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Mutated genes for cell-line NCIH1339
This collection contains 1677 mutated genes for the cell-line NCIH1339_LUNG (alias NCIH1339) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000921). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Lung Cancer" with the subtype "Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)".
The collection currently contains 885 proteins.
# Protein Links
RCCD1 Details
MT-CO3 Details
CD2BP2 Details
MINDY2 Details
LEMD3 Details
ITGA7 Details
CPOX Details
POM121L12 Details
UGT1A1 Details
KLK1 Details
RPRD1B Details
TTBK1 Details
CCDC78 Details
ZNF292 Details
TRIM46 Details
IGFN1 Details
ABCA13 Details
ELMOD1 Details
EFNB2 Details
SPZ1 Details
TTLL8 Details
GABRA5 Details
GLRB Details
NLRP14 Details
USP40 Details
HTR3A Details
GRID2IP Details
PDE2A Details
MT-CYB Details
UBAP2L Details
TRIM3 Details
PPP2R1B Details
MYH1 Details
HTR4 Details
APCDD1 Details
SYNE1 Details
SI Details
OR51V1 Details
HRH4 Details
GPR42 Details
HLX Details
MAP4K4 Details
RIPPLY2 Details
ITPKB Details
CPEB1 Details
HOXC5 Details
RSPH4A Details
TCHH Details
OR8D4 Details
CEP76 Details
DMBT1 Details
GABBR2 Details
KCNT2 Details
NOTCH1 Details
DNAH14 Details
ZNF646 Details
H3C12 Details
CHD1L Details
GAS8 Details
ZNF831 Details
PDE1C Details
CASP12 Details
PKNOX2 Details
SIGLEC12 Details
EIF4G3 Details
DNAH5 Details
SCAP Details
KCNV1 Details
MYRFL Details
CDHR5 Details
ANKRD35 Details
BMERB1 Details
ATP2B3 Details
ARHGEF10 Details
PDZRN4 Details
CDH22 Details
B3GNT7 Details
TRERF1 Details
KIAA0753 Details
XIRP2 Details
HOOK3 Details
SCN8A Details
KLHL36 Details
PPAT Details
MEFV Details
TNFAIP6 Details
KRT7 Details
AGAP2 Details
MAGEC1 Details
KDR Details
ADCYAP1 Details
HUS1B Details
PIEZO2 Details
CGN Details
P2RX3 Details
COL19A1 Details
AOC3 Details
ADAMTS20 Details
ZNF174 Details
OR2L13 Details
GIGYF2 Details
CAND1 Details
NTSR1 Details
RBBP5 Details
CACNG3 Details
NBEAL1 Details
ZNF419 Details
SLC6A11 Details
MYT1L Details
ADGRL4 Details
IVL Details
OR6A2 Details
CDKL4 Details
CASP5 Details
CDC25A Details
TTN Details
ARPP21 Details
VARS1 Details
CHD3 Details
NEK2 Details
PLEKHA8 Details
VGLL1 Details
SPOCD1 Details
PRIM2 Details
SPOCK3 Details
MGRN1 Details
OR2M7 Details
BOC Details
CCDC88A Details
ASPHD2 Details
TAB3 Details
SYDE1 Details
FAM135B Details
CORIN Details
AGTPBP1 Details
MYCBP2 Details
OR5K1 Details
IPCEF1 Details
UGT2A1 Details
GIMAP7 Details
MKRN3 Details
NPFFR2 Details
UHRF2 Details
MMP21 Details
MYH8 Details
GAREM1 Details
AGXT2 Details
ZNF552 Details
DMPK Details
NCKAP5 Details
EBI3 Details
NDUFAF4 Details
