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Essential genes for cell-line ZR-75-1
This collection contains 718 essential genes for the cell-line ZR-75-1.
The collection currently contains 718 proteins.
# Protein Links
U2AF2 Details
CPXCR1 Details
GPT2 Details
DHFR Details
RPRD1A Details
APOA1 Details
PLAGL1 Details
SF3B5 Details
ADAM33 Details
MAPKAPK5 Details
PSMD11 Details
FOXA3 Details
COX6B2 Details
NLRP14 Details
COPB2 Details
SNRNP27 Details
SPINT2 Details
PREB Details
FZD6 Details
DDR1 Details
TNFRSF10A Details
MAP3K5 Details
GPR183 Details
HMG20B Details
R3HDM2 Details
ARL13B Details
MPL Details
EIF3B Details
RPS11 Details
SERPINB8 Details
ADAM21 Details
PRSS12 Details
CHD1L Details
NTRK3 Details
TLR9 Details
FAM13B Details
SRBD1 Details
HLA-C Details
TIGD6 Details
NOP2 Details
PDAP1 Details
RBM17 Details
ATP2B3 Details
SLC24A5 Details
CHMP2A Details
COPZ1 Details
NUP205 Details
NT5C1A Details
WRAP53 Details
RALGPS2 Details
ERMAP Details
LSM4 Details
POLE Details
OR2T10 Details
PSMD7 Details
ZCCHC3 Details
KRT7 Details
PLA2G2D Details
SUPT5H Details
DDX18 Details
PRKRA Details
PBK Details
ENOSF1 Details
PRDM16 Details
LSM6 Details
ZNF45 Details
ZNF174 Details
STK17B Details
G6PC Details
GABRA2 Details
PIWIL1 Details
USH2A Details
GDF9 Details
IVL Details
SPRED1 Details
TUBE1 Details
KDELR3 Details
SKP1 Details
UBE2Q1 Details
HNRNPC Details
TCTEX1D1 Details
RPS6 Details
ARHGEF5 Details
PROCR Details
COL6A1 Details
ITM2C Details
ACP1 Details
SCGB2A1 Details
EVX2 Details
RAB39B Details
OR8A1 Details
PAQR5 Details
NDUFAF4 Details
SPAG7 Details
EIF1AX Details
COPS2 Details
KCNA1 Details
RSBN1L Details
AVP Details
ERN1 Details
NKX2-8 Details
PPP3CC Details
ATP7B Details
KCNK1 Details
FGA Details
PABPN1 Details
PSMB8 Details
PTEN Details
UBB Details
GEMIN5 Details
RPSA Details
TTC26 Details
ZNF582 Details
SPIB Details
CCDC57 Details
CYP2F1 Details
INTS9 Details
PHB2 Details
LRIT1 Details
C1QC Details
MBD3 Details
SEC22B Details
RTF1 Details
MYRIP Details
GRAP2 Details
HTR2B Details
ZNF660 Details
UBC Details
NDFIP2 Details
TUBGCP2 Details
HSPG2 Details
PELP1 Details
CXCL12 Details
RRAS2 Details
DMC1 Details
PLCB2 Details
NXT1 Details
MOGAT3 Details
PAQR6 Details
MS4A7 Details
CDK12 Details
LSM5 Details
ST8SIA2 Details
RPL36 Details
ATOH8 Details
TRPV6 Details
PTCD3 Details
SLC4A1 Details
RPL11 Details
SERPINA9 Details
SLC44A4 Details
RPS26 Details
RPL35A Details
CREBBP Details
NUP54 Details
ADCYAP1R1 Details
SFPQ Details
CSTF2T Details
SLU7 Details
MIXL1 Details
CTH Details
EPX Details
DNAI2 Details
RPL17 Details
CAMK1D Details
PCCA Details
OR1E1 Details
