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Mutated genes for cell-line HEC6
This collection contains 4518 mutated genes for the cell-line HEC6_ENDOMETRIUM (alias HEC6) as provided by DepMap (ID ACH-000984). The cell-line corresponds to the primary disease "Endometrial/Uterine Cancer" with the subtype "Endometrial Adenocarcinoma".
The collection currently contains 885 proteins.
# Protein Links
RNF144A Details
U2AF2 Details
LEMD3 Details
UBE4B Details
SELP Details
ZFAT Details
SCRIB Details
FAM120B Details
ZNF787 Details
LHX4 Details
SIL1 Details
APLF Details
SGK1 Details
KRTAP5-1 Details
USP7 Details
AHSA1 Details
TPRG1 Details
LLGL1 Details
ZFP41 Details
H1-4 Details
CLRN1 Details
RORA Details
HOMER2 Details
CLCF1 Details
NR3C2 Details
JAK1 Details
DNAJB13 Details
C17orf64 Details
PMEPA1 Details
CCM2 Details
ARIH2 Details
TMTC3 Details
GRAMD1A Details
VPS33A Details
UBAP2L Details
DET1 Details
MRPS18B Details
NCOA6 Details
MSR1 Details
SLC30A8 Details
MYH1 Details
ZMYND11 Details
LCE3E Details
R3HDM2 Details
HLX Details
KRTAP13-3 Details
CYP4A22 Details
GPR35 Details
SYCP2 Details
UTS2R Details
GTF2IRD1 Details
RSPH4A Details
TCHH Details
PCBP4 Details
IQGAP1 Details
NOTCH1 Details
SON Details
XRN1 Details
CCDC92 Details
LRP10 Details
ZNF646 Details
PTAFR Details
PAPPA-AS1 Details
AMZ2 Details
NEFM Details
ZFYVE16 Details
UTP4 Details
MMUT Details
PON2 Details
MARCHF8 Details
PKP3 Details
KRT82 Details
UHRF1BP1L Details
UNC5C Details
KCNV1 Details
NOP2 Details
ANKRD35 Details
ANO9 Details
MAP3K3 Details
KLHL38 Details
SKOR1 Details
B3GNT3 Details
KIAA0753 Details
NT5C1A Details
ANKRD39 Details
ABHD6 Details
ZNF208 Details
MAST1 Details
GPR37 Details
MAP3K19 Details
KCNJ11 Details
LRRC41 Details
GRIK3 Details
KRT7 Details
WDR19 Details
AACS Details
CAPN9 Details
LY6G5C Details
DHX34 Details
RGS22 Details
GALR2 Details
PIP5K1C Details
ZBTB40 Details
PIEZO2 Details
PACSIN3 Details
AOC3 Details
HHIPL2 Details
ABCA4 Details
CAMTA2 Details
WIPI2 Details
ZNF174 Details
CRB1 Details
GABRR2 Details
ANKRD24 Details
PPIG Details
GIGYF2 Details
RBBP5 Details
USH2A Details
FLG2 Details
PLEKHH1 Details
CDKN1A Details
ATP1B2 Details
SEMA4F Details
N4BP2L2 Details
ESCO2 Details
NEUROG1 Details
GALNT2 Details
GRHL2 Details
CSNK1G3 Details
MTHFS Details
FAM187B Details
ZNF454 Details
CHD3 Details
PPM1M Details
RCN1 Details
HAP1 Details
KLF4 Details
CCDC88A Details
TAB3 Details
SRRM4 Details
IQCA1 Details
SPIDR Details
ADAMTS17 Details
EPS8L3 Details
CTBP2 Details
RPS5 Details
KRT27 Details
OR51Q1 Details
PLA2G3 Details
NDEL1 Details
DMPK Details
TMLHE Details
ANKFN1 Details
