Available data Collection details
Mutated genes for cell-line HT115
This collection contains 5110 mutated genes for the cell-line HT115_LARGE_INTESTINE (alias HT115) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000986). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Colon/Colorectal Cancer" with the subtype "Adenocarcinoma".
The collection currently contains 885 proteins.
# Protein Links
IFNGR1 Details
ITGA7 Details
SLC66A3 Details
CPOX Details
ANKRD27 Details
CTDSPL Details
RIMS2 Details
SLF1 Details
SENP8 Details
ANTXR1 Details
ZNF331 Details
PCLO Details
TPRG1 Details
CACNB4 Details
ABCA13 Details
PHIP Details
H3C2 Details
OR3A1 Details
MYBPH Details
OR14A2 Details
FAM90A1 Details
TTC23L Details
MT-CYB Details
PTGS1 Details
CHD8 Details
NCOA6 Details
TMEM25 Details
POTEJ Details
REP15 Details
CCDC63 Details
DDRGK1 Details
SCN3B Details
MRNIP Details
STAR Details
EVC2 Details
PUM1 Details
FAM72A Details
CYP1A2 Details
TCEA3 Details
SCFD1 Details
POM121 Details
FOLH1 Details
DPF3 Details
GTF2IRD1 Details
CYP11A1 Details
GSDMB Details
DMBT1 Details
CGAS Details
EDNRA Details
HCN1 Details
FMO3 Details
CPNE9 Details
CD2 Details
MYO18A Details
GJA8 Details
KLHL14 Details
TPM4 Details
GLIPR1L1 Details
PDCD11 Details
ZFYVE16 Details
ANKRD18A Details
KAT6B Details
DBX1 Details
ROCK2 Details
SFTPB Details
SV2A Details
ZNF100 Details
WTAP Details
CMTR2 Details
GPR26 Details
TEF Details
APBA1 Details
LNX1 Details
ARID5B Details
HELB Details
PDZRN4 Details
BSN Details
KIAA0753 Details
SPCS1 Details
FBXO45 Details
LTB Details
C2CD3 Details
ZNF280B Details
GPR37 Details
SHPRH Details
MORN5 Details
MEFV Details
TNFAIP6 Details
MX1 Details
PRMT3 Details
AGAP5 Details
TBX21 Details
RGS22 Details
PRKRA Details
DDX10 Details
PRDM16 Details
CTSV Details
GNAS Details
AOC3 Details
BUD31 Details
ABCA4 Details
BRPF3 Details
GTDC1 Details
GIGYF2 Details
KCNK2 Details
HID1 Details
FUCA2 Details
IFT80 Details
ABCB1 Details
ATP1B2 Details
RAB6B Details
PBRM1 Details
IMPACT Details
N4BP2L2 Details
NEUROD6 Details
GCNT3 Details
NUTM2F Details
SYMPK Details
PLEKHA8 Details
CD200R1 Details
CCDC96 Details
ZNF596 Details
PAQR9 Details
BOC Details
ESRRG Details
PTCH2 Details
AGTPBP1 Details
SRRD Details
UGT2A1 Details
UGT2B10 Details
VASH2 Details
ARHGAP26 Details
ZNF571 Details
NPFFR2 Details
KRT27 Details
PTCH1 Details
PIK3R4 Details
DDX60 Details
IFNA6 Details
PCDHGA2 Details
DYNC2LI1 Details
BLK Details
NRROS Details
FABP3 Details
SLC6A5 Details
KCNA1 Details
SMYD4 Details
ATP6V1C2 Details
NOL8 Details
RAPGEF1 Details
PDE4DIP Details
SCN4A Details
RBM5 Details
KLRF2 Details