CNOT1 Details
FGFR3 Details
ING3 Details
SNRPD3 Details
SEC24C Details
SDAD1 Details
BCL2L12 Details
IGSF6 Details
ABI2 Details
DCTN6 Details
EGLN1 Details
DMKN Details
CNGA1 Details
TBC1D23 Details
WDR49 Details
RILPL2 Details
RPL35 Details
CHEK1 Details
CDNF Details
EIF3M Details
MCEE Details
BICD2 Details
OR4K17 Details
ATXN10 Details
SCRG1 Details
PSMB2 Details
VCP Details
HBP1 Details
RPS14 Details
KCNN3 Details
PRPF3 Details
DCAF4L1 Details
OLIG2 Details
CUL4A Details
TBCD Details
RPL7A Details
PRPF8 Details
COG4 Details
ZNF473 Details
LAIR1 Details
AP1B1 Details
EPB41L1 Details
NUP88 Details
RPP38 Details
TUBA1C Details
ZNF449 Details
CHEK2 Details
HMMR Details
RPL9 Details
SHMT1 Details
UHRF1BP1 Details
GLIPR1L2 Details
SDR9C7 Details
ZNF385A Details
PDE1B Details
WDR61 Details
PRDM12 Details
NHEJ1 Details
CALY Details
MPP2 Details
DGKK Details
CD3D Details
SSX2IP Details
FAM136A Details
EIF4E3 Details
TLK2 Details
PNPLA5 Details
HKDC1 Details
SF3B1 Details
RPL14 Details
ALDH7A1 Details
TIMP2 Details
RPL10A Details
PFN1 Details
PIWIL2 Details
RPL37A Details
PGAM2 Details
MRPL21 Details
PTPN1 Details
RPS10 Details
KLHL28 Details
TNKS2 Details
NUP98 Details
ZAN Details
ALOX12B Details
MTMR1 Details
PCDHGA11 Details
RINT1 Details
ZNF471 Details
KIF20B Details
LUC7L3 Details
HSFY1 Details
SNRNP200 Details
UBOX5 Details
MAP2K1 Details
TRDN Details
PDX1 Details
SCLT1 Details
ARCN1 Details
SMG1 Details
RUVBL2 Details
CWC15 Details
PPM1G Details
EEF2 Details
MMS19 Details
ABCC13 Details
SNAPC3 Details
NFXL1 Details
MGAT4A Details
PRPF38B Details
HSP90B1 Details
ZBTB11 Details
NPHS2 Details
EIF3D Details
EIF3A Details
PSMC5 Details
TP63 Details
INSR Details
MAP3K9 Details
CCT8 Details
AP2M1 Details
PRMT2 Details
NRP1 Details
PURA Details
LSM3 Details
BOLA1 Details
HSPA9 Details
CDC37 Details
CAPZA2 Details
TUBGCP3 Details
RXFP1 Details
MT3 Details
MYBL2 Details
KIF19 Details
MAPK8 Details
HDGFL1 Details
CD79B Details
QPCT Details
KDSR Details
SLC7A2 Details
RPS19 Details
DDX49 Details
PTPN2 Details
KCND2 Details
RPS20 Details
ARMC1 Details
AFAP1 Details
PPWD1 Details
DTNA Details
POLR2D Details
FSCN2 Details
NPR1 Details
RPL6 Details
F10 Details
MBP Details
WDR93 Details
DNAJB11 Details
WAC Details
LY96 Details
ZNF626 Details
CLDN9 Details
SOD2 Details
ZC3H13 Details
VWCE Details
DNAJA1 Details
ACTR1A Details
NR1D1 Details
TNFRSF14 Details
MUSK Details
UROD Details
OGDH Details
GPAM Details
PCBP2 Details
SUMF1 Details
PARP15 Details
CCT7 Details
CHAC2 Details
CCND2 Details
POLR2A Details
METTL1 Details
CCDC93 Details
PSMD1 Details
CLINT1 Details
PBX4 Details