TRPV4 Details
NFATC4 Details
TNS2 Details
SIRT2 Details
SLC6A5 Details
MDC1 Details
LRRC8E Details
PDE4DIP Details
SCN4A Details
ERN1 Details
INCENP Details
KIF26B Details
MROH1 Details
LGALS3BP Details
FGD5 Details
UROC1 Details
URB2 Details
ECHDC2 Details
WASHC4 Details
ASXL1 Details
KIF24 Details
FZD5 Details
SLC16A13 Details
CERS3 Details
CAMK2D Details
H3C11 Details
BCL3 Details
PXK Details
ARMC2 Details
INHA Details
TENM1 Details
HOXA13 Details
NAV3 Details
ZNF362 Details
ARID2 Details
KRBA1 Details
DSC3 Details
MEGF8 Details
CIITA Details
NFE2 Details
MYRIP Details
AGAP3 Details
ALPK2 Details
ZNF660 Details
HMX3 Details
KDM4B Details
LRRTM4 Details
NUCKS1 Details
FHL3 Details
CUL9 Details
PCDHGA3 Details
TMEM102 Details
RPS25 Details
RCC1 Details
HTATIP2 Details
CCDC140 Details
VSX2 Details
EP400 Details
NAGPA Details
MPEG1 Details
NXF1 Details
EPHA2 Details
SNX24 Details
LRP8 Details
KLHL30 Details
OR13D1 Details
GFPT1 Details
IFIH1 Details
FAM131C Details
ZNF843 Details
PAF1 Details
USP48 Details
PDE8B Details
FBXL13 Details
ARID1A Details
ZNF628 Details
FAM160B1 Details
FGF9 Details
CREB3L3 Details
SERPINA9 Details
KIAA0408 Details
DACH1 Details
ADAT3 Details
CLIP3 Details
NAV1 Details
ZC3H18 Details
DNAH10 Details
PINK1 Details
APBB3 Details
RCC1L Details
P2RY14 Details
MRPL16 Details
CCDC73 Details
HOXD3 Details
EXOG Details
NKD2 Details
ADCY6 Details
NEURL2 Details
ZNF862 Details
MYO7B Details
TBC1D9B Details
MED15 Details
MFSD12 Details
VRK3 Details
DNAH3 Details
NPAT Details
VPS35 Details
RETSAT Details
CENPB Details
MAGEB2 Details
ZBTB38 Details
ZNF512 Details
TIA1 Details
RAD23B Details
IPO4 Details
DEPDC7 Details
PGAP6 Details
LPAR3 Details
ZBBX Details
ACOX3 Details
IGSF9 Details
CACNA1D Details
AMPD1 Details
ARPC1B Details
GPN3 Details
ZBED4 Details
VCP Details
ATR Details
SLC4A8 Details
TRIM7 Details
MORC2 Details
CPEB4 Details
TRPA1 Details
ATP8B1 Details
PRPF3 Details
UGP2 Details
OR5T2 Details
IL27RA Details
SMTNL1 Details
PLOD3 Details
PRPF8 Details
LRCH3 Details
KLC2 Details
SLC10A1 Details
SEC31B Details
ADGRL3 Details
GJD4 Details
PRRT1 Details
RNF152 Details
RAB30 Details
TTC7A Details
GOT2 Details
ZNF610 Details
SLC25A24 Details
THOC2 Details
DDN Details
MTSS1 Details
SLC6A9 Details
MCM9 Details
CDK10 Details
AOPEP Details
CAVIN2 Details
EEPD1 Details
SPRTN Details
NEUROG3 Details
FAM83G Details
NTF4 Details
COL5A1 Details
ELMO2 Details
CAMK2A Details
RTL5 Details
TMEM218 Details
PSME3IP1 Details
RFTN1 Details
ZFR Details
ERCC4 Details
OR5B21 Details
DCAF12L1 Details
MYO1C Details
PIK3CA Details
MID1IP1 Details
HS3ST6 Details
ADAMTS16 Details