NXF5 Details
DNAJC5B Details
NEB Details
TAT Details
SEC22A Details
SLC20A2 Details
UNC80 Details
KIF24 Details
SLC2A13 Details
ENPP7 Details
RBM7 Details
BCLAF1 Details
SMAD3 Details
CELF6 Details
ZUP1 Details
FAM160A2 Details
GKN2 Details
CLEC17A Details
MCM7 Details
TOR1A Details
INSYN1 Details
ARID2 Details
PCM1 Details
CAMLG Details
KIAA0100 Details
RTF1 Details
MYRIP Details
ALPK2 Details
ANHX Details
LDB3 Details
RORC Details
HEATR5B Details
C2orf42 Details
ADGRA3 Details
ENKUR Details
IFT122 Details
ATP8B2 Details
ATP2B2 Details
ANK3 Details
RFC3 Details
EP400 Details
CCAR1 Details
CDK12 Details
KCNH7 Details
NYAP1 Details
HSF5 Details
RXRB Details
GFI1 Details
TBXAS1 Details
TMEM65 Details
TRPV6 Details
RAX2 Details
FBN3 Details
TMEM201 Details
LRRN1 Details
TFG Details
SLC15A3 Details
NNT Details
HMGN2 Details
CREB3L3 Details
SERPINB2 Details
SLCO1B3 Details
RCVRN Details
KIRREL2 Details
RGPD3 Details
MRPS27 Details
FNDC3A Details
TDRKH Details
TNFAIP8L2 Details
REEP2 Details
LMTK3 Details
APBB3 Details
DENND1A Details
ZNF470 Details
ZNF432 Details
OR52B1P Details
OR2A5 Details
NAALADL2 Details
XPO6 Details
CNOT1 Details
NUP107 Details
SYT12 Details
HHLA2 Details
APC Details
KCNK9 Details
KIF2C Details
ZBTB38 Details
AGER Details
ARSK Details
ANXA6 Details
ZFP69 Details
LILRA6 Details
CARMIL3 Details
COQ9 Details
POLR2B Details
CERKL Details
RILPL2 Details
WDR83OS Details
TERT Details
CREBRF Details
MTHFR Details
CYP2C19 Details
CARD6 Details
CCDC39 Details
NCK2 Details
CBR4 Details
CAGE1 Details
CFAP65 Details
CPQ Details
BACE2 Details
PRKDC Details
SLC4A8 Details
ARL5A Details
SLC8A3 Details
SLFN12 Details
GFRA2 Details
SMTNL1 Details
CUL4A Details
LSAMP Details
ZNF77 Details
OPA1 Details
SCN7A Details
ZWILCH Details
LMTK2 Details
GALNT12 Details
TLR5 Details
GJD4 Details
RBP3 Details
PCDH1 Details
PCDHB10 Details
APBA2 Details
USP37 Details
DNAH8 Details
DAW1 Details
YEATS2 Details
EZH2 Details
DDN Details
TXLNB Details
CTLA4 Details
DMXL1 Details
NCF2 Details
CTNNA3 Details
NT5C1B Details
MTSS1 Details
TMPRSS6 Details
PAPOLB Details
KIF21A Details
ZIC3 Details
ASB7 Details
ZNF451 Details
FXR1 Details
C5 Details
PPP2R2A Details
AOPEP Details
NEXMIF Details
PRKN Details
SSX2IP Details
USP34 Details
KRT40 Details
LOXL2 Details
KIR3DL1 Details
TLK2 Details
LINGO1 Details
DCAF5 Details
HACD3 Details
SEC23IP Details
SF3B1 Details
DNAH7 Details
SLC35A1 Details
PPFIBP1 Details
FZD10 Details
NLE1 Details
PWWP2A Details
ERCC4 Details
PIK3CA Details
OR1E2 Details
NMUR1 Details
SNAPC4 Details
MAGIX Details
IGLL1 Details
SPTLC1 Details
SIGLEC8 Details
WWC1 Details
