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Mutated genes for cell-line MORCPR
This collection contains 828 mutated genes for the cell-line MORCPR_LUNG (alias MORCPR) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000851). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Lung Cancer" with the subtype "Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), Adenocarcinoma".
The collection currently contains 828 proteins.
# Protein Links
PPP1R9A Details
WFDC10B Details
POM121L12 Details
PPM1B Details
DRC1 Details
ZNF292 Details
HK1 Details
CCNO Details
TRIM46 Details
PCDH9 Details
WRN Details
EVPL Details
NFKBIL1 Details
ABCA13 Details
SNAP29 Details
C18orf25 Details
DEPP1 Details
ODF2L Details
GRM6 Details
WNK3 Details
BAG1 Details
SYNRG Details
OR7C2 Details
CLSTN1 Details
SLC35B1 Details
ARGFX Details
AKAP8 Details
SPINT1 Details
HTR3A Details
TMX4 Details
ACTL9 Details
PSG3 Details
SIX6 Details
LETM1 Details
ATP13A5 Details
MED12 Details
CAPN1 Details
NCDN Details
MYH1 Details
PRKAR2A Details
BMP7 Details
SYNE1 Details
ZNF561 Details
KDM5B Details
POU2F1 Details
PUM1 Details
ZMAT3 Details
ZNF335 Details
ALOX5 Details
CPEB1 Details
IQCE Details
TMEM59L Details
TCHH Details
GALP Details
SGIP1 Details
GABBR2 Details
HCN1 Details
COLGALT2 Details
CGNL1 Details
KCNT2 Details
SMC2 Details
CDH10 Details
CDH17 Details
KHSRP Details
XRN1 Details
MYH15 Details
GCNA Details
TMEM266 Details
RSBN1 Details
SNPH Details
LRRC8D Details
KAT6B Details
TLR9 Details
COL4A2 Details
PXDN Details
CLTCL1 Details
GBX1 Details
TIGD6 Details
UHRF1BP1L Details
SV2A Details
TSSK2 Details
ANKRD35 Details
HIVEP1 Details
RBM17 Details
APBA1 Details
GPSM1 Details
ITPR3 Details
DUSP16 Details
PCNT Details
EMC6 Details
MBD1 Details
ARHGAP24 Details
ALDH1A3 Details
SOX8 Details
PPIP5K2 Details
BHLHE41 Details
GRIK3 Details
DNAH11 Details
AGAP5 Details
UBR7 Details
DDX18 Details
CLK4 Details
PRKRA Details
RP1L1 Details
PIP5K1C Details
OCM Details
KCTD3 Details
SMYD3 Details
PRKAG3 Details
RUNX1 Details
BRPF3 Details
CPA2 Details
GIGYF2 Details
BCKDHA Details
ADAMTS15 Details
USH2A Details
NRAP Details
WDR4 Details
SLC1A5 Details
STK11 Details
SAMHD1 Details
SFSWAP Details
TTN Details
FAT3 Details
CHL1 Details
ARHGEF5 Details
KEAP1 Details
DDX19A Details
YOD1 Details
MUC16 Details
TOX3 Details
GRM4 Details
NTMT1 Details
RASGRF1 Details
GLI3 Details
TFAP2A Details
MPZL1 Details
LRATD1 Details
DSCAML1 Details
LRRK1 Details
SMAD4 Details
PTPN12 Details
OR1B1 Details
ADAMTS8 Details
TMEM176A Details
ZNF429 Details
PAQR5 Details
MYF5 Details
NRROS Details
SYTL3 Details
SIRT2 Details
SCN4A Details
ERN1 Details
BMS1 Details
DROSHA Details
MAGEB1 Details
SYT7 Details
UBE2E3 Details
PRUNE2 Details
VPS39 Details
ZP4 Details
SHLD2 Details
GPR176 Details
RPAP1 Details
NPAP1 Details
MROH7 Details
ENPP7 Details
RAB3GAP2 Details
DENND5B Details
PCDHB4 Details
FEM1B Details
E2F3 Details
SEMA3D Details
HEMK1 Details
ARID2 Details
WIF1 Details
MAMDC4 Details
DSC3 Details
SPEG Details
MEGF8 Details
ATF2 Details
RDH12 Details
AGAP3 Details
LTK Details