DDX60 Details
SPAG7 Details
C12orf45 Details
ENPP2 Details
UPK3BL1 Details
SLC6A5 Details
MDC1 Details
CCDC144A Details
CDC42BPA Details
LRRC8E Details
PDE4DIP Details
MLLT3 Details
SHD Details
NAT10 Details
TENT5D Details
CSPG4 Details
FAM83C Details
KPRP Details
KIF26B Details
MROH1 Details
GNAT1 Details
BTBD18 Details
FGA Details
FEZF2 Details
PAIP1 Details
HMCN2 Details
NTN1 Details
CNPPD1 Details
CAMK2D Details
BCLAF1 Details
SLC12A4 Details
FUCA1 Details
GRID2 Details
TENM1 Details
TGIF2LX Details
ZNF257 Details
CADM3 Details
DHPS Details
NAV3 Details
PRRG1 Details
ARID2 Details
ANKRD30B Details
TSPAN2 Details
OR8H3 Details
PNLIPRP3 Details
MSLNL Details
DNASE1L3 Details
ATRNL1 Details
MYOD1 Details
NIPA2 Details
LRRTM4 Details
CASR Details
GRPEL1 Details
RHPN2 Details
ANK3 Details
LCN1 Details
EP400 Details
PTCHD4 Details
STX4 Details
BMPR1B Details
ZNF223 Details
NYAP1 Details
F5 Details
PPEF2 Details
LNX2 Details
UBN1 Details
PTGIS Details
ADAMTSL3 Details
FBXL13 Details
ZNF628 Details
UMODL1 Details
LCE2B Details
PPY Details
CRISP2 Details
SLC44A4 Details
SETD1A Details
DYSF Details
DACH1 Details
TUBA3D Details
CASQ1 Details
DNAH10 Details
APBB3 Details
GRIN2A Details
HEY1 Details
PDS5B Details
WNK2 Details
CCDC73 Details
NKD2 Details
CAMK1D Details
REG1A Details
MYO7B Details
TMC2 Details
CSMD2 Details
MAGEB18 Details
DNAH3 Details
C11orf87 Details
MAGEB2 Details
NTNG1 Details
ZNF512 Details
DNAAF3 Details
LY9 Details
NUMB Details
TTC8 Details
LPAR3 Details
PTPRG Details
IGSF9 Details
CACNA1D Details
PRR14L Details
DTL Details
LOXL1 Details
ABLIM2 Details
HOXB8 Details
COX4I1 Details
WDR59 Details
ANKRD17 Details
NLRP2 Details
ADH1A Details
ATR Details
SLC4A8 Details
PSG11 Details
DEFB126 Details
TRPA1 Details
ATP8B1 Details
GFRA2 Details
LRP2 Details
DOK6 Details
ULK3 Details
CCDC141 Details
INKA2 Details
ACAP3 Details
SCN7A Details
ADGRL3 Details
PRKAR1B Details
ABCA12 Details
C17orf107 Details
GRK7 Details
HCK Details
LGR5 Details
MED7 Details
YEATS2 Details
TXLNB Details
MRPS9 Details
PAPOLB Details
STK24 Details
TXNDC11 Details
FCRL3 Details
PRDM5 Details
CNTNAP5 Details
CSN1S1 Details
RET Details
UVSSA Details
NXPE3 Details
VWA1 Details
HORMAD2 Details
EEPD1 Details
PCDHB14 Details
PRKN Details
CR1 Details
USP34 Details
SEMA7A Details
FFAR3 Details
DLGAP3 Details
CACNA1I Details
NRXN1 Details
VPS13B Details
AUTS2 Details
CFAP20DC Details
FAM13A Details
FBXO10 Details
PDE4A Details
PHLDB3 Details
PPP1R3A Details
FZD10 Details
TFCP2L1 Details
AKAP9 Details
ASB5 Details
PIK3AP1 Details
NMUR1 Details
EGLN2 Details
PRDM10 Details
PARP11 Details
C11orf42 Details
OR4S1 Details
ITPRID1 Details
