Details
KRTAP13-3 Details
TEKT5 Details
EIF3B Details
MRPL37 Details
GPR35 Details
CTSC Details
STK19 Details
CS Details
LSM2 Details
LIN52 Details
DDX23 Details
TRIP13 Details
CD2 Details
POLR1B Details
KLK4 Details
SON Details
SARDH Details
NTRK3 Details
TBRG4 Details
DNAH5 Details
TLR9 Details
BCR Details
ATP11C Details
CASKIN1 Details
CCNG1 Details
DHX15 Details
RNF183 Details
TBPL1 Details
ZBTB5 Details
RBM17 Details
PITRM1 Details
LASP1 Details
COPZ1 Details
UBA1 Details
PDHA1 Details
NUP205 Details
GPBAR1 Details
PLRG1 Details
ZMAT5 Details
LSM4 Details
POLE Details
OR2T10 Details
HSD11B1 Details
RPLP2 Details
HLA-DRB3 Details
DDX18 Details
SMAP1 Details
PRKD2 Details
CRYZ Details
RUNX2 Details
ZNF670 Details
LSM6 Details
KRTAP13-2 Details
XAB2 Details
TAS2R38 Details
CDC40 Details
CDH8 Details
PIWIL1 Details
ITGA2 Details
OR52A1 Details
TUBE1 Details
KDELR3 Details
HNRNPC Details
A1CF Details
CLDN6 Details
PAPOLA Details
GPR160 Details
CLEC12B Details
GNE Details
PIK3C2G Details
RABL2A Details
CARD9 Details
ISX Details
MN1 Details
DDX51 Details
EVX2 Details
METAP2 Details
DNASE1 Details
PIK3R4 Details
SPAG7 Details
EIF1AX Details
PLSCR4 Details
COPS2 Details
HRH3 Details
AVP Details
NKX2-8 Details
ALMS1 Details
INCENP Details
MTNR1A Details
IARS2 Details
GLYR1 Details
PTPN3 Details
PABPN1 Details
APOBEC1 Details
CCDC83 Details
APOBEC3B Details
IBTK Details
PUM2 Details
HSP90AB1 Details
RPAP1 Details
CDK1 Details
UBB Details
NAB2 Details
NAB1 Details
ZNF582 Details
CA1 Details
CARM1 Details
ZCCHC9 Details
SEC22B Details
RTF1 Details
PSMD3 Details
PRPSAP1 Details
ASGR2 Details
FOSL1 Details
THUMPD1 Details
HSPG2 Details
SPRY3 Details
GDNF Details
PTPRZ1 Details
PLCB2 Details
ILK Details
RHPN2 Details
SEC13 Details
ALG10B Details
MS4A7 Details
RPS17P12 Details
NXF1 Details
CDK12 Details
LSM5 Details
GCKR Details
ATOH8 Details
SMURF2 Details
MCM6 Details
PSMD12 Details
OR51E1 Details
ZNF28 Details
VPS41 Details
RPL11 Details
RPS26 Details
CREBBP Details
CLIP3 Details
HYAL2 Details
DRD2 Details
E2F1 Details
PHB Details
SFPQ Details
CALB2 Details
TYMS Details
IP6K2 Details
RPL17 Details
CAMK1D Details
MMP23B Details
CCNT1 Details
PPIE Details
CNOT1 Details
EIF5 Details
USP1 Details
EIF3G Details
MASP2 Details
RETSAT Details
MAGEB2 Details
TSNAXIP1 Details
ACBD3 Details
FEZF1 Details
ZMYM1 Details
POLR2B Details
CNGA1 Details
TRAF1 Details
MB Details
CHEK1 Details
LRRC31 Details
CHERP Details
POLA1 Details
XPC Details
FJX1 Details
PSMB2 Details
VCP Details
RGL4 Details
PRPF3 Details
PNLIPRP2 Details
PRPF8 Details
LGALS12 Details
SERTAD3 Details
CCL22 Details
SDHA Details
TUBA1C Details
SIRPD Details
C19orf48 Details
HMMR Details
RPL9 Details
GLIPR1L2 Details
EIF2S2 Details
COX5B Details
PAPOLB Details
ETV4 Details
UBR4 Details
CA2 Details
MPP2 Details
FPR1 Details
ETV1 Details
PTHLH Details
EIF4E3 Details
CTSF Details
GGA2 Details
PSKH2 Details
SF3B1 Details
SLC35A1 Details
GPR180 Details
PFN1 Details
DHCR7 Details
RFTN1 Details
STK17A Details
CAPNS1 Details
ENOPH1 Details
PGAM2 Details
FOXC1 Details
POLRMT Details
SKA2 Details
PTPN1 Details
RPS10 Details
BMP2K Details
CYP27C1 Details