EFL1 Details
PAN3 Details
TAS2R1 Details
NCF4 Details
ZNF471 Details
ADAMDEC1 Details
ADGRG4 Details
SLC22A8 Details
GLP2R Details
GPR139 Details
AQP5 Details
OR8K3 Details
DZIP3 Details
HERC1 Details
FSHB Details
SLC14A2 Details
PATJ Details
KRT6B Details
VPS51 Details
SYN3 Details
A2ML1 Details
ANK1 Details
ADAMTS9 Details
P3H2 Details
HERPUD1 Details
DNAJB6 Details
DDX60L Details
STAM2 Details
PTPN13 Details
ABCC11 Details
UPK1B Details
MSH4 Details
PGD Details
ZC3H15 Details
RMDN1 Details
ELAPOR1 Details
EIF3D Details
RPS18 Details
PARP8 Details
CEP135 Details
SFI1 Details
FAM120A Details
KIAA2026 Details
CACNB2 Details
RGPD8 Details
SERPING1 Details
NPAS3 Details
FER1L6 Details
BPIFB2 Details
TRPM6 Details
PODN Details
TUB Details
GUCY1A1 Details
MAP3K12 Details
RELN Details
ANKRD33B Details
KMT2A Details
ITSN2 Details
ADAMTS6 Details
TRIM37 Details
HDGFL1 Details
FAIM Details
ZNF729 Details
SCAMP1 Details
ST14 Details
ADAMTS18 Details
C2CD6 Details
SHANK3 Details
PCDHB16 Details
GALNT13 Details
MKRN1 Details
HHLA1 Details
FCMR Details
FOXN2 Details
TMEM145 Details
PCDH15 Details
C3AR1 Details
MYH2 Details
ADCY2 Details
GRAP Details
C11orf86 Details
TULP1 Details
CYFIP2 Details
DBN1 Details
BTBD10 Details
ZNF773 Details
ARMC3 Details
GFM1 Details
LRPPRC Details
AWAT1 Details
KMO Details
ERVFRD-1 Details
KRT18 Details
ADAMTS5 Details
LINC01549 Details
ADAM12 Details
LETM2 Details
PMP22 Details
WDHD1 Details
RSAD2 Details
ZNF358 Details
NAPB Details
INS-IGF2 Details
ZNF490 Details
PLA2G4C Details
AKNAD1 Details
NXPE2 Details
ERLEC1 Details
LMO7 Details
C4orf51 Details
BTAF1 Details
GCC2 Details
OR13C3 Details
ZNF442 Details
CISD1 Details
HGD Details
FAM178B Details
BBS10 Details
ELAVL2 Details
SCRN1 Details
LCP1 Details
ZCCHC2 Details
MUC12 Details
ADORA2A Details
KRT26 Details
DLK1 Details
CD200R1L Details
LRRC28 Details
WIPI1 Details
CLPTM1L Details
USP28 Details
CFH Details
RFPL3 Details
NPTX2 Details
PKD1L1 Details
SEC14L6 Details
AMPD3 Details
DYRK4 Details
CETN1 Details
SERGEF Details
ZKSCAN7 Details
PRDX3 Details
MARCO Details
TACC1 Details
FRK Details
CASP8 Details
ZNF181 Details
FAM13C Details
BRD3 Details
VSTM2B Details
FAM216A Details
MYO1B Details
SCN1A Details
CMTM5 Details
LARP4B Details
HSF2 Details
KCTD12 Details
TNKS1BP1 Details
SYNE2 Details
DDX59 Details
TAFA5 Details
HSPBAP1 Details
TEX44 Details
MEGF10 Details
CDH2 Details
PFKFB3 Details
INPP5F Details
NUP58 Details
SLC35G6 Details
RESF1 Details
CFI Details
CDK19 Details
KLK3 Details
RGS4 Details
TMEM62 Details
CLEC5A Details
SGCD Details
KRT38 Details
KIF21B Details
KDM5A Details