NMUR1 Details
DNAJC16 Details
MPDU1 Details
UTS2 Details
TM4SF1 Details
C11orf42 Details
WDR46 Details
KIAA1328 Details
CNP Details
ADH5 Details
WWC1 Details
GPANK1 Details
INPP5E Details
FAAH Details
PLEKHG3 Details
YLPM1 Details
ATXN2 Details
OR6K2 Details
GPR149 Details
ARMCX2 Details
RNF139 Details
KMT2B Details
ZNF276 Details
DAPK1 Details
ARMCX5 Details
SREBF1 Details
ENTPD1 Details
KDM6B Details
STK36 Details
DNMT3B Details
SOCS7 Details
FAT4 Details
ARHGEF12 Details
APPBP2 Details
CLTB Details
DHX30 Details
SHFL Details
MSH4 Details
STIM2 Details
WRAP73 Details
MMP27 Details
H1-3 Details
HSP90B1 Details
ZBTB42 Details
LRRC43 Details
RAPGEF4 Details
FGF21 Details
CLVS2 Details
FCHO1 Details
ENO3 Details
POLG2 Details
SHB Details
NPAS3 Details
LAMC2 Details
REPIN1 Details
SPTLC3 Details
KLC4 Details
CES3 Details
PURA Details
ARFGEF2 Details
ZCCHC4 Details
POFUT1 Details
AHDC1 Details
DDX3X Details
ODF2 Details
TUB Details
COPE Details
SHKBP1 Details
CHCHD6 Details
MIA3 Details
PHYKPL Details
MLLT6 Details
FAM20B Details
HK2 Details
ZSWIM5 Details
FASTK Details
MAPK8 Details
TRIM37 Details
IL4R Details
PTPRU Details
ABHD14B Details
COMTD1 Details
MAB21L4 Details
ST14 Details
FANCD2 Details
SAP130 Details
CBL Details
STAMBPL1 Details
ADRA2C Details
CPSF1 Details
KCND2 Details
NECAB3 Details
ADCY2 Details
TSPOAP1 Details
FSTL3 Details
USP5 Details
ADD1 Details
TGM2 Details
ERVFRD-1 Details
ZNF594 Details
CACNA1H Details
BTN1A1 Details
AP1G1 Details
AKT1S1 Details
TACC3 Details
TANC2 Details
TPPP Details
LTB4R2 Details
LAMB1 Details
KLHL25 Details
WDHD1 Details
NLRP8 Details
SLC45A3 Details
RBCK1 Details
ZNF592 Details
WDR81 Details
TMEM51 Details
RBFOX1 Details
ACTR1A Details
MLH1 Details
UBE3C Details
PHKA2 Details
NCAPD3 Details
FLII Details
PLA2G4F Details
TMEM184B Details
FLT3 Details
TSPAN5 Details
AKAP12 Details
GCC1 Details
STAT2 Details
ZFYVE26 Details
LRRIQ3 Details
ELAPOR2 Details
GEM Details
SLC6A6 Details
GPR21 Details
GPR31 Details
TAF3 Details
LRRC37B Details
ZNF696 Details
STYXL2 Details
FOXJ3 Details
SLFN5 Details
PARG Details
PCDHGA8 Details
MTUS2 Details
SMCO4 Details
PRKAA2 Details
TECPR1 Details
ADGRA2 Details
DACT1 Details
NPTX2 Details
ME1 Details
GCM2 Details
ACVR1 Details
C2orf68 Details
PLXNB3 Details
NELFE Details
HECTD3 Details
P2RY6 Details
PCDHGA9 Details
PROSER2 Details
URB1 Details
GIMAP6 Details
INTS13 Details
PCNX3 Details
FAM13C Details
NMU Details
ADAR Details
VPS13D Details
PCDHB6 Details
MAPK12 Details
SLC2A11 Details
WNT16 Details
ZDHHC1 Details
ACSL1 Details
CNIH4 Details
GPA33 Details
RIPOR2 Details
MOCS2 Details
PCDH7 Details