ZAN Details
HNRNPM Details
YES1 Details
FOSL2 Details
ST18 Details
USH1C Details
KLK15 Details
TBCB Details
ADAM11 Details
LUC7L3 Details
CLTC Details
SNRNP200 Details
TPM3 Details
ALAD Details
KCTD1 Details
TGFBR2 Details
PHF23 Details
PPP1R10 Details
ARCN1 Details
DYNC1I2 Details
KLK2 Details
CIRBP Details
DAPK1 Details
SMG1 Details
GRIN1 Details
SUPT6H Details
KCNJ8 Details
PANX2 Details
EEF2 Details
XCL2 Details
DYRK1A Details
ZC3H15 Details
MST1 Details
NUS1 Details
NPHS2 Details
EIF3D Details
BEND6 Details
EIF3A Details
GADD45B Details
TRIM69 Details
POP7 Details
UBR1 Details
CCT8 Details
USP3 Details
LSM3 Details
CSE1L Details
SRCAP Details
FNIP1 Details
CDC37 Details
ISCA1 Details
PPP1R15A Details
RXFP1 Details
SNRPA1 Details
KNG1 Details
ACTR2 Details
MYBL2 Details
KDM5D Details
SH2D1A Details
FASTK Details
ABHD5 Details
DGAT2 Details
PIK3CB Details
STK10 Details
CPSF1 Details
RPS20 Details
WDR27 Details
CHCHD2 Details
GPC6 Details
GIT2 Details
KPNA6 Details
FBXL7 Details
TOP3B Details
POLR2K Details
EPHB2 Details
POLR2D Details
WDR54 Details
EVX1 Details
NPR1 Details
MPPED1 Details
EIF6 Details
F10 Details
ZNF268 Details
DCST1 Details
PMP22 Details
RSAD2 Details
GPR85 Details
BRS3 Details
IL17RC Details
PRKAB2 Details
DAZ4 Details
LRIG3 Details
NR1D1 Details
PRPS1L1 Details
PCBP2 Details
PSD3 Details
CCT7 Details
STAT2 Details
DDAH1 Details
POLR2A Details
PSMD1 Details
FAM24B Details
SNRPD1 Details
ARSG Details
NT5C2 Details
UBQLNL Details
NUDT21 Details
KSR1 Details
DGCR6L Details
ZCCHC2 Details
C2orf81 Details
ADAM32 Details
CYLC2 Details
MLNR Details
SNRPG Details
STARD10 Details
MAGEA10 Details
ANKRA2 Details
RACGAP1 Details
EPB41L4A Details
RNF138 Details
FUNDC2 Details
AQR Details
ZNRF2 Details
SSBP1 Details
FBLN5 Details
PTPN23 Details
RPA1 Details
LCN10 Details
ISG20 Details
CCT3 Details
CDC5L Details
TMEM150A Details
TSTD2 Details
RPSAP58 Details
ZNF671 Details
FOXN4 Details
ZFC3H1 Details
SLC2A11 Details
PTPRF Details
DNAJB1 Details
TRIM47 Details
DNAJB2 Details
KCTD12 Details
CDC23 Details
COPS6 Details
BDKRB1 Details
PPIL1 Details
ABCC6 Details
CEND1 Details
ST6GAL2 Details
TMSB15B Details
RPL10 Details
KRT38 Details
TYR Details
TIE1 Details
RAN Details
GREM1 Details
COPS8 Details
ALS2CL Details
RPS13 Details
USP30 Details
PEX3 Details
GK2 Details
ERCC6L Details
RNF185 Details
SKAP1 Details
NDUFAB1 Details
EPHB4 Details
IL1A Details
SNRPB Details
SH3BP2 Details
NNMT Details
TRIM17 Details
XPO1 Details
SF3A1 Details
ACTR3B Details
SMU1 Details
SMARCC1 Details
SLC37A4 Details
RRM1 Details
FUBP1 Details
SLC35B3 Details
AQP9 Details
RPL4 Details
SOX7 Details
RPL31 Details
LRRFIP1 Details
U2AF1 Details
MS4A3 Details
RNF170 Details
NAT2 Details
RAD51 Details
MGST3 Details
PROKR1 Details
UCK1 Details
RPS7 Details
OPN4 Details
KIDINS220 Details
SPATS2L Details
ERBB3 Details
CNTN2 Details
C1QTNF6 Details
TRIP10 Details
IGFBP2 Details
KLHL10 Details
SEC61A1 Details
MCM4 Details
RPLP0 Details
NCKAP1L Details
ZBTB8OS Details
CDCA7L Details
COMMD2 Details
CAPN2 Details
SNRPD2 Details
DDX46 Details
PRPF38A Details
ASGR1 Details
ATL2 Details
MYH14 Details
PSMA1 Details
GRM5 Details