OR5I1 Details
TCAIM Details
ZNRF4 Details
SLC16A4 Details
UNC13C Details
ALS2CL Details
OR6S1 Details
MGAT5B Details
C16orf96 Details
ACTN2 Details
TDRD12 Details
ANKHD1 Details
AFTPH Details
HSPA8 Details
MYH7 Details
PTK2 Details
PPP1R8 Details
EPHB4 Details
CBS Details
ZNF532 Details
SETD2 Details
CIB3 Details
ETV5 Details
ZNF407 Details
TMEM216 Details
ETNK1 Details
SRRM3 Details
NECAB1 Details
SGSM1 Details
CLEC1A Details
MCCC2 Details
PKHD1L1 Details
HNRNPU Details
ROR2 Details
PCDHA1 Details
IGF2BP2 Details
OR5H14 Details
ERC1 Details
SLC4A5 Details
FHDC1 Details
FABP12 Details
BEND4 Details
ITPR1 Details
PRRG3 Details
ANKEF1 Details
TEX10 Details
EPAS1 Details
CEP250 Details
EMILIN3 Details
PGLYRP3 Details
RAB37 Details
IRF5 Details
RBBP8 Details
SCARF2 Details
PRSS50 Details
ZNF485 Details
ZNF609 Details
TEX13A Details
SVOP Details
DNMT3A Details
SV2C Details
ZGLP1 Details
SLC37A3 Details
CFAP206 Details
CRHR1 Details
ZNF638 Details
CYP11B2 Details
GRM8 Details
PHTF2 Details
VSX1 Details
ZZEF1 Details
CCDC62 Details
CPEB3 Details
GREB1 Details
ZNF765 Details
ABCF2 Details
PCDHB11 Details
KDM3A Details
IQGAP3 Details
SYT16 Details
OR51B2 Details
TOR1AIP2 Details
TGM7 Details
RSL1D1 Details
FAM167A-AS1 Details
IQCF2 Details
HECTD4 Details
TTYH2 Details
RTP2 Details
BBS9 Details
HTRA4 Details
HCN4 Details
ZNF114 Details
PLCB1 Details
KLHDC10 Details
OR6C70 Details
PPP4R3A Details
PHEX Details
OR4K2 Details
MUC4 Details
RAB11A Details
KCNH2 Details
OR5M8 Details
ZNF37A Details
LRRC14B Details
PRPF19 Details
ANKRD18B Details
EPHB6 Details
CPAMD8 Details
NAA20 Details
SLC35F2 Details
ZNF525 Details
IL23R Details
BCL6 Details
MRPL46 Details
CCNYL1 Details
KLHL23 Details
PNPT1 Details
C3orf33 Details
NMT2 Details
NEK5 Details
TMPRSS12 Details
PCDH18 Details
OR10G9 Details
RASGRP3 Details
KCNN1 Details
KCNU1 Details
OR4E2 Details
SPINK5 Details
SORT1 Details
FAP Details
JAG2 Details
PTPRM Details
TIGD3 Details
NOS1 Details
GBA2 Details
QSOX2 Details
ZNF318 Details
EPHA6 Details
TNNI3 Details
AGPAT4 Details
DRD1 Details
OR2A4 Details
NFATC2 Details
LINGO2 Details
OR6N1 Details
POSTN Details
TMX3 Details
CD80 Details
POM121C Details
CD83 Details
OGDHL Details
GATAD2B Details
TRIT1 Details
CEP295 Details
OGA Details
DMWD Details
UBBP4 Details
BMP6 Details
BRAP Details
LILRB2 Details
CUL4B Details
SLC25A26 Details
FBLN1 Details
ADGRB1 Details
ABCA6 Details
FBXL12 Details
ADCY10 Details
MRPL45 Details
ZDHHC3 Details
ARMC12 Details
OR2A12 Details
DSTYK Details
ROCK1 Details
EGR3 Details
TRIM68 Details
CCZ1 Details
FAM83B Details
ADAMTS10 Details
ZNF286B Details