LRRC61 Details
ZNF304 Details
USH1C Details
ISM2 Details
AMZ1 Details
PLEKHG3 Details
LMO2 Details
ADGRG4 Details
SPATA4 Details
GPR139 Details
OR6K2 Details
ANO5 Details
GPR149 Details
OR2AK2 Details
ACOT12 Details
TAP1 Details
TRDN Details
DCLRE1B Details
TPD52L1 Details
RAP1GDS1 Details
ZNF619 Details
ADAMTS9 Details
RYR3 Details
MRGPRF Details
DDX60L Details
STAM2 Details
FAT4 Details
RCOR2 Details
ABCC11 Details
CTNND2 Details
GRM3 Details
GJD2 Details
DCAF10 Details
NLRP9 Details
MUCL3 Details
SLITRK2 Details
GPR173 Details
LRRC8A Details
RAPGEF4 Details
ZNF710 Details
PTPRS Details
CLVS2 Details
NBEA Details
MAP3K9 Details
FER1L6 Details
PRMT2 Details
ZNF467 Details
TOX2 Details
ABR Details
PLXND1 Details
ZDHHC22 Details
SLAMF6 Details
ZNF160 Details
MX2 Details
MST1R Details
LRRC10 Details
PRRC1 Details
DDX3X Details
CDH7 Details
GUCY1A1 Details
MROH2B Details
CAPZA2 Details
LZTR1 Details
FAM20B Details
FCRL5 Details
TMEM132A Details
RELN Details
IL36B Details
VWA8 Details
CXCR4 Details
HK2 Details
CHRNA3 Details
FUT4 Details
DUSP13 Details
ZSWIM5 Details
DEPTOR Details
ZNF275 Details
SCN11A Details
PTPRU Details
FAM47A Details
SHANK3 Details
SAP130 Details
GFUS Details
C12orf42 Details
ZNF521 Details
RNF114 Details
IQUB Details
SLFN14 Details
OR5P3 Details
ITGA6 Details
QPRT Details
SRC Details
NECAB3 Details
PPWD1 Details
MYH2 Details
CAMK1G Details
COL2A1 Details
NOX5 Details
OR4A47 Details
TTLL4 Details
KMO Details
MNS1 Details
CACNA1H Details
RIMS1 Details
SHISA6 Details
HIF3A Details
TNXB Details
PLCL1 Details
BIVM-ERCC5 Details
INTS11 Details
SCNN1G Details
LCE3B Details
NXPE2 Details
TNFRSF14 Details
SPTBN4 Details
ZNF865 Details
NBPF14 Details
PDZRN3 Details
FNDC1 Details
LGALS16 Details
ACCS Details
NAGA Details
ADGRV1 Details
APAF1 Details
SERINC3 Details
MFRP Details
OR52B4 Details
NFATC1 Details
OR13C3 Details
ZFYVE26 Details
RHPN1 Details
CCER1 Details
IQCB1 Details
MOCS3 Details
CHST8 Details
OR5L2 Details
FGB Details
PTK7 Details
GPR31 Details
ATAD2B Details
LRRIQ4 Details
ALDH8A1 Details
HLA-DMA Details
KLB Details
MED12L Details
LRRN2 Details
RAB38 Details
MYO19 Details
TEKT3 Details
ALDH16A1 Details
ELFN1 Details
ZNF611 Details
OGFOD3 Details
SNX19 Details
PCARE Details
SPTA1 Details
IL21R Details
PTGFRN Details
RNF40 Details
CENPV Details
OR5K3 Details
VPS13D Details
CLEC4F Details
FOXN4 Details
SCN1A Details
RBL2 Details
MAGEB16 Details
FSIP2 Details
CRISP3 Details
ZNF792 Details
SLITRK5 Details
CNBD1 Details
SYNE2 Details
IL12RB1 Details
PCDH7 Details
VCAN Details
PILRA Details
OR10A5 Details
JARID2 Details
UGT1A3 Details
PRSS23 Details
KLRG2 Details
PRKAB1 Details