MYOC Details
TTC9B Details
INPPL1 Details
TCAF1 Details
ZDHHC17 Details
TIE1 Details
RTN1 Details
TRPV1 Details
MGAT5B Details
HSPH1 Details
RAPGEFL1 Details
ARHGAP12 Details
ADO Details
YTHDF3 Details
TEP1 Details
HSPA8 Details
ERCC6L Details
OLIG3 Details
FTO Details
NDUFAB1 Details
ZCWPW2 Details
CD69 Details
BCAN Details
C5orf34 Details
DICER1 Details
CORO6 Details
AMDHD1 Details
OR6C75 Details
TPR Details
MCCC2 Details
AMER1 Details
XPO1 Details
HSPA2 Details
TTC3 Details
PCDHA1 Details
FCRL2 Details
SMU1 Details
GALNT10 Details
WDR82 Details
AMHR2 Details
ACTL8 Details
SLC6A13 Details
BDP1 Details
NME3 Details
MON2 Details
NANP Details
MAMSTR Details
AP4E1 Details
DIDO1 Details
U2AF1 Details
RAB37 Details
ZNF91 Details
PRKCD Details
KLHDC7A Details
ZFYVE27 Details
HACD4 Details
ZNF485 Details
FAXDC2 Details
OR2H2 Details
OTC Details
GPATCH1 Details
RNF166 Details
CASKIN2 Details
PPM1D Details
KLHL10 Details
COIL Details
SLCO4C1 Details
RANBP10 Details
PLEKHA6 Details
ATP2A3 Details
ZRANB3 Details
LEFTY1 Details
SCARA5 Details
FRRS1 Details
HACE1 Details
ZKSCAN5 Details
RIMBP3 Details
EHF Details
RAPSN Details
PTK6 Details
PKD1 Details
GDAP2 Details
HINFP Details
B3GNT4 Details
ADSL Details
CLBA1 Details
IQGAP3 Details
EPB41L4B Details
SEMA3C Details
SLC39A6 Details
TCTN3 Details
CPLANE1 Details
ZNF436 Details
DDB1 Details
C16orf72 Details
TRPS1 Details
MGAM Details
PLK3 Details
SPEN Details
DLG2 Details
MOCS1 Details
ADAMTSL4 Details
GUCY2C Details
FAM149B1 Details
CDKN2A Details
ZNF746 Details
HNRNPCL1 Details
IMPG2 Details
EIF2B5 Details
DLGAP1 Details
ARRDC2 Details
SNRPA Details
DIO3 Details
CD2AP Details
CACNA2D4 Details
PCDHA10 Details
PRDX5 Details
LUC7L Details
SPINK14 Details
RBM12 Details
CPAMD8 Details
NXN Details
PGS1 Details
ZNF282 Details
KIF4B Details
CCKAR Details
ZNF768 Details
POP5 Details
C16orf71 Details
SNX29 Details
PCDH18 Details
PEAK1 Details
TBXA2R Details
ZNF608 Details
DDC Details
RTN3 Details
PREX1 Details
RBM8A Details
SORT1 Details
PLEKHG1 Details
EVA1A Details
ZNF516 Details
TPSG1 Details
ZNF184 Details
UBE3A Details
PSEN2 Details
PDS5A Details
OR8I2 Details
VPS13C Details
CTCF Details
SEC14L5 Details
DPEP3 Details
HOXB2 Details
ZNF821 Details
CHTF18 Details
PRSS57 Details
RGS6 Details
KCTD7 Details
BCAR3 Details
FARSB Details
SLC18A2 Details
HDAC4 Details
GHRH Details
RNF38 Details
ADGRB2 Details
MNX1 Details
CEP295 Details
MSLN Details
BMP6 Details
MYO1D Details
SIM2 Details
SLC39A10 Details
RCBTB2 Details
ZMYM4 Details
MT-CO1 Details
DYNC2I2 Details
DEFB115 Details
SBNO2 Details
IMPA1 Details
TRIM51 Details
SLC29A4 Details