CCDC114 Details
FMO1 Details
CARS2 Details
THSD7A Details
EP400 Details
IER2 Details
EPHA2 Details
CACNA1A Details
ATF4 Details
ZNF382 Details
FBN3 Details
RPH3AL Details
LCE2B Details
COP1 Details
SLC4A1 Details
PRDM15 Details
TBC1D2B Details
CREBBP Details
ADAT3 Details
SVEP1 Details
HAUS3 Details
KIAA1549L Details
DLX4 Details
UBE4A Details
PIGR Details
KIF18A Details
SIGLEC6 Details
SLC4A2 Details
IP6K2 Details
OR9Q1 Details
REG1A Details
WNK4 Details
PCCA Details
TBC1D9B Details
PRG4 Details
USH1G Details
TBC1D32 Details
MAGEA1 Details
TFAP2B Details
APC Details
TENM4 Details
GALNT3 Details
MXRA5 Details
EHD2 Details
SLC15A2 Details
TAF5L Details
POLR2B Details
IGDCC4 Details
ACE Details
KIF13B Details
SSMEM1 Details
PRR14L Details
DISP2 Details
OTOA Details
WNT10A Details
PITPNM2 Details
ANKRD17 Details
RAG2 Details
RPS14 Details
CDC45 Details
ADAMTS2 Details
TRPA1 Details
DSP Details
ATP8B1 Details
PRPF3 Details
H3-4 Details
DDI2 Details
ZNF473 Details
CNTN3 Details
ZWILCH Details
PHLDB1 Details
SPTBN5 Details
SDHA Details
TTC7A Details
KIAA1841 Details
DAW1 Details
RYR2 Details
BIRC2 Details
ZP1 Details
GRK4 Details
SPAG17 Details
DSC1 Details
BPIFA1 Details
MRPS9 Details
WDR31 Details
ZC3H4 Details
TMPRSS6 Details
UBR4 Details
ADRA2A Details
MAPKAPK3 Details
SSX2IP Details
APBA3 Details
MYLK Details
DCTN1 Details
ZNF835 Details
KLF9 Details
DGKI Details
VPS13B Details
TMC4 Details
TUSC3 Details
FN1 Details
STIP1 Details
TRPV5 Details
HKDC1 Details
PHTF1 Details
PFN1 Details
ZKSCAN1 Details
ZFR Details
ENOPH1 Details
DENND3 Details
FZD1 Details
AKAP9 Details
DCAF12L1 Details
MALT1 Details
PIK3CA Details
GLRX3 Details
ZADH2 Details
MAGEL2 Details
TRIM36 Details
ST18 Details
CHML Details
PTGR1 Details
NOBOX Details
ERBB4 Details
KIAA1217 Details
GLP2R Details
GPR139 Details
ANO5 Details
FOXN3 Details
C2orf16 Details
KMT2B Details
DCLRE1B Details
SCLT1 Details
PPP1R10 Details
A2ML1 Details
OR51M1 Details
RYR3 Details
ARHGAP6 Details
RABL6 Details
BTG1 Details
STIM2 Details
CTNND2 Details
DYRK1A Details
CARS1 Details
ASCC2 Details
LRRIQ1 Details
TNNI3K Details
FOLR3 Details
USP26 Details
GOLGA8H Details
GOLGB1 Details
LRRC8A Details
ITGA10 Details
EIF3A Details
RAPGEF4 Details
OS9 Details
TREML4 Details
CHRDL2 Details
UBR1 Details
AASDH Details
FER1L6 Details
ZNF700 Details
GUSB Details
TG Details
CES3 Details
IDH3A Details
PARP4 Details
GNB2 Details
INSC Details
MX2 Details
TRRAP Details
PAN2 Details
TRPM6 Details
JMJD1C Details
PLA2G2F Details
ZBTB22 Details
CDC37 Details
MROH2B Details
SLC6A12 Details
FLG Details
FCRL5 Details
TMEM132A Details
RELN Details
FAM219B Details
CHRNA3 Details
KIAA0319 Details
PDE4B Details
PGBD1 Details
C5orf22 Details
SNX20 Details
DHRS7C Details
OR2T12 Details
C7orf61 Details
LETMD1 Details
NLRP13 Details
ST14 Details
PLB1 Details
C2CD6 Details
SUSD1 Details
OR4C6 Details
MYO5A Details
RDH10 Details
RASGEF1C Details
SACS Details
C10orf62 Details
TMEM145 Details
PCDH15 Details
FBXL7 Details
GPRC6A Details
KCNH6 Details
MORC4 Details
TSPOAP1 Details
SLCO2B1 Details
TENT2 Details
EPHB2 Details