RCSD1 Details
ACAD9 Details
PRRC2A Details
HRNR Details
SCAF11 Details
RTN1 Details
NLRP1 Details
UNC13C Details
ELOVL5 Details
DYTN Details
ZFHX4 Details
PPP1R13B Details
FAM169B Details
FBLN2 Details
NLRX1 Details
ERVMER34-1 Details
CHRNA4 Details
NDNF Details
ASXL3 Details
PTK2 Details
ZNF530 Details
RGS20 Details
EPHB4 Details
FMR1NB Details
DICER1 Details
SETD2 Details
SPHKAP Details
EPHX4 Details
ZNF407 Details
OR6C75 Details
TPR Details
HOOK2 Details
ADAMTS7 Details
VARS2 Details
KRT12 Details
FCRL2 Details
KLHL18 Details
APP Details
SLC6A13 Details
CFAP92 Details
LCE4A Details
TCHP Details
DIDO1 Details
OR11H1 Details
LINC01561 Details
EFHB Details
SLC39A12 Details
ITGA11 Details
GFOD2 Details
SMR3A Details
POMK Details
RIPK2 Details
VEZT Details
ADGRD2 Details
CLEC4D Details
NOL4 Details
CORO2B Details
MMP16 Details
ZNF175 Details
AKAP6 Details
LRRC9 Details
SV2C Details
ZGLP1 Details
OR10G7 Details
CFAP206 Details
FBXW12 Details
DCAF8 Details
PLEKHA6 Details
MCM4 Details
TTC32 Details
TCTE1 Details
WIPF2 Details
ATP8B3 Details
DGKB Details
IQSEC3 Details
GREB1 Details
RIMBP2 Details
ABCF2 Details
PKD1 Details
SLC26A10 Details
PEAK3 Details
TRIM58 Details
RBAK Details
CTU1 Details
SKOR2 Details
PEX5L Details
PCDHB15 Details
C6orf118 Details
COL7A1 Details
SHANK1 Details
TRAF5 Details
PRCP Details
FAM9A Details
SLC35F4 Details
HECTD4 Details
MUC19 Details
DBP Details
CPLANE1 Details
GTF3C2 Details
TBC1D8B Details
SLC35F1 Details
NRP2 Details
PLCB1 Details
TRPS1 Details
MGAM Details
TTLL12 Details
MOCS1 Details
OR2L3 Details
EDIL3 Details
H2BC8 Details
FAM71B Details
CELSR3 Details
APLP1 Details
CDKN2A Details
OR11L1 Details
KCNH2 Details
IMPG2 Details
LCE1E Details
MET Details
DLGAP1 Details
GOLGA6B Details
CCT8L2 Details
MUC17 Details
NKAIN3 Details
OLFM3 Details
DIO3 Details
HYDIN Details
UBE3B Details
EPHA7 Details
EPHB6 Details
BTBD11 Details
RFTN2 Details
ZNF720 Details
FAM124B Details
ITIH5 Details
OR51T1 Details
LPA Details
POP5 Details
ODF1 Details
KRT33B Details
HTT Details
AGBL2 Details
PCDH18 Details
OR10G9 Details
RASGRP3 Details
PTPRT Details
TBXA2R Details
OR2T33 Details
ZNF750 Details
GRAMD1B Details
HEATR1 Details
JAG2 Details
SUCO Details
PTPRM Details
PCDHB12 Details
DHX36 Details
OR8I2 Details
MC2R Details
VPS13C Details
ITGB2 Details
SEC14L5 Details
BHLHE23 Details
UNC5A Details
LRP4 Details
OSBPL10 Details
GTF2H2C Details
NFATC2 Details
DPRX Details
SLC18A2 Details
C14orf180 Details
MSLN Details
ARFGEF1 Details
CNST Details
TRMT6 Details
DHX38 Details
SNIP1 Details
KRT20 Details
SCARB1 Details
KLK11 Details
PAPOLG Details
MT-CO1 Details
DMD Details
SCN2A Details