ZNF250 Details
OCM2 Details
BRWD1 Details
ADAM10 Details
OR6Y1 Details
MUC5B Details
CASP1 Details
ARL15 Details
NKAP Details
ME3 Details
ZBTB49 Details
CES5A Details
PKD2L1 Details
OR6M1 Details
ZNF157 Details
RNF111 Details
FOXL1 Details
BTN3A2 Details
SDS Details
USP47 Details
TOPBP1 Details
TAFA3 Details
THADA Details
STX12 Details
PSG2 Details
PLEC Details
ADRB1 Details
SERPINI1 Details
LGI1 Details
ZNFX1 Details
CFAP161 Details
SHCBP1 Details
KYNU Details
HELZ2 Details
TSPYL2 Details
CD34 Details
NCAPG Details
CAPN11 Details
GNRHR Details
NMB Details
ATG9B Details
HPCA Details
LRRC1 Details
MYOF Details
SBK1 Details
KIFC3 Details
MYOM2 Details
CELSR2 Details
OR10H4 Details
VWA5B1 Details
MAD2L1BP Details
DNAH9 Details
KIF22 Details
ATOH1 Details
ESR1 Details
RAD23A Details
ETF1 Details
SLC1A2 Details
PARVB Details
SUN3 Details
HEG1 Details
PLTP Details
NR0B1 Details
MMP9 Details
UBD Details
PCDHB7 Details
F12 Details
LMO1 Details
PREP Details
LRRC7 Details
MACF1 Details
MCM5 Details
COPA Details
PIGU Details
REST Details
DNAJC21 Details
OR8G5 Details
INPP5A Details
PLXNA4 Details
KIAA0319L Details
AK5 Details
HP1BP3 Details
NWD1 Details
OR2G2 Details
FREM3 Details
ABCD3 Details
FBLN7 Details
MCU Details
TRPV2 Details
ADAM22 Details
MYLIP Details
PWWP3B Details
MCOLN2 Details
KRT85 Details
KIAA1210 Details
ENO4 Details
GSG1L Details
CYP2R1 Details
RABEP1 Details
PSMD10 Details
MTMR9 Details
SLIT2 Details
MDM4 Details
RNASET2 Details
TRIM25 Details
IL13RA1 Details
THEG Details
EIF4G1 Details
NOX3 Details
TECRL Details
OSMR Details
DDX55 Details
ATP2A1 Details
ENPP1 Details
AKAP11 Details
OTOR Details
NCOR2 Details
CLEC4C Details
GTF2I Details
NDUFA2 Details
BAIAP2L1 Details
NTRK2 Details
TP53 Details
LONP2 Details
TSC1 Details
ELOVL2 Details
FARS2 Details
ZNF404 Details
CCDC65 Details
CDX4 Details
C16orf92 Details
VCL Details
HSPA12A Details
KIF14 Details
SLC26A7 Details
SIAH3 Details
GOLGA4 Details
DTNBP1 Details
SAMD11 Details
TBC1D30 Details
KLHL34 Details
TRPM1 Details
HERC4 Details
STAG3 Details
AGAP1 Details
LYZL1 Details
ADARB2 Details
ABCA3 Details
SMC1B Details
STAU1 Details
MBTPS2 Details
RAB22A Details
CD9 Details
PHF24 Details
PEG3 Details
TMED3 Details
PADI3 Details
KMT2E Details
CHST2 Details
LDHA Details
BUB1B Details
RRH Details
SLC28A3 Details
LRP12 Details
SEMA5A Details
XRCC6 Details
ATXN7L2 Details
F13A1 Details
NOVA2 Details
TMEM156 Details
GJA10 Details
ABCB11 Details
NECTIN3 Details
PWWP3A Details
PTH1R Details
OPN3 Details
DNASE2B Details
CHGA Details
TENM2 Details
RUSC1 Details
PCSK6 Details
NEUROD4 Details
WDR87 Details
PIK3R3 Details