ADAMTS12 Details
DUOX2 Details
TFB1M Details
NPR1 Details
FMN2 Details
FPGS Details
MAP3K11 Details
CYP1A1 Details
TANC2 Details
SLIT3 Details
ZNF626 Details
STARD4 Details
PGAM4 Details
YARS2 Details
ZRANB2 Details
IRAK3 Details
ARFIP2 Details
PALB2 Details
C6orf58 Details
VWCE Details
KIF1C Details
CNTN5 Details
ITGA4 Details
PIP5KL1 Details
IMMP2L Details
SBF1 Details
LINC02872 Details
ITPK1 Details
TSSK1B Details
PIGK Details
ELAPOR2 Details
ZNF536 Details
DNAH2 Details
MADD Details
RBBP6 Details
SLC6A6 Details
DST Details
PROX1 Details
THAP6 Details
LCT Details
LRRC37B Details
ELP2 Details
LRRN2 Details
LMAN1 Details
ERCC2 Details
CLCA1 Details
PTCHD1 Details
ADCY4 Details
AWAT2 Details
PLXNB3 Details
MYH9 Details
EPB41L4A Details
SLC25A18 Details
PRR16 Details
CETN1 Details
ARHGAP18 Details
INO80 Details
LCK Details
PCARE Details
SPTA1 Details
PCNX3 Details
ARSB Details
PROX2 Details
USP54 Details
HECTD1 Details
MAPK12 Details
SLC2A11 Details
ACSM2A Details
FSIP2 Details
CRISP3 Details
SASH1 Details
KRTAP4-1 Details
TNKS1BP1 Details
SYNE2 Details
KCNG4 Details
RECQL5 Details
CDH2 Details
PFKFB3 Details
CYP19A1 Details
SHROOM1 Details
NEDD4L Details
SPP1 Details
SLC39A2 Details
QTRT1 Details
OPRM1 Details
SLC38A6 Details
RTTN Details
EPHA10 Details
EPYC Details
TRPV1 Details
ZFHX4 Details
AQP4 Details
RSPH1 Details
ZNF836 Details
SDCCAG8 Details
KCTD21 Details
TEP1 Details
ASXL3 Details
HDHD5 Details
LINC01587 Details
MR1 Details
SLC44A1 Details
KMT2D Details
BICDL1 Details
ZNF532 Details
NSL1 Details
FAM168A Details
PKHD1L1 Details
CASD1 Details
CAPN7 Details
ADAMTS7 Details
WDR20 Details
DMRT3 Details
ROR2 Details
CCDC172 Details
GJA5 Details
STRIP1 Details
ARHGAP21 Details
PDK1 Details
RAP1GAP Details
CEP250 Details
MATN2 Details
TTYH3 Details
AHNAK2 Details
SGCZ Details
ACOT11 Details
PPP1R3C Details
ZNF283 Details
SLC19A3 Details
PREX2 Details
TRIM21 Details
ADPRM Details
MIEF2 Details
CPSF7 Details
AMOTL2 Details
PER3 Details
RPS7 Details
CNTRL Details
IGFBP2 Details
KIAA1109 Details
SERPINB3 Details
TAOK2 Details
TNR Details
POU1F1 Details
PARD6G Details
IFNLR1 Details
EP300 Details
ATP13A2 Details
PTPRB Details
FBXO28 Details
DDR2 Details
OR6C65 Details
PAPSS1 Details
SLC26A10 Details
TERF1 Details
ZNF229 Details
WWTR1 Details
CCDC180 Details
HEATR4 Details
IQGAP3 Details
CDH24 Details
ZC3H12C Details
DUS3L Details
NRK Details
CFAP299 Details
COL7A1 Details
SHANK1 Details
NPR3 Details
TMEM35A Details
RAI1 Details
PPP2R3B Details
ADRA1A Details
HECTD4 Details
KIF4A Details
ZNF436 Details
DDB1 Details
PLK3 Details
FAM71B Details
ITGB5 Details
CFB Details
LONRF3 Details
OR11L1 Details
GTF3C4 Details
XDH Details
DHRS4L2 Details
MET Details
MATR3 Details
PDE6B Details
MUC17 Details
HYDIN Details
SENP5 Details
CACNA2D4 Details
BIRC6 Details
SLC6A1 Details
CD55 Details
ZNF71 Details
RADIL Details
DUSP18 Details
LRIF1 Details
OR4A5 Details
CCNYL1 Details
SYT13 Details
HTT Details
ZNF385B Details
PCDH18 Details
RASGRP3 Details
PTPRT Details
OR2T33 Details
ZNF608 Details
GLCCI1 Details
CASC3 Details
GDPD3 Details