C12orf77 Details
IGF1R Details
MT-ND6 Details
CNTN1 Details
RSPO4 Details
TRIM51 Details
SLC29A4 Details
SNAPC1 Details
SYNPR Details
DOCK8 Details
GAP43 Details
AXL Details
CCDC158 Details
FRMD4B Details
NBPF1 Details
ZMYND10 Details
MUC5B Details
YBX2 Details
COL11A1 Details
PCDHB13 Details
FOXA2 Details
KRTAP5-10 Details
TFDP2 Details
HMSD Details
PCDHB3 Details
ABCC9 Details
SPTBN2 Details
RNF112 Details
COL25A1 Details
MRPL47 Details
GOLGA6L2 Details
ZSWIM2 Details
TRIM2 Details
DYNC2H1 Details
NOC4L Details
CD180 Details
IFNGR2 Details
ZNF563 Details
LRWD1 Details
DAPP1 Details
ARMC4 Details
DOP1A Details
NLRP5 Details
BRD8 Details
DSE Details
CAND2 Details
PLD5 Details
STAG1 Details
UTP20 Details
C12orf43 Details
COL6A5 Details
OR14I1 Details
RIC8B Details
TRO Details
ACACB Details
TGFB2 Details
OR2A1 Details
FAM43B Details
ANKRD13D Details
CELSR2 Details
SLC2A12 Details
MYT1 Details
C20orf197 Details
AXIN1 Details
DNAH9 Details
CEACAM19 Details
CSMD1 Details
GALNT15 Details
RFX8 Details
PLSCR5 Details
POTEC Details
PRSS1 Details
ITPR2 Details
EZHIP Details
CTAGE1 Details
CHIA Details
ZNF580 Details
MYH10 Details
POLR1F Details
PCDHB7 Details
OR4C3 Details
ZSCAN1 Details
LRRC7 Details
MAN1A2 Details
GPRIN1 Details
AFP Details
PLXNA4 Details
RYR1 Details
SCYL2 Details
FREM3 Details
BMPR2 Details
CNTNAP4 Details
ADAM22 Details
TAOK1 Details
CFTR Details
ZAR1 Details
PLK4 Details
KIAA1210 Details
PRND Details
HMOX2 Details
MDGA2 Details
FRAS1 Details
ASTN2 Details
SFXN5 Details
IRS1 Details
C2orf50 Details
CACNA1B Details
PHLPP2 Details
CRTAM Details
ZPBP Details
NSMAF Details
POP1 Details
NBPF10 Details
CCDC54 Details
C1QTNF4 Details
GOLPH3L Details
BEAN1 Details
NOL3 Details
ITPRID2 Details
PLSCR2 Details
OR5F1 Details
AKAP11 Details
FYTTD1 Details
AMBRA1 Details
AGO2 Details
PCSK5 Details
RRBP1 Details
NTRK2 Details
TP53 Details
FARS2 Details
TMEM40 Details
SCLY Details
ALB Details
ROBO1 Details
LCP2 Details
HSPA12A Details
ATN1 Details
DNAJC13 Details
REPS1 Details
NOL10 Details
POLQ Details
SCN5A Details
PCDH10 Details
GEN1 Details
TMC5 Details
ADGRF4 Details
LAMA1 Details
SALL1 Details
CNTNAP2 Details
CLSTN2 Details
LAMB4 Details
TRIB1 Details
PEG3 Details
NSUN6 Details
CUX2 Details
IL12RB2 Details
GPR83 Details
HMCN1 Details
MYPN Details
ZNF813 Details
TMEM150C Details
TRHDE Details
RMND5A Details
SLC25A47 Details
HIP1R Details
CEACAM8 Details
TRAPPC9 Details
AFAP1L2 Details
DIP2B Details
XRCC6 Details
RIPOR3 Details
CDH11 Details
AMFR Details
PHYHIP Details
EVI5 Details
RBMXL3 Details
PDE10A Details
UNC5D Details
PHLDA2 Details
UTRN Details
ZNF235 Details
TLE1 Details
WDR87 Details