GZMM Details
SS18 Details
SLITRK1 Details
TDRD3 Details
SNRPD1 Details
APPL1 Details
RPL23A Details
NUDT21 Details
TADA3 Details
MDK Details
PARG Details
MTUS2 Details
CD38 Details
KIT Details
MRPS11 Details
ZNF326 Details
RPS8 Details
C2orf81 Details
DBF4 Details
WIPI1 Details
MLNR Details
IFNA1 Details
SNRPG Details
STARD10 Details
EPB41L4A Details
OSBPL7 Details
CWC27 Details
AQR Details
LSM14A Details
MICB Details
ZNRF2 Details
UBL5 Details
LMNB2 Details
ARL1 Details
LCN10 Details
INO80B Details
UGT2B17 Details
CCT3 Details
RPL3 Details
CDC5L Details
CENPV Details
APOL4 Details
RPSAP58 Details
ZNF671 Details
KCTD12 Details
SLC22A3 Details
OGFOD1 Details
SAMD1 Details
RPL5 Details
SGCE Details
RPS27A Details
CLEC5A Details
MGAT4B Details
PLD1 Details
SGCD Details
ABCC6 Details
TBCA Details
RPS29 Details
CEND1 Details
NFE2L3 Details
RASL11B Details
TMSB15B Details
TIE1 Details
RAN Details
PDC Details
LDLRAD3 Details
MMP2 Details
RPS13 Details
MNAT1 Details
CLK2 Details
HLA-DQB2 Details
MED20 Details
MAPK8IP3 Details
HSPA8 Details
ERCC6L Details
BMP2KL Details
TPH2 Details
GNB1 Details
FKBP10 Details
HNRNPU Details
SF3A1 Details
PSMB4 Details
PEX11A Details
TAS2R40 Details
FXYD2 Details
SMU1 Details
SMARCC1 Details
DYNLRB1 Details
MTOR Details
FAM9C Details
LMNA Details
SLC37A4 Details
RRM1 Details
ORM2 Details
TBR1 Details
AHCYL1 Details
PCDHGC5 Details
CDC42EP1 Details
RPL13 Details
RPL4 Details
AP4E1 Details
RPL31 Details
U2AF1 Details
IRF5 Details
NAT2 Details
PRSS50 Details
TSFM Details
DNAJB9 Details
ACAT1 Details
METTL14 Details
RPS7 Details
KIDINS220 Details
TAF4B Details
TESC Details
ERBB3 Details
CNTN2 Details
OR1D2 Details
FGF8 Details
SEC61A1 Details
RIPK3 Details
RPLP0 Details
IL17RA Details
ZNF207 Details
CLEC2D Details
FBXO9 Details
APOL2 Details
RPL34 Details
OFD1 Details
SNRPD2 Details
FNDC7 Details
SRRT Details
DDX46 Details
CNTLN Details
PRPF38A Details
PRMT7 Details
OR52A5 Details
PSMA1 Details
RIOK2 Details
HEATR4 Details
KHDRBS2 Details
NAPA Details
DUS3L Details
PHF3 Details
LTA4H Details
PRKAA1 Details
SLC27A1 Details
RFC2 Details
NAT8B Details
SLC17A9 Details
ARHGAP29 Details
MAP4K3 Details
RTP2 Details
MFAP3L Details
PUF60 Details
C16orf72 Details
FGF7 Details
DLG2 Details
PPA1 Details
GTF2F2 Details
HOXB1 Details
PRDM2 Details
TOB1 Details
LONRF3 Details
CUL7 Details
TUBA1B Details
EGFR Details
CCL25 Details
PRPF19 Details
RAG1 Details
EIF5B Details
C8orf37 Details
SLC6A1 Details
PCYT2 Details
PSMC3 Details
PRPF18 Details
TBX2 Details
IL23R Details
ZNF263 Details
KRT33B Details
EXOSC3 Details
BMPR1A Details
ECT2 Details
FFAR1 Details