SYBU Details
ASIC3 Details
DOCK8 Details
AXL Details
TRA2B Details
SIX5 Details
OR6Y1 Details
IRF7 Details
MUC5B Details
NOTCH2 Details
LGR6 Details
PIH1D1 Details
HNRNPH1 Details
PLEK Details
NDUFV2 Details
NOM1 Details
PCDHGB6 Details
FOXL1 Details
AKR1A1 Details
CARTPT Details
SPTBN2 Details
PRDM9 Details
GSR Details
TAFA3 Details
ASNSD1 Details
AVPR1A Details
TRIM2 Details
LRRC47 Details
RBPJL Details
TWF1 Details
ATP9B Details
PTX4 Details
MYO10 Details
COQ8B Details
LGI1 Details
ALPK3 Details
PRR3 Details
UTP20 Details
LIPT1 Details
CHD4 Details
NPC2 Details
KHDRBS1 Details
SERPINA10 Details
CHD2 Details
TTLL1 Details
SLC2A4 Details
OTUD7A Details
PACSIN1 Details
ZNF41 Details
ACACB Details
KREMEN2 Details
TGFB2 Details
PKP1 Details
ARHGEF26 Details
DCTN2 Details
ARL2 Details
KMT2C Details
H3C3 Details
ITPKA Details
AGXT Details
CARD11 Details
GPR68 Details
KIF22 Details
NSMCE1 Details
GRK6 Details
ITPR2 Details
GLDC Details
ZC3H12A Details
ACTRT2 Details
MMP9 Details
MYH10 Details
TCEANC2 Details
RAB40B Details
SOX30 Details
AKAP1 Details
USP43 Details
MYO1A Details
PATE1 Details
HOXC10 Details
PDE12 Details
LRRC7 Details
CXADR Details
PLD2 Details
PTGER2 Details
OSCP1 Details
ART1 Details
PLEKHH3 Details
OR4Q3 Details
MID1 Details
SP140L Details
IMP4 Details
DMRTC2 Details
RNFT1 Details
RFX1 Details
CTIF Details
FSHR Details
SULF1 Details
NASP Details
CNOT9 Details
KRT85 Details
HSD17B10 Details
SCYL1 Details
ASTN2 Details
TFPI2 Details
NOL11 Details
HTR1F Details
GAA Details
KRTAP10-11 Details
GLI4 Details
PRPF31 Details
AEBP1 Details
KLHL12 Details
ATF3 Details
IRS1 Details
FLNC Details
C2orf50 Details
SAFB Details
ZRSR2P1 Details
GPR88 Details
DRAM2 Details
SMARCA2 Details
EVI5L Details
MRPS31 Details
PASK Details
GAS2L1 Details
XPNPEP3 Details
NUP210 Details
LHX8 Details
RPGR Details
RGS7BP Details
EDNRB Details
ILDR2 Details
LCP2 Details
SUSD2 Details
CERT1 Details
MAP3K7CL Details
POLQ Details
SHTN1 Details
RNF215 Details
OR5AP2 Details
LRIG1 Details
EDA Details
TOP1MT Details
TRPM1 Details
UQCRH Details
ATXN1 Details
MPP6 Details
TRIM52 Details
C16orf46 Details
CDYL2 Details
VASH1 Details
MFSD5 Details
GPR83 Details
POLG Details
MYPN Details
ZNF483 Details
SYNJ2 Details
CYC1 Details
KIAA0754 Details
TMEM123 Details
ISLR2 Details
ABL1 Details
BFSP2 Details
CLDN3 Details
AFAP1L2 Details
ADIPOQ Details
ATP5MF-PTCD1 Details
HSPBP1 Details
RNF157 Details
CDC20 Details
PLCH2 Details
CCDC34 Details
EVI5 Details
MYOCD Details
WHRN Details
TELO2 Details
ABCB11 Details
C6orf89 Details
PRDM13 Details
RP1 Details
FAM193A Details
THRB Details
SLC3A2 Details
RPN1 Details