SLC17A7 Details
GATA1 Details
SUCO Details
PTPRM Details
TCF25 Details
C1QTNF12 Details
UBE3A Details
DPP8 Details
OR8I2 Details
VPS13C Details
UNC5A Details
FOXRED2 Details
POSTN Details
ATRN Details
ZBTB25 Details
VN1R4 Details
E2F2 Details
XPNPEP2 Details
SLC26A8 Details
TECTA Details
MID2 Details
RIN2 Details
MTX1 Details
TEX13B Details
FURIN Details
BARHL2 Details
L3MBTL1 Details
GNAI3 Details
CYP1B1 Details
EGR3 Details
FAM83B Details
PDGFC Details
AXL Details
CHODL Details
ENDOV Details
RTN2 Details
ABL2 Details
NOVA1 Details
ZBTB24 Details
ADGRE3 Details
COL11A1 Details
PCDHB13 Details
OR2M4 Details
ADCY5 Details
TICAM1 Details
TM9SF3 Details
DGCR6 Details
SLC25A38 Details
CHRM2 Details
GLMP Details
ERCC6 Details
DYNC2H1 Details
PIP4K2B Details
PRRC2B Details
PLEC Details
SLC26A11 Details
LRTM1 Details
SLC25A43 Details
CASZ1 Details
EPOP Details
CENPF Details
HOXD10 Details
EPB41L3 Details
UTP20 Details
DDX41 Details
IMPDH1 Details
SLC12A3 Details
PCDHA2 Details
IRGC Details
MAPKBP1 Details
PACSIN1 Details
PYGO2 Details
MPRIP Details
KIF6 Details
PTPRO Details
GNRHR Details
UBXN7 Details
ALDH1A1 Details
COG2 Details
IGF2R Details
NIPAL3 Details
MYT1 Details
SEMG1 Details
RBM48 Details
DUSP4 Details
CDH16 Details
DNAH9 Details
CSMD1 Details
NUAK2 Details
KCNH3 Details
CNTN6 Details
ANKDD1A Details
TTC7B Details
CTNNB1 Details
MYO18B Details
PRSS1 Details
TNFSF14 Details
CD151 Details
SUN3 Details
CSF3 Details
HERC2 Details
FAT1 Details
ITK Details
CX3CL1 Details
PLXNB2 Details
DCLK2 Details
JCAD Details
HOXC10 Details
C11orf65 Details
NFIC Details
CHD9 Details
KRAS Details
RNGTT Details
TMEM211 Details
BRD9 Details
PTPRC Details
RYR1 Details
UMOD Details
ZNF300 Details
FAM171B Details
IL7R Details
THSD7B Details
VAC14 Details
TNRC18 Details
MPP1 Details
TXLNG Details
SULF1 Details
PPOX Details
EPPK1 Details
GATA2 Details
ASCC3 Details
FRAS1 Details
LRP1 Details
APOBEC2 Details
ASTN2 Details
H2AC13 Details
ZNF468 Details
PDE8A Details
SEL1L Details
NTRK1 Details
TSNARE1 Details
CATSPER3 Details
TNS4 Details
CLDN16 Details
SPR Details
TBX22 Details
GOLPH3L Details
NCOR2 Details
EXOSC10 Details
COL4A4 Details
NUP210 Details
TP53 Details
MORN3 Details
ZNF497 Details
TSC1 Details
OR6C2 Details
CYFIP1 Details
ZNF334 Details
ROBO1 Details
LCP2 Details
REPS1 Details
CTNNA2 Details
SEMA3A Details
CWC22 Details
ATRX Details
H4C3 Details
FAM193B Details
NECTIN1 Details
PCDH10 Details
KLHL34 Details
MAGI1 Details
TRPM1 Details
GBP7 Details
CSMD3 Details
ATXN1 Details
GFI1B Details
DNHD1 Details
PHF24 Details
TMEM174 Details
ITGAV Details
CLEC11A Details
PADI3 Details
CHPF Details
HMCN1 Details
MYPN Details
ARID4B Details
SPINK2 Details
PCYOX1L Details
ABL1 Details
PTK2B Details
AFAP1L2 Details
KIF27 Details
TMX2 Details
TRMT13 Details
VPS35L Details
C8A Details
CDC20 Details
FAM83H Details
USP44 Details
EVI5 Details
OR6C74 Details
MYO5B Details
GJA10 Details
ZNF500 Details
PHLDA2 Details
FBRS Details
CYP4B1 Details
HYOU1 Details
PTH1R Details
ODF3 Details
DNASE2B Details
DSCAM Details
FGF6 Details
SH2D3C Details
SLC3A2 Details