EXOSC4 Details
COX7A2P2 Details
LTA4H Details
RFC2 Details
NAT8B Details
GPR132 Details
ARHGAP29 Details
PLK1 Details
MFAP3L Details
YWHAH Details
WDR91 Details
PI4K2A Details
DDB1 Details
APOC3 Details
NRP2 Details
HOXB1 Details
GALNT11 Details
PRELID1 Details
CUL7 Details
GTF3C4 Details
LIAS Details
TUBA1B Details
EGFR Details
PRPF19 Details
RAG1 Details
EIF5B Details
HOXA5 Details
LIG1 Details
LCN6 Details
KLRC1 Details
SLC6A1 Details
PCYT2 Details
MS4A4A Details
NPTN Details
PRPF18 Details
IGFBP7 Details
XRCC2 Details
ZNF263 Details
WWOX Details
TRIM50 Details
TCF19 Details
EXOSC3 Details
BMPR1A Details
CYP21A2 Details
AURKB Details
RPL23 Details
COCH Details
BYSL Details
LSM7 Details
CALHM1 Details
PRSS21 Details
DUSP7 Details
PTPRM Details
PARD3 Details
EIF3C Details
EFTUD2 Details
ANAPC4 Details
TGFBR1 Details
CYB5R3 Details
TRMT61B Details
THOC1 Details
MAPKAP1 Details
MNX1 Details
EXOSC9 Details
PSMB3 Details
CHST10 Details
KRT36 Details
SYF2 Details
NUP133 Details
CDK17 Details
RIN2 Details
TJP2 Details
CMTM3 Details
FBXO4 Details
CLUL1 Details
RER1 Details
KCTD11 Details
EXOSC1 Details
SPATS1 Details
SNRNP70 Details
NAF1 Details
FAM126A Details
KPNB1 Details
SRP68 Details
FRG1 Details
BCL2L1 Details
SNAPC1 Details
CENPE Details
PRSS37 Details
TMF1 Details
ASAH2 Details
S100A3 Details
ST6GALNAC3 Details
DDX21 Details
ME3 Details
ITGAL Details
CHRNA6 Details
KRT74 Details
CDK14 Details
CTDP1 Details
RGS3 Details
AP1AR Details
HTR2C Details
FOXL1 Details
PARN Details
TOPBP1 Details
PRODH2 Details
DDX28 Details
CDK13 Details
CD180 Details
TMPRSS11E Details
RBMX Details
SNRPB2 Details
EPS8 Details
ERH Details
CHD4 Details
TSPYL2 Details
NCAPG Details
SERPINA10 Details
CHD2 Details
EIF2B4 Details
CHPF2 Details
NUF2 Details
MBOAT1 Details
TRIM11 Details
C12orf66 Details
FERMT2 Details
TSKS Details
TMOD1 Details
KIF22 Details
ETF1 Details
CNTF Details
RPL18 Details
CD151 Details
SLC35C1 Details
BUB1 Details
SF3B2 Details
CTR9 Details
TRIM39 Details
UBAC1 Details
POPDC2 Details
COPA Details
RNGTT Details
EIF3I Details
JMJD6 Details
PSMA3 Details
IMP4 Details
KIAA0319L Details
CD163L1 Details
MS4A13 Details
ACSM2B Details
FGFR1 Details
MCOLN2 Details
SET Details
DYNC1H1 Details
RHOH Details
PIP4K2A Details
ARF6 Details
RPA2 Details
RFC4 Details
COPS4 Details
ETHE1 Details
PDE8A Details
FTSJ3 Details
RPS15A Details
FUT9 Details
PRPF31 Details
MEGF9 Details
RPL32 Details
RPL30 Details
CRTAM Details
KANK2 Details
NPAS4 Details
SF3A2 Details
EXOSC10 Details
RRBP1 Details
NUP93 Details
UBE2V2 Details
EIF4A3 Details
SCLY Details
OXA1L Details
SUGT1 Details
STRN Details
POLR2I Details
CCT6A Details
NEDD8 Details
AKAP5 Details
PSMB6 Details
NAGS Details
CPSF3 Details
TIMM9 Details
N6AMT1 Details
C16orf46 Details
EFNB1 Details
TAS2R10 Details
COPB1 Details
FBXO8 Details
CDK11B Details
PEG3 Details
PPP1R7 Details
BUB1B Details
GNLY Details
CHUK Details
DUSP5 Details
XRCC6 Details
ISY1 Details
DSG1 Details
WNT5A Details
CD160 Details
RPL12 Details
FDX1 Details
FZD2 Details
AKAP3 Details
TTL Details
PTH1R Details
TLE1 Details
DNASE2B Details
CEP70 Details
USP12 Details
LHFPL2 Details
PHF5A Details