AURKB Details
THBS1 Details
ARFGAP3 Details
RPL23 Details
ZNF519 Details
DUSP7 Details
RPL22 Details
EIF3C Details
EFTUD2 Details
KIR3DL2 Details
KTN1 Details
INPP5B Details
ANAPC4 Details
ZNF141 Details
GNAI1 Details
MTA3 Details
JUP Details
IL11 Details
TRNT1 Details
RPL19 Details
SERPINA12 Details
MAPKAP1 Details
PSMB3 Details
TXNL4A Details
NUP133 Details
CPVL Details
CMTM3 Details
GTF2A1 Details
SNRNP70 Details
ISCU Details
KRT10 Details
ADCY10 Details
RPL37 Details
FAM126A Details
KPNB1 Details
BCL2L1 Details
PRSS37 Details
FIS1 Details
HMG20A Details
ASAH2 Details
GINS2 Details
ZNF555 Details
PRDX1 Details
POPDC3 Details
ASTL Details
PSMC2 Details
ME3 Details
KLF7 Details
BST2 Details
RGS3 Details
AP1AR Details
FOS Details
KRT17 Details
TM4SF19 Details
RPL27 Details
ERF Details
COL25A1 Details
ACOT4 Details
PRODH2 Details
NOC4L Details
ZNF789 Details
SLC22A11 Details
CPN1 Details
RBMX Details
TRAT1 Details
EPS8 Details
PTPN9 Details
RPS17 Details
ZG16 Details
CHD4 Details
MDM2 Details
CHD2 Details
TTLL1 Details
TAS2R45 Details
RPS3 Details
TRO Details
C1GALT1C1 Details
KREMEN2 Details
PDLIM4 Details
NUF2 Details
ATP1A1 Details
GRIA4 Details
TRIM11 Details
MYOM2 Details
CCDC148 Details
KISS1 Details
RAF1 Details
FERMT2 Details
NONO Details
PTP4A1 Details
HTRA1 Details
TMOD1 Details
RPL18 Details
CTNNB1 Details
CSF3 Details
SLC35C1 Details
GDF5 Details
ADAM23 Details
ZNF839 Details
HOXA2 Details
SF3B2 Details
REST Details
CAD Details
KRAS Details
LRRC34 Details
TCAP Details
RNGTT Details
RPS3A Details
MAGEC3 Details
EIF3I Details
EIF4EBP1 Details
PJA2 Details
JMJD6 Details
PSMA3 Details
OR2G2 Details
MS4A13 Details
ADAM22 Details
PNCK Details
FSHR Details
MECR Details
TCF15 Details
DYNC1H1 Details
RPA2 Details
SF3B3 Details
LPXN Details
GNL3 Details
APOBEC2 Details
MTMR9 Details
DNAJC8 Details
PDE8A Details
RPS15A Details
ST3GAL2 Details
PRPF31 Details
WFDC8 Details
RPL32 Details
RPL30 Details
KANK2 Details
AP1M2 Details
MUCL1 Details
CARD14 Details
MTMR8 Details
SF3A2 Details
TTC31 Details
SERPINA2 Details
BIK Details
EXOSC10 Details
GPR162 Details
HOXD11 Details
ADAMTS13 Details
NUP93 Details
CCL26 Details
EIF4A3 Details
POLR2I Details
PHF20L1 Details
CCT6A Details
SAMD9 Details
NEDD8 Details
CWC22 Details
PA2G4 Details
NAGS Details
HAPLN1 Details
PFKFB1 Details
CCDC112 Details
COPB1 Details
CDK11B Details
PPP1R7 Details
HTR3B Details
CUX2 Details
DDX56 Details
CCNL2 Details
NAE1 Details
ZNF483 Details
SLC36A1 Details
TNFRSF13B Details
PGLYRP4 Details
SEMA5A Details
ISY1 Details
RPL12 Details
RPS15 Details
RRS1 Details
CCNB3 Details
NLN Details
RPL7 Details